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New Q2 DM - The Seeper
Hello Everyone,
This is my new Q2 map "The Seeper" or "leray29"
You can download it from these sites:
Here's Some 
Not Downloading... 
...because I'm too lazy sorry. But from the screenshots, nice style and nice lighting. Don't like the orange bits though. Otherwise it certainly looks pretty good. 
Shambler, hope you get to download it soon. 
Took A Look 
Not bad. Good architecture outside. Rather plain inside, need more designs. Good build quality and decent lighting but a bit too dark. Scale is quite large, perhaps a bit too large in places but I forget how Q2 plays. Layout seems okay but a bit "stiff", maybe that's the intention. BFG and RG should have been swapped IMHO, and having the RA by the former is too much.

Not bad tho... 
for checking it out Shambler.

And thanks for the comments. 
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