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I Need A Good Quake 1 Mapper

Hi I'm starting a new quake mod here's what it's about.

Basically it's a Single Player first person shooter that has midevil and futuristic themes combined.

This is a serious mod, and i'm a serious quake 1 modeller. I can make pretty good models for quake standards. I really need a good mapper who can make a couple of maps for a demo, that's all I need right now.
The player is an elven who has to defend his community from an alien takeover.
The game includes already implemented features such as alternate and primary fire, flitching corpses (when you shoot them) multi-attack monsters, and bosses.
The weapons are:
1 Duel Swords
2 Cross Bow
3 Riot Gun
4 Tesla Rifle
5 Devastator
6 Chain Blade Cannon
7 Ion Blaster
8 Staff of the Hell Iron

The maps should have a dusk-futuristic setting, and I will provide you with custom textures with a constant theme.

I have new monsters that I need to program and then will be ready to implement. They include:

horde-monger - a machine gun toting soldier troop who's alternate attacks include grenade and melee

captain - a sniper that is better skilled at melee combat and has martial-art like moves.

trelapaehc - a large gargoyle creature with long claws on its feet and machates for hands

The player will also be able to gain experience from monsters and eventually be able to "level up" for such attributes as

strength- allows the player to wear heavier armor and carry more ammo

health- pretty self explanatory

speed- increases players running and attack speed (even for guns)

I'll be using the darkplaces engine which is way better than the normal quake engine.

The models are very high poly and I'm also using a feature that allows the mapper to place any model he/she wants in the map without any qc programming on their part.

I put in a feature for the riot gun so that when the player shoots a monster, the monster continously flinches and can't counter-attack. Very funny to watch.

This Total conversion is redoing everything in quake, I even made a new conchars font.

Let me know if you're interested thanks.
1. How did you manage to miss the "Jobs and Mappers" thread??

2. What makes you think this "serious mod" has the slightest chance of being completed when almost all mods fail to do so?? 
Do You Have 
any screenshots of the content made so far for us to look at, please? 
Not Really Any Of My Business. 
but if you are indeed 'redoing everything in quake', and you are 'using the darkplaces engine which is way better than the normal quake engine', then why base it on Quake in the first place? Wouldn't you get more mileage out of basing it on a newer game, where willing mappers and modders are more plentiful? 
darkplaces is actually quite a useful new-genish engine if somebody actually uses all its features. Quite suitable for someone familiar with quake but wishing to do somethign non-quakish. 
I Know, 
I just wanted to ruffle some feathers :P

Hehe - seriously, it would be nice if Chillo could show us some of the already completed content on this, but I'm too busy with my own projects to consider any mod work atm. 
i could help him, i kinda like the idea. but i rarely finish a map. and when i do, it takes me a year or so. 
Closing This Thread 
Please re-post in the "mappers wanted" thread. 
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