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Speedmap Pack #83
Another great week of speedmapping!

This week, we decided to run Deathmatch maps as the theme, make the timelimit strict (but everyone except RPG used an extra 30 or so mins to finish up), and play the maps directly after the event. A great time was had by all and we have some decent maps to show!

FrikaC, QC coder extraordinaire, joined the event this week and made a tall blue map. NotoriousRay made an awesome map that is damn near releasable quality. RPG's is a massive scaled minimalist map of blocky goodness. My map is a 3 floor base set in Speedblaze textures.

Enjoy the maps, and watch some demos from my perspective of the maps in action, these should be viewable in any Quakeworld client.
but everyone except RPG used an extra 30 or so mins to finish up

You mean more like an hour. :) 
that's the or so part :P 
Kept to the timelimit, but it's a poorly scaled (unintentional) clone of Gunmetal. Kell would like its use of the Fury texture set, except I used all the indistinct textures so it's mostly unidentifiable. Should I rescale it and make it into a proper map?

Nice looking, but connectivity is weird. Gets a bit predictable.

Needs better balancing and more thought in item placement. Rather old school in its ideas.

Decent looking, but it's a spam fest. I played a 1v1 with Starbuck, and 99% of the time I was able to constantly shoot grenades without needing to pause or pick up more ammo. 
Scampie, ban him for criticism of your map! 
Misyu, you're banned for being a goober. 
(this is a ban-testing) 
Hey Scampie / Metslime... 
...what happened to posting #6?? It's completely blank including the name (I first I thought it was vigil with his gayed-out name, but no...). More func_qboard b0rkage?? 
I don't know what you're talking about 
Post 6 
i didnt think it was possible to have a blank title, body and name? Maybe someone registered "" as a username. Metl, you should probably add some code to disallow that you cunt. 
Am I invisible?
People, do you see me?
And there are two more blank posts there. 
Good God Metlsime! 
What is going on? . . . fix this! I mean, please. 
I Think... 
this might be Red Armour:

Dunno, it's hard to tell. 
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