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RQMDM3 - Para Bellum Released
Check out my latest Quake2 DM offering. I released it a year ago and finally got around to fixing some things that just kept bothering me.

Screenshots (moderator: uber dark!)

Download it here:

Post Comments at my forum:
up the gamma bro! 
I agree with Phait, your screenshots are a little bit dark.. Anyway, I found a turnaround increasing my screen brightness to its max... and so I can view them and say "nice screenshots !!". The lightining effects are good, and the architecture as well.. Nice work man... 
make screens brighter and maybe i'll download. 
can you be any more anal?

Yes screens look pretty nice, but alas I dont have q2 :( 
I Did Try It Out... 
and the lighting looks great, no problem there.

I think you did a great job on it and I'm glad to have you in my mapping contest @ 
</shameless Plug> 
Re: Screenshots 
Those screenies are actually from an older version. I just took some new ones last night and will be updating the website soon.

As for in-game lighting, I have a bit of a dilemma. I'm currently running a ViewSonic 19" LCD and EVERYTHING is dark (Quake2, Quake3). I posted a beta and asked for feedback on lighting, and most responses were positive.

How does it look in-game? 
In game, the brightness is fine. Quake normally takes darker shots than what appears in game.

As for my opinion of the map, it appears to have a decent enough layout and lots of the neat things like underwater tunnels and Quad traps that has always made Q2dm interesting. My only concern would be the look. The contruction is fine, but all the architecture and general look isn't really what I'd hope for from a map released this far after Q2's release. Looks like the same old map that was being made during Q2's glory days.

Not really that big a 'problem', I'd just encourage you to try and do some new and more complex things with such an 'old' game. 
Re: Scampie 
To be honest, my goal was to create a map 'a la BASE1' from the original game.

Why? I don't know. Just a fan of old school Quake2.

Thanks for the positive feedback on other parts of the map. 
By the way...

I've updated the website with improved screenshots.

Just click on the pics to get larger, brighter images. 
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