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Ground Control II Demo.
The same old shit in new clothing i.e. mundane and unrewarding gameplay with bland units, wrapped up in semi-decent graphics that you can't notice at a playable range anyway....or really rather quite good??

Seems Very Good 
The game seems very good from the screenshots and the demo. Alot more enjoyable then GC1. I especially like the urban combat. The demo was a bit buggy, just hope they sort all this out before the actual release. 
Well Truly The Popular Thread I'd Hoped For... 
Laff. It IS the major RTS of this year though, surely??

Anyway, thoughts...

I'm not entirely convinced...

It looks good, looks very impressive close up, the models and shadows and shtuff. Cool effects (water is a bit OTT but that's it) and great sound. However the usual RTS problem applies - it's not playable close up - while you're busy watching the great spectacle of a firefight, all sorts of shit is going on out of your view that needs urgent attention. Thus aside from the effects, a lot of the detail is simply wasted.

Then the gameplay, well, it's okay. You move stuff around and shoot stuff. I like some of the scissor-paper-stone aspects as regards troops and the surprisingly very weak vehicles. And some tactical aspects i.e. forest cover and terrain benefits are pleasing. But it does seem a bit humdrum, and again I struggle to care less about my units despite the experience system. They're just random troops and vehicles....that mean nothing to me. Compared to Mechcommander 2, where are close-knit squadron of 20metre Mechs with named pilots has real character and distinctiveness...

I mean, maybe this is what RTS IS, it sometimes seems that way to me. Just a bunch of troops and vehicles. But I want more character, stuff that makes me genuinely interested to fight with them.

There's the odd bug I've noticed too - the troop vocal reactions don't relate to actual events, they can get stuck on things, and sometimes won't be selected like they should. No major problems though.


I'm not sure really. It seems to do what it should as a game but maybe it's just not the sort of thing that I like, and the improved GFX don't make enough of a difference to really suck me in yet... 
New demo. No new SP stuff, but they've added MP with 3 maps (and you can play as 2 of the factions) 
hi all, i cant download the normal bloody ground control 2, theres all this flipin rubbish about ground control 2 exodus thingy... were the hell is the normal version!! 
Guess what? Ground Control 2: Operation Exodus is just the full title for Ground Control 2. 
OTHER GAMES thread plz.
this thread was started in 2001, so stop digging up the old stuff eh. 
Daz Spoil Sport Pants 

/me puts spade down and walks off 
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