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Speedmap Pack 84!
This week's theme was suggested by my buddee NotoriousRay. We built maps that look like they could have been made back in Quake's early years. Many are tongue in cheek digs at how horrible custom maps were back in 1996/97, but some others are serious attempts at the style of the day.

5 authors this week, making 6 maps, 4 q1sp, 2 q1dm.

FrikaC's map is an excellant idbase map that looks like it was pulled straight from the original Quake maps, and squashed a bit. Good stuff.

Jacek has 2 maps showing how dangerous people really can be with a level editor. Plus it has hot dogs!

Moz made a map so large and old school that it won't even work in GLQuake! You'll have to try DosQuake, WinQuake, or try some newer Quake engines to play it.

Pope really did a bang up job and made a map that captures the style of old red brick dm maps, and adds his own unique twist to it.

My map is set in the classic style of 'unaligned idbase', complete with misaligned crates, 16 unit thick walls, light globes, and all the weapons and powerups!

Enjoy the maps!
I Want 
to play the dm maps... rpg get em up on your server ASAP

the sp were ... boring to me, sorry too many flat walls. They seemed to use 'oldschool' as an excuse to be crap 
I Want To Play Scampie's Map Too 
RPG - you know it's the way forward :D 
Crap Pack 
scampie's was best, actual authentic oldskool map.... pope's wasnt bad either 
i can't get sm84_moz to load in fitzquake or fuhquake, no matter what commandline/winmem i use. allocblock: full every time :( 
Worked In 
tomazquake for me 
The engine at was specifically designed to solve this kind of problem (among other things). 
OldSkool Indeed 
One has to dig deeply (and selectively) into the old cdrom archives to pull up things like this. The only SP with any half-decent gameplay was FrikaC's and even then, putting Chton into a very small idbase room ... well, at least he was killable.

Moz's wasn't really much of an engine challenge, only 78 lightmaps - you can do better than that! 
"sound ambience/thunder1.wav not looped" - ROFL! 
Yeah that custom sound would have made all the difference... 
Uh Huh 
Yes, thank you.

Err? Looks more like DaPak instead of truly oldskool.

I didn't check the others. 
is oldschool enough for me... i guess the 'official' oldschool style isn't even a style to me... its just people using entities improperly, carving holes in everything, etc etc...

i figured the term was applied to when the artform began to evolve and pave the way for future maps. Just like anything else... like hiphop for example... when people says 'oldschool' they sure as hell aren't thinking of the abominations that came out of the 70's era underground while disco was king.
They're talking about the 80's when the artform began to actually take shape...

holy crap I have to pee... I want to go home!!!

<at work still> :( 
Uh Huh 
I probably shouldn't critisize your interpretation of "oldskool" since the whole idea of themes is to see the different things people do with it. 
A Good Laugh 
This was a great speedmap, if only for the fact that, for once, the time limit actually worked in it's favour.

What is "oldskool"? Well, I suppose if you took this seriously, you'd make a map using only id textures, using Worldcraft 1, or QED or whatever, and compile it with original id compile tools. Stick a ton of wizmet1_2 trim in there for good measure. I'm glad people didn't take it seriously - instead making parodies of the sort of crap you can find in the deep, dark depths of the cdrom wasteland.

Unintentionally crap maps aren't funny; they're sad - but deliberate parodies of crap maps are hilarious - which is why I got such a good laugh out of this. 
you need to get on the hotdog 
please explain :P 
a phrase from one of necros' speedmaps, one of the finest Quake experiences ever created 
It's Even Better Than Rich_bar! 
Nice Ones! 
Hi prefer more texture maps but i had some fun playing these sp :) good work! 
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