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How Do You Guys Draw Game Arts?
Well I'm always facinated by game arts, but how do you guys make them(I guess many of you can draw)?
i.e. this one:

This one is samll but neat, is it drawn by hand then scanned into a computer or drawn by mouse?
In-game Art? 
Or on-paper or digital drawing? I've got a few drawings unless I threw *all* of them out recently I don't remember...

I always thought this might make an interesting style for an interface: 
In My Case 
I started drawing cartoons as a kid. There was a series I liked called Bloom County that was better drawn then anything in the News Papers this side of Prince Valiant. I copied those. My biggest inspiration was Heavy Metal Magazine from the same time period and the artist associated with it; Richard Corbin and Druillet.

I am largely self taught though I spent a year learning commercial art. Drawing From the Left Side of the brain was a book that helped improve my work, well this was when I was like twelve. The new edition is weird and padded with a lot of nonsense, but the edition I read helped me understand how the minds perception distorted a person's ability to look at things as they actually exist in physical space. For instance, if you are told to draw a persons head, you'll usually wind up drawing a simplistic oval, or round shape that is nothing like the actual spacial contours that actually comprise your subject, and that is because your mind behaves like an editor that is constantly filtering the world around it.
Once you understand this and can internalize it, you'll be able to draw anything. No subject is inherently more difficult than another.

Now that I have a itty bitty web site I should go ahead and put up some of my sketches, tats and 3d model work. 
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