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Speedmap Pack 81!
Decent week here! Our "Massive Scale" theme brought a ton of differant ideas of what 'Massive Scale' is. Newcomer, Paintsniffing Joe, made the player massive. Speedy made a map with massive pipes and massively tough Shambler battles. In a return appearance, Starbuck made his map massively the same scale as his other speedmaps. And Zwiffle just put a massive effort into a nice floating castle of massiveness. Starbuck and Zwiffle also made their maps a massive tribute to the recently departed Ronald Reagan.

Enjoy the maps! And remember that next week will be the speedchainmap, so no pack right off. Get more details on the event in The Speedmapping Thread.
That guy's me...Sorry, forgot what nick I was registered as. From now on, I'll map as WyldeSnake. *hangs head*

Looks like a good quality pack again. Hopefully I'll be able to pitch into more packs, so eventually I'll be as good as you guys :) 
I thought Speedy's was the best, although it wasn't massively massive like I thought it should be. Snake's was the funniest, good job there. Good maps. 
Three Maps That 
required some special strategy to make it and one more normal (Zwiffle's), which I found best overall. Zwiffle seem to have rather unusual Q1 themes that I think work very well, except that lighting may need some tweaking.

In this map there was a bit confusion in hunting for the keys but due to map size, it wasn't a problem. Otherwise a nice-looking and fun map.

Both WyldeSnake's and Starbuck's maps required the ability to defeat shamblers with only SG/DBS and limited ammo at that.

Fancy footwork, cowardly sniping and even some close-up axing here. Starbuck's looked great in its Kinnian style but really deserved more monsters and gameplay. And I'm still unsure if Mr. Reagan was represented by the statue or the fellow with the really large claws ...

Speedy's had an underlit indoor area with very impressive pipes and a stunning outdoor area with massive combat. There are probably several ways to defeat the underwater army of heavy guys; I opted for the quad+penta+discharge mad rush technique. I made it just barely but still got mauled in the "bad" exit ... 
massive fun! i'll have to play this when i get back home! 
Maybe I'm A Wuss 
But I didn't get through any of these without god mode. 
Trick To Mine Is 
Hump the towers that the shamblers are standing on. Walk right up to them and get REALLY close

You can get positioned so that only 1 can see you at a time, then it's just a matter of whittling away at them till they drop. 
I Finished Starbuck's Map On Nightmare In :08 
anyone wanna beat that? 
Yes Fern 
Nice shambler boost UP THE STEPS. You r0xx0r. 
I gotta see this... 
Speedy's "Underwater LG + 666 + several Shamblers" gameplay situation was quite entertaining, I'm surprised it hasn't been done before but it worked well. 
Thx Fern 
Lesson Is... 
Don't try to beat a speedrunner...ever :)

Juicy run 
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