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This is the forum to ask questions about this website, report things that are broken, request features, etc.

Be sure to check out the FAQ as well.
See My Nick For Details 
The board doesn't tell me the number of new posts in a thread - it always says "0 new". 
Same Hre 
sane here
smahe hree

No Wait... 
we need a spell check too!!! 
Feature Request 
I'd prefer to be taken back to the forum page after submitting a post, with the thread I just posted in marked as read (see Maybe make that a per-user option? 
what if you want to reply to more than one thing / post more than one thing in a thread? I know i've done that sometimes on the old qmap. I do remember that qmap had little radio buttons for "come back here" and "return to the forum." Maybe i will make it a user preference on the account page. 
That would be cool. Also, a reply feature like that on would come in handy. 
sadly, i can't get into the forum there. on the main page i get errors, and it says i must be new to the board or my account was deleted. So i click on "recreate my cookie" but that doesn't work -- after submitting my email i get more errors. 
I know about that error, but I'm still unable to reproduce it. My best guess is: Delete all cookies in your browser. 
just to say if in the html layout, you could include some of the basic code for links and mailto like in old qmap.

i know its basic but sometimes i get a link wrong just because i miss a space in the line

Valid Code: bold italic quote

Advanced Code Usage

^^^from peej 
yes, i should do that. 
Please use standard html tags for that stuff. Avoids confusion =). 
i still have to explain what tags are allowed. And anyway, what is the standard html for a quote? 
Quote Tag 
blockquotes aren't inline. Perhaps i could force them to be using CSS? But then they would no longer be what people would expect from something called 'blockquote.' Hmm... 
Is Quote: 
< quote > or < q > atm?

i'd just leave it as < q > (if it is, or change it if it isn't) as it's faster... 
It's <q> 
just like qmap. 
just like qmap.

right on! 
You Might Have Noticed This But... 
On the people page, when you click on the web site (for example Ziffons) it links you to instead of the normal pq addy 
I Have Noticed. 
That's becuase some people left off the "http://" part of their url. 
Edit Button 
metlslime you have done a great job!.....also is there any reason why we cant have the choice of editing our posts, or failing that, at least a preview button.

Most forums have these functions... 
This Isn't Most Forums. 
but seriously, take my wife. Please.

but seriously, i plan to have a preview button. 
underline and bold please. 
How About... 
a feature to block double posts (so we save the self-embarassment after doing it by mistake). if it's rocket science then leave it. if it's easy enough to monitor whether the words are all the same then i hope it might be useful. dont pay me royalties. i already got 6 ferraris and 10 bugattis (i whish...) 
It would be easyer to spot any new posts if it showed in an other colour than white.

And also, when logging in I have to: log in, change page go back and log in again to get it to work. (no biggie but so you know) 
alternate color, or bold, is one of the things on my list. In fact i was just working on it five minutes ago and then i read your post :)

re: logging in -- what happens if you log in once, and then on the next page, refresh it? 
yes, i should block double posts somehow. (ironically, this is not the first time someone has suggested that, and i said i would.) 
Yey Colour! 
log in suggestion does'nt work for me, but like I said it's no biggie once you know the trick. And I'm sure you've got other probmem solving things spinning in your mind right now. 
Posting Suggestion 
I think new posts should be at the top.

I can only wonder how many others have suggested this? 
Wonder No More: 
zero others. 
Posting Suggestion 
it's a bother having to scroll down just to read the latest. 
Posting Suggestion 
even if there is an "end" key... :P 
if you're logged in, the board keeps track of what posts you've seen. Then, when you come back later, there is a "new" link next to each thread, and if you click on that link, it will take you to a page containing just those posts that you haven't seen. 
New posts at the top is just plain wierd. (Why the hell would I want to start at the bottom and read my way up?). 
i dont mind which way but sometimes in other forums i get confused...its ok as it is. oh, you could have the links (people forum etc) also at the bottom for folks who dont like the home key (weirdos...:-P) 
Will Threads/posts Be Archived... 
when they get fricken huge and lengthy? 
There's A Character Limit 
the limit is 5000 on both. 
Doesnt Answer My Question Though 
:P archiving i.e. (i think) 
there is a limit, there for posts and threads won't be "fricken huge and lengthy."

but i guess i don't understand what you mean by archiving. Haven't you seen the "view all threads" and "news archive" links on the forum page? 
there for = therefore 
say a thread, instead of being one long page, could be broken into extra pages instead of a somewhat lengthy wait for the entire page to load. I'm merely wondering moreso on the forum's benefit as a whole - it will get to a point where there will be so many posts and threads that viewing any particular thread will take awhile - when it could be archived for quicker retrieval and wouldn't bloat the particular thread it's relative to... 
it shows the latest 25 or so posts, or whatever posts you haven't read yet. 
I'll drop it :P 
maybe phait asked cause some massive forums (q3w for example) just delete older threads 
The last 25 posts thing is handy, but the General Abuse thread can get quite lengthy, and it can be a trick to go back more than 25 posts. You can, however, do this:
Visit the 25 last posts in the thread, and get the url at the top of your browser (or copy shortcut). Then edit the start=# part to a lower number, where you're guessing the intended post is. 
i know what you mean now. I plan to support "paging" through posts at some point, so you can have links like "next 25" "previous 25" or whatever. Sort of the way search engine results are listed. No idea when this will happen, though. 
Random Header Image... 
Member URL 
I realize the URL's are on their profile (if they have one) but I think it'd be convenient to also have it below their name on their posts maybe? As a text link or just a simple icon next to the name.. 
Bugger random head images, the less images the better (imo). 
That should of course be 'random header images' 
Can I Redesign The Icons? 
Huh huh can I can I?

but if you can come up with a better Cube icon, i will use it -- the current one is a placeholder. Note that it has to be 15x15 with transparency 
maybe.... i actually just meant the smilies, but ok 
How Do I Delete My Account Here? 
And my posts 
You Don't. 
I want to. 
Yeah, But... 
you don't. 
I Mean..... 
delete my posts/account, since I can't. Thanks. 
Whyever would you want your posts deleted? That would mean that all the posts that are referencing your would no longer make sense. For example, if your posts and account were deleted, no one would know who or what I was talking about in this post! 
Sorry, but it's not going to happen. 
been fun here, keep it up. Bye. 
did anyone get that? Cos I'm lost :P 
poor phait... take it easy man

btw, is it ok that I leave titles blank, or could it brake the board ? 
Phait: Chill Out My Friend 
the beauty of the QMAP design is its simplicity, we dont need to mess with a winning formula. 
If there's one thing I have to address, it's that misunderstanding, underworldfan.

I am not active here anymore because of a few people that ruin the whole reason why some of us come to #terrafusion - I realize func and #terra are not tied in, but I decided to just stop altogether. The fact that I could not redesign icons, is *not* the reason why I'm not active here. That was merely a suggestion, and I completely understand/accept metl's answer of 'no'. 
Do you stop going outside if a dog bites you in the park ?

just take it easy 
Fuck Off With Your Title Shit 
<span class="quote">you are kidding me?</span> 
Try this:

Okay, more like this:


I think you know what to do with the "LESSTHAN" and "GREATERTHAN" parts. 
YAY! ;) 


lt/gt had ocured to me, but I really got tired of trial and error. In future, I may just write up my comments as html and post links to the pages instead :P 
Interesting concept, if a little convoluted. 
Test Again 
Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus error sit voluptatem accusantium doloremque laudantium, totam rem aperiam, eaque ipsa quae ab illo inventore veritatis et quasi architecto beatae vitae dicta sunt explicabo. Nemo enim ipsam voluptatem quia voluptas sit aspernatur aut odit aut fugit, sed quia consequuntur magni dolores eos qui ratione voluptatem sequi nesciunt. Neque porro quisquam est, qui dolorem ipsum quia dolor sit amet, consectetur, adipisci velit, sed quia non numquam eius modi tempora incidunt ut labore et dolore magnam aliquam quaerat voluptatem. Ut enim ad minima veniam, quis nostrum exercitationem ullam corporis suscipit laboriosam, nisi ut aliquid ex ea commodi consequatur? Quis autem vel eum iure reprehenderit qui in ea voluptate velit esse quam nihil molestiae consequatur, vel illum qui dolorem eum fugiat quo voluptas nulla pariatur? 
Bleh. Like Others, I Got A... 
...DNS error when posting more than one line. 
Oh Crap 
Now I can only post one line too! 
Title Is Not Empty 
test with no apostrophe: ` 
...apostrophes don`t work?! 
Copied From The GA Thread: 
when my webhost upgraded their servers they must have changed certain PHP settings which affect how apostrophes are handled when inserting strings into a database. I will try to get the issue resolved, but in the meantime, everybody just leave apostrophes out of their posts -- Strunk and White would approve. 
Use backslash apostrophe: \' 
Could've guessed that by myself... So it's just a matter of addslashes() and stripslashes(). Go metlslime, go! 
Suckerin' Suckatash 
my code worked THIS way until they changed the PHP handling of single quotes on me. 
It's Always About The Escape Character 
Func_Msgboard "Eating" Posts 
People seem to be saying that Func_Msgboard is "eating" posts. I haven't experienced any eating, but it does give a DNS error when you use an apostrophe. If that happens, just use the "back" button on your browser and then remove the apostrophes! 
the "eating posts" problem seems to be getting quite common, any ideas metlslime?

it allways works fine for me, BTW.

actually, looking above seems like RPG [maybe?] already has the answer?? 
i wonder if its something to do with the length of the post, seems to only happen to people on long posts?? 
Yes, It Does Have To Do With Long Posts 
Longer posts mean that it's more likely that you're going to use apostrophes. 
haha ;)

That kind of logic could get you in trouble. 
Use Mozilla 
Moz just doesn't take me to another page when my post has 's, so I just keeping hunting them down and changing them. 
IE Works Too 
for me at least. 
this doesn't work 
yes it does 
oi, why can YOU post apostrophes. i cant.

fuck that! 
Try Using.. 
the console key next to the number 1 on your keyboard.

can`t | won`t | isn`t | i`m 
Or Do Like This: 
Use this instead, but remove the space: '

Read up a bit to see that trick. 
Err, Right 
Use BACKSLASH then APOSTROPHE with no spaces. 
Escape Your Apostrophe 
Apostrophe: \'
Backslash: \\ 
Try a backslash before each apostrophy.

The reason the "messageboard eating posts" thing is such a problem is related to the apostrophy, yes. The killer comes when you push back and the text box is empty... 
Ah, Yes 
Pushplay and company beat me to it while I was fighting the dns error myself. :) 
...does IE empty out a text box when you leave a page? That's stupid. 
Now there's irony for ya

btw, if you phear losing your carefully typed out post to the evile backbutton, try typing it out in notepad first :P 
just right click, select all/copy, but for me it's always there when I hit the back button 
i never lose the typing. have done in other sites tho (like when typing cvs (resumes) online.

notepad is a sensible thing to do 
notepad also allows you to search for all apostrophes and replace them with `

I usually copy the message into the buffer before clicking post. 
the `eating` is strange...

usually, when i press the back button, the text is still in the textbox, but sometimes, (seemingly at random?) the text is gone -- eaten.

oh well, just gotta remember to use `... 
for how long tho?.. 
'''''''' dont work in Opera 
or maybe it now does. Well aces. 
3/4 ain`t bad

i award myself an A 
I wish my profs felt the same way. 
Me too. Finals week. I wish Shamb were grading it. ;) 
`ang On 
3/4 IS good (35% is fine according to uk exams!) 
That Says Alot.. 
nt ^_^ 
So Umm 
is there a list of <X></x> type html commands we can use? Perhaps under the `site` tab at the top?

just `cos there are retards out there (ok just me) who seriously forget this stuff every two days, or do something improperly and then gape at their botched post :P

smiley tags aswell would be fab.

good idea, already on my list, maybe soon. (the tag guide, that is.) 
How About (now Wait Before Shooting Me) 
making the template wider so there is less shortening of html links and wazat can fit more in a post (well it makes it smaller in height)? 
i always wondered why you kept the fixed width thing...

legacy from qmap? 
pretty much all the webpages i design use centered, fixed-width tables. see also: 
I Dig 
the fixed width myself... tho even at 1600+ resolutions its kinda tiny lookin... I just gives the whole thing a less cluttered feel... 
Itd Be Nift If There Was A 
`reply to post #` option
where the poster of the original message is notified on their next visit that they`ve been replied to specificly...

I quite liked that about qmap... i think it may indeed help alot 
I Thought Peej Disabled That... 
becuause it was dog slow. 
qmap was chekin ENTIRE database for that
ofcourse u coud optimise that function somehow 
Ignore me, just checking if I can post now. 
you can't, go away 
Test ' \ 
' \ 
Another Test ' \ " 
' \ " 
Test0r ' \ " 
test0r ' \ " 
Site Suggestion 
When you go into a thread, have link to show all messages in a thread. I usually go into a thread by clicking on the new messages wotsit, but once I'm in there, I read posts and wonder what fecking context they are in so want to see the whole thread... that make any sense? 
I Know Whatcha Mean 
I'd like that too. 
Makes Sense... 
I'll probably add that at some point, as well as 'paging' features. (For example, links that say "previous 25 posts" and "next 25 posts" etc. 
Sounds Good Metl 
And While You're At It... 
What about adding a #top link to the bottom of each page... or putting the menu bar there? 
Oh! Oh! 
I'd like to see a feature that give me more time to work on maps! And would you hook me up with a hot chick, too? 
Sorry, But I Keep Getting This Wrong 
Me Too 
metl: any chance you could edit my latest posts in the Rag Doll Mapping thread? They are rather long and the incorrect tags might be annoying for some ppl. 
Sorry, but i'm not going to set a precedent of going in and fixing people's spelling, grammar, formatting, content, or whatever. I don't even correct my own stuff.

Someday, i will probably have a preview button. 
metls teh lazy!

http://www.idontfuckingknowyet.ORG !!!!

(no that is not a real link you twat!)
. o O ( no 'twat' in particular, mind you )
( or you ) 
Why Is So Hard Just To Have An Edit Or Preview Button 

are you deliberatley not providing one just to annoy everyone, and is so why? :p 
in fact, i already coded it, and simply commented it out. 
I Don't Know 
I'm an ex-mapper what do I know 
Baby You Can Drive My Car 
pe peep pe peep yea! 
Can't log in from opera. (posting from IE atm. I feel... amputated.)
I thought I remembered that there were some other people having the same problem, but after searching through here only mention of 'opera' is Paul making a gool out of himself.
I dunno, anyone know anything about this?

Scary thing is that opera worked just fine with this until yesterday or something, but now it just won't get the cookie or whatever it's supposed to do. (yes, I have checked cookie settings etc, they're all set to accept and yadda yadda yadda, now I've got a sore nose...) 
Never mind, a reinstall fixed it.
Still weird tho... 
Got the problem too but it's easy to fix, at least it was for me...

Just enable 'referrer logging' and everything should be fine. 
Humm, yes I noticed that was enabled now and disabled before. Teaches me to not mess wih options I don't understand.

But wtf? just before I got here now I was logged out again, but the login worked fine this time.

TBH I've been getting disappointed with opera lately, it seems to be getting less and less stable. 
Search Function. 

(everyone agree!) 
I Think A Search Function 
would be a crime against humanity 
So? No-one ever really gets convicted of those... 
Just Don't Go To Belgium 
Just A Little Note... 
I've put up a robots.txt file to tell spiders not to index view_user.php. So, in a little while your "user info" page will no longer show up in google's search results. This is the result of a request by someone or other. I'm also looking into email munging so that malicious bots can't harvest your addresses. 
It fed my ego when I saw my func profile on google... 
johnfitz AT u DOT washington DOT edu


that sort of thing 
Or ?? :) 
I think the NewS ThrEAds titles that aRe on the main funC_ page sHould be dated.

O_O <(theres a riddle in this post! AH!) 
the only riddle is what are you smoking?

They already have dates on them. 
I Mean On The Main Page 
Isn't The News Page The Main Page? 
He Means The Forum Page 
Very bad wording. I meant there could be dates next to the posts under their respective areas such as: "Last 10 News Threads" "Last 10 Discussion Threads" etc 
Have you got a func_ link button I can use for the ddlc? If not I can hack one up but I want t3h 0ff1<14l 0|\|3! :) 
no official button. hack away. 
i see what you mean. I'm not sure there's room without breaking that onto seperate lines. If i ever make that page more customizable (in user settings) then that would be a nice option. For now, it's not going to happen. 
Read It And Weep Metl! 
it would probably be better if it said "go func_ yourself. Func_msgboard"

But either way, i'm weeping. 
hmm could do a new one each month I geuss, you can get a lot of mileage out of func_! :) 
Cookie Change 
I've modified the user cookie code. Now, if you log in on, and you go to, you will still be logged in. This change will take effect the next time you log in (after logging out.) 
HTML Guide Added 
I've added a small guide to using markup on Func. This is on the "FAQ" page (formerly the "site" page.) 
New Button 
I've made a button for Func, so now there is an official one. I'll probably make an animated version at some point. 
It has a crate and everything!

(Note: This post specially designed to have little or no genuine value) 
"Email My Password" 
if you forget your password, and you provided a valid email address in your account info, you can now have the password emailed to you. (available from the "log in" page.) 
Tag Testing 
normal then quoted, but for emphasis, can I use bold within the quote. We'll see... 
you can now click on the title of the thread you're currently reading to see ALL posts. 
Is there anyone who knows how to set a laserbeam in Quake1???
As it is only used in the MissionPacks it is hidden in the progs.dat

Thanks for your attention. 
Func_msgboard Does Not Support Laserbeam. 
what metlsime meant to say was:

You have posted this question in the wrong thread. You should post it again in the "mapping help" thread. 
Check the news thread "New Q1SP", I've answered your question there. 
Charley Brown 
Sorry for using this board for the question.
First I thought metslime used brown ink, but now I see this wasn't a linguistic question...

Thanks Wazat, I found it. 
Just testing something

Don't mind me, go on, on your way 
Test 2 
I can't log in using opera7, but in my old opera6.02 everything is fine. Is it only my problem or a bug in func_?? 
F12, Enable Referrer Logging. 
Should do the trick.
BTW, you are logged in. �_� 
ignore (apologies) 
Few Problems With Loading Site 
Recently Inside3D and a few other telefragged-hosted sites have fallen prey to telefragged's neurotic compulsion to shuffle stuff around as frequently as it can affort to pay its staff to. The posting wasn't working at I3d and there were problems with loading the site at all early on.

Recently func_msgboard has been failing to load once and then will load fine on a second try, and other sites (fileplanet for one) have also shown similar problems. I don't know if those sites are actually all linked to telefragged in anyway; but if they are, they may be facing similar problems.

So metl, just wanted to let you know, in a roundabout sort of way, that there have been a few blips here as well, but it's nothing permanent. Hopefully this site won't have any real trouble. 
Change To Account Page 
I've modified the account page so that, if you're logged in, the password fields will be blank. If you want to edit other info but leave your password unchanged, then leave the fields blank and your password won't change. If you want to change your password, then type the new password in both fields. I tested it a little and it seems to work. Let me know if anyone has problems. 
when are we going to be able to perform searches of the threads? 
I Asked Or Wondered That.. 
months ago. 
In order of priority:

1. search
2. poll capabilities with percent's
3. ability to post images in screenshots thread only (automatically shrunk to thumbnail size and linked to image url)
3. quote archive (a'la quotes.fov120) 
4. Replace Planetquake/Fileplanet 
1. Searching would be nice
2. Polls are just silly.
3. Clicking links is fine.
3. (err, just following the established syntax) You already have
4. PlanetQuake is fine on their own, but replacing FilePlanet is a good idea. 
Number 4, which I meant to be number 5, was mere sarcasm. I wasn't so sure about polls either, but maybe it could be useful. As far as screenshot thumbnails.. I think it's nice to get a preview of what we're about to look at.. instead of potentially wasting time with (potentially) big screenshots that (potentially) suck...

But oh well, they were just suggestions and not wishes. Except for 1. 
I Thought You Left And Hated Us Phait? 
Polls are worthless and counter-productive of the 'discussion' nature of our site. If someone has something to say about the topic, they can come out and say it and express their feelings rather than choose a generic option.

Autothumbnailed screenshots is a waste of the site's bandwidth, user's bandwidth, and will also add unneeded complexity to the site's code. Wouldn't tons of thumbnails in that thread waste more of your (and everyone else's) time than clicking on a few 'shit' screens? Let's just stick with links, mmkay? But on that note, I do wish we could have proper link codes to do [a] link to doodie! [/a] instead of just posting urls.

RPG and you're own suggestion answered point 3. Why do another archive when one already exists?

If you want to replace Planetquake/Fileplanet, I suggest you pony up the money and the time to do it yourself. 
Unneeded Complexity 
Actually, php makes auto-thumbnailing images really easy.

Seems like everything in php is pretty easy or pretty hard, there isn't a lot of middle ground. 
No, I Don't Hate This Place 
I hate you though :D 
my suggestion would be to have links open in a new window - I get a bit miffed when I'm linked to some interesting site, like a photo archive, and I eventually surf so far that I have to reopen one or other of the sites in a new window myself. I also agree with Scampie about the link code.
Everything else is quite spiffy metl, in a func_tional sort of way.
Of course, you can never have too many smileys... 
Empty This Into Your God Damn Enema Bag 
I wasn't complaining, Metl's done a damn fine job here. They were merely ideas, and if anyone were in agreement (not), cool.

Although, Kell, hold down [SHIFT] and click a link. 
I usually right click --> Open in new window 
but what youre failing to take into account is that Im a lazy git
see? I didnt even punctuate that sentence :/ 
test test 
urls starting with "ftp://" will now become clickable just like ones that start with "http://" do. 
Double Post Prevention Works? 
was it really that simple? 
It Does! 
Another Test 
Another Test 
Another Test 
Another Test 
Another Test 
Another Test 
Another Test 
Hah, 0wned :D 
so my fix doesn't work in Oprah or whatever weird browser you use. 
All I did was hit Submit multiple times 
well, stop it! The idea is to prevent accidental double-posts when people hit refresh after posting. If you manually hit back and then submit again, you're a dork. 
I didn't hit back, just submit multiple times, you dork. 
Ok, You Rapidly Clicked It Before The Page Could Refresh? 
Lemme Try It... 
Just double-clicked submit and it only came up once. IE6. 
Test In Mozilla 
Ok Then 
Can We Have A Maps-in-progress List, Like Qmap? 
Did Anyone Ever Use That? 
my question was directed to other previous members, which i thought was equally obvious. 
well, a simple "map tracker" would be handy, for instance just a list of author|map|download location|site

And it should be searchable etc, would be very handy for a map db with download locations all in 1 place, and what better place is there than here? :) 
Since Moddb is for mods, why not have a 'Mapdb'? 
(aside from the fact that moddb blows goats) 
the closest I think of with regard to map listings is Pipeline, and Peekabooms site, both of which have slowed down a lot (I think peekabooms is dead???).

I always thought it was interesting to look at; just to see what was going on for others. 
I honestly don't feel a need for map listings. Most maps will probably get listed and never released, and if you're that keen on keeping people aware of what you're doing then you can update your website on a regular basis or post a message in General Abuse (or both).

Having a database for map downloads would be cool in the short term; in the long term, most of the links will be broken. Had Func_Msgboard been built for it, there could have been a classification system for news items (map releases, tools, reviews, etc) in which case that could have been a nice archive. 
RPG Breaks My Fun 
post them on your website, or someone can make a MapDB which is always out-of-date and incomplete and hard to maintain. 
I'm trying to archive the contents of Func_ with a web spider and most of it works well. However, it can't seem to parse the view_all_threads and view_all_news pages.

There seem to be some difference between all the other threads and these two. My suspicion is that these seem to be read with the extension .php instead of .php.htm (which might be added by the spider).

Is this intentional or could something be done about it? 
it's not intentional, and i can't think of why that would happen. Also, all pages on func are .php, so the spider might be adding .htm to the ones it successfully downloads. 
Yes, That Is 
most likely true. I've tried three different spiders and all seem to have problems with those pages. In one spider I got an error message that indicated that there was insufficient memory to load one of those pages.

What could it be that requires extra local memory on those pages? I could believe if it was the "General abuse" thread that caused this error but that works fine in all spiders.

I *am* running Win95 but I seriously doubt that there's a problem with virtual memory. In that case it's one of the 64k resource heaps, but I doubt that too, I've got them monitored all the time.

Any ideas? 
Have you tried wget? It's a pretty solid tool. There's a windows port with an acceptable gui for making the bat file. 
Thanks For The 
tip, I've tried TelePort, BlackWidow and WebReaper so far. I'll take a look at wget. Still, if anyone knows why the others choke on those Func_ pages I'd appreciate a workaround (if there is one). 
those pages probably contain more links than any other page. Maybe your spiders can't store that many links from a single page? 
I Doubt That 
there are more links than e.g. "General Abuse" which has nearly one link per post (the user link), i.e. several thousands. Just parsing that page takes about 1/2 hour ... 
good point 
By The Way... 
another good spider is URLtoys: 
Thanks For The 
tip. Similar to wget it also seems a bit more complex (and probably more powerful) to use than a standard WinGUI variant (of which there seems to be an abundance to select from).

I'd prefer something a bit more simple, I've used TelePort occasionally for a long time and I really like it but for some reason it won't work on those pages.

I'll have to leave it for now, my phone bill's going to skyrocket if I continue these experiments ... 
...worked fine for me (wget -rkp Ph33r gnu. 
OK, I'll Give 
wget another shot. Thanks for the option tip, that seems simple enough.

/me downloads "General Abuse" once more ... 
WGet Works Well 
but it's pretty slow since it appears to get all documents sequentially. Many spiders use multithreading for this. Oh well, you can't have all ... 
Incorrect Count Of New Posts 
I logged into Func this afternoon to see various new posts. The one at the bottom -- and hence the oldest -- was this one:

Painkiller - All 15, New 1

But when I clicked the link, there were indeed two new posts. I loaded the forum index and Painkiller thread less than a minute apart -- at approximately 14:30. The latest post was #16 (yes, 16; and the index still reports only 15 posts in the thread) at 13:55, so I know it wasn't added in the seconds between when I loaded the index and when I loaded the thread; and the Painkiller thread is still listed as fourth from the top.

Wow that was even more unintelligble than I thought. Summary: 1) the thread index didn't report all the new posts, and 2) the thread index displays in incorrect post count for the thread.

I've been suspecting something like this for a few days, but I haven't really had such obvious proof until now. 
Then It's Not Just Me 
I've also noticed for several days that something's wrong with the new post count. 
Me Too 
Scampie's theory: Func_Qmap hates Than. 
this must be related to the database outages we had over the weekend. I think i can repair the data, so i'll try that tonight. 
Is the problem fixed? I still seem to miss some posts. 
No, i didn't get around to it. I'll have time tonight, though. 
Thanks For The Fix 
Am I just imagining things or is there still an issue with the new posts indicator? I seem to experience both that new posts are sometimes missed and sometimes indicated again although I've already read them. 
Then It's Not Just Me 
I've had the same with post I already had read, some hours later they was indicated as new again. 
Uh Oh... 
is it specific threads, or just random? 
Just From My 
memory, it appears most in the permanent threads. I'm rather sure that I've missed posts in the Mapping Help thread and repetitive new posts in the Screenshots thread.

Sorry to be vague, I wasn't even sure it was actually happening again. I've also checked each time that I've been logged in properly.

A while (some months) ago, I sometimes wasn't logged in automatically and that was probably the cause of not getting new posts indications. 
it just happened with the mapping help thread. i checked the last 25, since there were no new marked posts there, but madfox's post *is* new. 
as necros said!

About the repeating news I don't remember the specific threads. 
it looked like the postcount field for Mapping Help was at 1899 even though it had 1900 posts. I synced them up, so now it should work. However, i didn't see any other threads with mismatched postcount. So hopefully that was the only one.

I thought this was a one-time thing, but perhaps not. If you see this happen again, please tell me which thread. There may be an actual flaw in code somewhere, or i may need to do additional data cleaning to get everything back to normal. 
will somebody please make me a better Cube icon? 
what woudl make it better? Grayscale?!? 
If I Knew... 
i'd do it myself :P 
I See 
I made a new cube icon. If you like it and want to use, though, you'll have to use one of my other icons as well... :P 
send me an email with these icons and i'll decide :) 
okay :) 
test of tags inside tags .. 
One More Test 
quote bold italic
bold quote italic
italic bold quote  
You Forgot 
You Forgot... 
It looks to me as if the Mapping Help thread is out of sync again!
Twice today I logged in and it said "new 1" when there was two new messages. 
I Also Got 
only 1 new when there actually were two in the MH thread. 
I Also Just Noticed It On The... 
Effects Of Graphical Advances On Gameplay?? thread 3 counted vs 4 actual 
so something bad is going on... 
I Have A Feeling It's 
getting worse also, I can't trust the New indicator at all anymore. I always have to select Last 25 in order not to miss updates. 
Even when there are no news indicator I find new messages in some of the threads when selecting last 25. 
New 2 for mapping help, yet there were 3 posts... 
Fixed the post counts on speedmap thread and mapping help thread. I also made a small change to the code that might fix the problem of the numbers getting out of sync. Let's see if it happens again. 
both mapping help and speedmap seem to be ok again 
Feature Request! 
underline tags 
Conceptually The Same 
Italic tags

They serve the same function as underlines do in printed material. 
yes, but i accidentally used underline tags that don't exist in the speedmapping thread, and I'd rather metlslime just fix the issue rather than me look like a moron. ok? 
Wide Open............................................................. 
and I'd rather metlslime just fix the issue rather than me look like a moron. ok?

I don't think metlslime fixing the issue will have any bearing on that ? 
I think i could probably add that. 
Don't give into to the lazy shrimp! Print media survives with only one! There is no need for both! Don't give in! You will only encourage people to whine instead of learn how to properly use existing features! 
Ignore This Please 
just testing something... 
Can I Have Animated .gif's, Metlslime? 
Come on, be a pal! 
And coloured text.

And signatures (with huge .jpg images)

And avatars.

And the ability to send electric shocks to other users.

Actually, that last one would be cool :) 
And Not Forgetting 
stabbing people in the face over the internet...
thank you 
Avatars Suck 
anything that takes Metlslime time away from FitzQuake modding is something I can live without awhile longer.

Super Fractoid Detail Texture Shaders!

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! 
And the ability to send electric shocks to other users.

I Want What Necros Is Requesting Too 
Being the perverted fuck I am, I would hook the grips to my nipples, insult everyone and let you all blast away!

where are the dancing girls?

i request dancing girls 
There Are... 
... a lot of sick men here... I've just understood that now... HELP !!!! 
i didn't request that. i was just making an obscure remark relating to nonentity's request. 
so it is just nonentity and I who want the shocker. Dang. My masochism thwarted once again. 
How Did That Beer Icon Get There? 
oh well 
There Should Be A Gimp Mask Item 
I'd use it. 
Sorry Item == Icon 
There Should Be An Ankh Icon 
|___ ___|
PuLSaR = Ankh Fanatic. 
Yeah, I Am 
Hey, Who Moved My Cheese? 
There Should Be An Ankh Icon

i second that. 
Ankh Roxors My Boxors! 
I'm All For The Shocker 
That would be hilarious, and very widely used I would imagine. 
It seems like I have found a bug here

If I press 'enter' on keyboard instead of pressing 'Submit' button I can post empty posts (post-posts=) without getting 'title/body should not be empty' message. See my previous post.

The same happens in my post #325 when I accidently pressed enter instead of tab.

It happens in Opera6 I use 
i can't replicate that error in either ie6 or opera7, perhaps it's just that version of opera? 
...and On A Similar Note 
If you have javascript disabled the submit button just sits there and does nothing (Firefox .9). 
Yeah, Well... 
these are good things to know, i guess :P 
You can disable some of the crummy things js can do to you (popups, removing context menus) in firefox without disabling js entirely. 
I who want the shocker


2 in the pink 1 in the stink EH 
I Think "the Spiderman" Is Funnier 
2 In The Pink 1 In The Stink EH 
Got to be careful; I took out a powergrid with that combo once. Sinchy was twitching for days on after. 
Ya, I know, but sites that fail silently without javascript MAKE MAJ ANGRY. 
so i should make it fail loudly? 
Yes. Big noise make maj happy. 
Hello, Big Nose. 
Next Icon: A Fire Extinguisher! 
eww, a rocket! I have never used that one before. 
This site is in desperate need of some new smileys/icons. The ones at SA always make me laugh. Same thing with -- they have some pretty funnny ones too. If you have time to waste metl, see if you can add some animated smileys/icons for a trial run, and if people don't like them, don't use them =) 
Animated Smiles Suck 
some new smileys/icons would be good anyway 
Please, No 
Think of the children 
there is no reason for anymore smileys, and if there is, make one and petition for metlslime to add it. 
I Add My Name To The Petition For More Smileys 
How about more game icons for more recent games?

farcry, doom3, etc logos will probably be needed at some point.

Maybe just replace the dkt & ss smilies with newer games perhaps? 
Nothing That Distracts The Man 
from FitzQuake, please.

This week I want scriptable mouse driven windows and cocktail recipes that can be pulled up from the console. Thanks! 
Yeah... Fitzquake... 
when *is* the new version coming out? :D 
Will you fix the skybox bug..?

How "Site Help" actually seems to mean "Dear Metlsime".

- Not actually funny 
i found that slightly amusing, czg. 
Dear Metlslime 
/me still wants ankh icon :P 
Dear Metlslime 
Last night my girlfriend and I were engaged in foreplay, and she decided to involve our golden retriever! So she spread some Alpo on my testicles and whistled for Sparky to jump into bed. The dog immediately started lapping my nuts when I realized I was totally aroused and into it. So I decided to lick his nuts to return the favor. Needless to say, my girlfriend left me. Is she a total bitch or what?

I'm Ignoring All Of You. 
Dear Metlslime 
I was hoping we could reconcile our differences but it just hasn't worked out between us. Your small penis can no longer satisfy me. I'm moving with another man to the Bahamas and I'm taking the kids with me. 
Dear Metlslime 
Please add the ability for me to ban everyone who I feel is a "dumbass" from posting. Thank you.

Also, I'd like a cheeseburger. Hold the cheese and bun. 
Carb Sissy 
Dear Metslime 
thanks for everything. 
something to look into:

I had nothing to do with the phantom post. 
We Need A Bee Icon 
like never before! 
The Little Tribute To Satan Aside 
the icons are on the g rated side. Not even a customary canabis leaf down there. 
There's Beer 
that's gotta be pg-13 at least 
Yeah, I Suppose, 
and the pimp hat could be included in the round up . . . 
What About This Black Penis With Ginger Pubes? 
Dunno What This Is, Looks Like A Puddle Of Jizz Or Something 
That rocks Scampie! 
Hey Scamp, 
i've emailed you a couple of slightly modified versions. 
What About This Black Penis With Ginger Pubes?

That is just an educational prop. 
*Smacks Headthump around a bit with a large rubber educational prop.* 
Careful With That Thing 
You could create a jizm streaming biohazard, and then what would you have to practice giving handjobs on? 
I Think Now Is The Appropriate Time To Say 
Improved Orange

sorry, but i had to make the shading less intense :P 
Yes, Mum Is A Hermaphodite 
the shame of it all 

Can we use that icon? 
I Suck At Links 
Blitz is so gay

i'm just kidding blitz, you know i love you

zwiffs post made it mandatory to dig up this old link 
Wow, Someone Looking For Actual "Site Help"... 
...though having read the last ten posts, that probably amounts to thread pollution. Erm.

I'm trying to register. After filling in all the fields except URL (cos I don't have one), hitting the Submit button does pretty much nuffink. Cookies, Java, Javascript et al are all enabled, and my browser is set to save form information. Mucking around with settings, turning off firewall and using a different browser (Firefox 0.9.3/IE 6.I.Can't.Remember) haven't helped either.

Any ideas? 
Got A Software Firewall? 
Or Norton Internet Security Blanket or anything like that? 
depending on your browser, you may have to enable "referer logging." 
Norton Personal Firewall... 
but closing it down doesn't help.

I'm not sure if I checked the referrer thing. I'll take a look at that. 
Looks Like... 
I got it.

At some point i should look at a way to get logins to work without referer logging enabled, since that's caused a problem for a number of people. 
welcome, blackdog. Get to know Shambler, he'll be your best friend. 
Led Zeppelin reference by any chance ? 
Uh Huh 
Best riff ever.

John Paul Jones is as a god amongst men. 
Has Func_ Been Down 
I haven't been able to access it for the last 8 hours or so. 
i noticed that today. and a little bit last night. Hope it's temporary. 
it was down most of the day for everyone in #tf, been slow the last couple hours here... perhaps server's having a bit of strain atm? 
I Think It's Because Metlslime Left The Oven On 
Baking Special Brownies 
He is probably hanging around Haight-Ashburry as we write, shaking a tamborine and waving peace signs at tie bearing, Gucci wearing squares while the site burns to a crisp ,unattended. 
This story was told to me by a friend who heard it on the news on the radio about a year or so ago. It is a factual account.

There was a girl and she was messageboard-sitting. Metlslime had gone out to a very big party and had left this messageboard at home with this sixteen-year-old girl. So she was messageboard-sitting and he phoned just to see if everything was all right. She said, "Oh, fine. Everything's great. The turkey's in the oven. Metlslime went, "Oh, okay, fine," and he hung up. Then he looked at himself and went, "The turkey's in the oven? We didn't have a turkey!" He said, "What's the matter?" So he decided he had better go home and see what was the matter. Maybe there was something wrong with the babysitter.

He excused himself from the party and went home. So he walked in the house and saw the baby-sitter sitting in the chair freaking out. She had put the little messageboard in the oven and had thought it was a turkey. 
The Official Story: 
Due to a massive underground explosion in Baltimore, MD (story in Washington Times ), the datacenter lost power. The battery backup solution was immediately activated with the loss of power. Our secondary power feed, which comes directly from the city grid, was initialized. After the emergency power cutover, the city ordered the immediate shutdown of the power grid. This grid spans for 26 city blocks and disabled our redundant power solution. We immediately went to our third solution and brought in our generator.

Because of concerns from the Baltimore Fire Marshall that there could be further repercussions of the explosion in the area, it was decided to bring the servers down and wait until we were 100% confident in the power supply before bringing them back up.

Thats What I Love About The Internet 
you can always completely trust everything you read on it. 
Testing 1, 2 
should discussion threads require the same moderator approval that news threads do? 
That would require a lot more moderating, and could get very tedious. I think its safer just to let a mod close a thread that really doesn't belong. But, I've never moderated, so I can't really know what it's like. 
I'd Say Yes, 
but i'm not a moderator, so i don't know how much mrore work that would be. it would certainly help though. 
I'd imagine it would cause a lot of arguments over what constitutes a worthy discussion topic.

You should start by only allowing registered users to post new threads - that would cut out most of the bullshit anyway. 
What Kinn Said 
You should start by only allowing registered users to post new threads...

That seems like a better solution to me.

P.S. And let me add my voice to the many who want the Reset button moved or removed. 
actually, if i had thought of that, i would have suggested allowing only reg'd users to post as well. so, there's a vote for that then.

ditto on the reset button. 
Well, The Reset Button Thing Is Easy Enough... 
so voila! Other stuff may come later. But I wouldn't mind more opinions on that other stuff.

One thing i'm worried about with the registered user thing is that i don't want people registering bogus accounts just to post one stupid thread... that would just result in yet another table (the user table) containing garbage data.

Hmm, unless i made it so that you needed to wait some time (two weeks? a month?) after joining before you could create threads. Most random jerks passing through wouldn't care enough to wait around. Anyway, discuss please. 
One thing i'm worried about with the registered user thing is that i don't want people registering bogus accounts just to post one stupid thread... that would just result in yet another table (the user table) containing garbage data.

Not a problem if you ban/delete troll accounts 
That's just more work for poor metlslime, though. :(

And I'd rather not give that responsibility to the mods. 
moderator approval is cool, but with that we'd need a specific bit in the faq or at the top of 'create new thread' that explains the purpose of threads and what guidelines mods will use for deciding yay or nay.

I watch the site religeously, so threads wouldn't normally wait TOO long for approval. 
well, yes, banning dudes is work, but a forum comes with a bit of work, that's a given...

i think the waiting time after registering is a good idea, but too long a delay will probably stop good people from registering as well. maybe like 24 or 48 hours, 2 weeks is excessive. you'd register then forget about this place. :P 
banning and such should be handled completely by metlslime and done by an ip ban for any real abusers of the forum, not of whom we've seen here before.

delayed thread creation after registering doesn't help much when registered users make bad threads (see both food threads as a good example). 
banning and such should be handled completely by metlslime

Thanks For The Removal Of The Reset Button, Btw... 
the two week delay would only be for threads, not posts. And I still think anonymous posting is worth keeping.

Re: deleting accounts -- this creates orphaned threads/posts which is a data integrity problem. But more importantly, it encourages people to just register another account. Banning by IP is better. 
IP Bans Then. 
because it's easy to register again. 
Do We Really Need IP Bans? 
Has anything really happened that a couple of warnings to fuck off hasn't yet solved? 
but what's wrong with having the capability?

even if you never turned your stereo up past 1/4 volume, wouldn't you rather have some pretty decent and powerful speakers so that that one day, where you throw a party, you can crank it up? 
IP bans for actual rogue abusers would be a metlslime thing and really aren't something that needs to be 'implented' as a simple script for blocking IPs to the /board/ directory of is easily dropped into place.

I like the idea of approved threads best, so all things could be regulated let that, while still allowing everyone to make a new thread. With this, I'd also hope for the funtionality to create new threads from any old post, so that if one mod decides a thread isn't good but everyone disagrees, you could easily 'upgrade it'. And things like the food thread won't happen where the idea for the thread is an idea by many, and we end up with multiples. 
Things Should Be Regulated Automatically 
and not dependant on the moderators. 
so, i write an algorithm that can tell when someone should be banned, whether a thread is worthy of being news, etc? 
But I understand that your time is limited due to your pursuit of glasses-wearing Asian babes, so I would settle just for requiring a timelimit of 24 hours before allowing a new user to post threads.

I'm betting that most people who want to make a useful new thread have probably been visiting the forum for a while, and thus would not mind waiting 24 hours to start a thread. They'll be coming back to check on the forum anyway, so waiting a day will not cause them to forget about the topic. 
so, what you're saying is we should become further enthralled in our cause to drive away newbies by enforcing the old boy's club? 
Approving Threads 
I think it would be a good idea to make "unupproved threads" visible to the general public in some separate, but easily visible link on the menu. After the thread gets a number (say 5) of approvements from forum posters, it gets added to the main thread list. 
you mean, once the poster creates 5 dummie accounts and approves his own thread. or a coder posting his new mod project pimp finds 5 friends to come vote. or 5 of our own anarchist idiots vote yes.

i don't like the idea, but the idea of unapproved threads being visible to all sounds good to me. 
Unapproved Threads 
But I'm going to visit all those anyways and I bet most people would. That's just unecessary clicks for me and unecessary work for mods. 
the point being that the unapproved threads wouldn't have posts allowed, and we'd be able to rid the shit threads easily. 
some interesting ideas. 
get on irc, I need to speak with you privately about something I think you've been missing in this whole issue. 
uh, i guess you'll have to mail me. 
so, what you're saying is we should become further enthralled in our cause to drive away newbies by enforcing the old boy's club?

Wait. What've you been smoking?

If someone wants to post a meaningful thread, they're already part of the club. There is effectively no waiting period because they've already joined.

Furthermore, I would argue that having a thread-approval system would further increase strife and the supposed old boys club. We get into the position of you (meaning scampie) disapproving a thread, and spouting off harshly at the creator. This creates division. This would be especially true about threads that are in the gray area of worth.

Furthermore, this also puts forth the opportunity for power abuse, which you have already shown us that you (scampie) are capable of and even relish in.

This is why I dislike the concept of approving threads. 
power abuse
which is why I suggested the system of checks and balence of everyone being able to see unapproved threads, and the ability to make any post, which would include rejected threads, into a thread so any strong disagreement could be fixed.

I hate the idea of forcing everyone to reg a free account, and wait any period of time, just to post. We have plenty of regulars who don't even have accounts, or don't like to log into them. The board should remain open, I'd just like to see moderation play a larger part in making things work smoothly. 
And Along With Moderation... 
a better, well defined set of 'rules' in the FAQ so that everyone, including mods, knows what stands and what doesn't. 
Just To Be Clear, 
if the cookies are working and showing my screen name and new post enumeration, I'm logged in right? 
if it at the top of the page, just under the logo at the end, it says Log Out then you're probably logged in. 
Thanks, I'm Good To Go Then 
maybe have no approval of new threads, but give power to remove threads to the mods, maybe if a thread has not been deleted after 24 hours if cannot be deleted. This would let mods & the users decide a threads fate relatively quickly. 
deletion is bad, and if people start talking on the thread, it's not easy to move it without losing the posts. 
Is It Possible To... 
...get an "edit post" button/link? 
the best you can hope for is a "preview post" button/link. 
Maybe you could just have a js popup warning people when they didn't close their q tag and probably suck at teh InTerNet. 



Hm... What Makes That Link Work Then? 
Doesn't Work For Me... 
I get a DNS error. 
Oh I See... 
hmm, i'm not sure exactly.

I did make a change about 2 days ago to allow hyphens as word breaks. So-a-long-string-like-this-no-longer-gets-truncated-by-the-board. But that URL only has one hyphen, so it should still get truncated. Maybe my new regular expression doesn't actually do what i thought it did :P 
Metlslime-I-dont-think-you-should-have-mentioned-that-long-strings-like-this-don't-get-truncated-by-the-board-I-have-a-feeling-someone-may-abuse -it-or-exploit-it 
... it works fine now ! 
Well, No... 
since you can't abuse it as a long line as you wrote gets broken up anyway. 
I'm thinking IE and Firefox disagree on at what point a hypen gets to cause a line-break and when it gets to push out the container. 
is that just speculation or something you noticed? 
no long strings allowed in titles! FOR SHAME!... really, it already limits length! 
mozilla does that too. 
It was idle speculation because I was at work. I just confirmed it now though. IE breaks post #458 where you intend, but firefox doesn't break it at all. I assume you're not useing the nobr tag.

necros: firefox and moz both use the gecko renderer, and are essentially the same thing. The only difference is that mozilla was a hogde podge of things that didn't belong together inherited from the Netscape project. Firefox is an attempt to set things right. I can't fathom why anyone would use IE though. 
Masochism, Pushplay, Sheer Masochism 
Ah, Cool. 
i don't know much about the whole firefox and mozilla developements, i just keep it around for times when IE breaks down. ;) 
so, firefox doesn't break words on hyphens. I guess that means i have to truncate long words even with hyphens. 
This Is Just A Test 
-bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh

This Is Just A Test 
-bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh-bleh bleh bleh bleh

metlslime, does break the tables for you? I think it's Kell's post that does it. 
Opera 7.01 Btw 
Kell's Post? 
i can't find it. 
i can't find it.

That's the problem.

I Like Pigs 
Weeee Monkeys!! 
acctually drunk piggies... like mary over there>

thats flippin rad man... woah i think im trippin on lsd woohoo thats so scarry... WTF WAS THAT EEEEEEEK!!!! 
Dumb Suggestion Metlslime 
but how easy would it be for you to archive the GA thread (and other similarly huge threads) out of the database before we hit a critical meltdown such as on qmap and qboard?

not that I'm currently worried, I had just been looking back at earlier posts in the GA thread, remarking on how wonderfully bored I am here with no games or mapping or anything besides download the 6555 posts in general abuse as many differant ways as possible. (there are 6556 differant ways, I counted twice to be sure.) 
i archive the database manually now and then, but only like every 6 months. I should come up with an automatic way. 
Oh Wait... 
you're worried that the size is the cause of meltdowns, and so i should save the old posts and then delete them?

While data loss is always a risk, i don't think we're really doing anything so unusual that standard database software can't handle it. 
Famous Last Words 
exactly. but iirc qmap and qboard both died under the size of their own standard databases. perhaps grab the first 5000 posts of ga, and make an 'archive' section that is just plain html of each 1,000? 
QBoard died under the size of headshot's delete button. 
it's database failed once during it's lifetime, as did qmap's. 
Arcane Wizard Post #369 
Doesn't exist, but it said there was a new message there... 
Yes, Same Here 
Damn It. 
It's There Again.. 
It's There Again.. 
It's There Again... 
Flood Control. 
And a search + edit please, kthxbye. 
Can't Login 
Been trying to login to my account here the last few days... But it just doesn't seem to work, I'm sure my login/pswd are right, but when I enter them, it just reloads the login page... wtf? Anyone had something like that? 
Just a thought. 
Nope, no prob with those afaik... And it doesnt work in both IE and Firefox... 
Check your IE options for something like automatic page forewording or something like that... I know I used to not be able to login via Opera due to some of it's default security settings. Maybe even set up func_qmap to be a trusted site and have low security settings and try that. 
in opera, make sure "referer logging" is allowed. In Norton Internet Safety Blanket or whatever, make sure that "send referer" or "allow referer logging" or something is checked. If you have other software that might block this information from being sent, see if you can find a similar setting in that, too. 
Ah yeah, was norton internet security thingy getting in the way (I had tried disactivating it, but it seems to need to stay off for like 10 minutes before it actually starts working, bleh).
Not on my usual PC, dont have that stupid software on mine. =)
Thanks metl. 
can you tell me the exact wording of the Norton Internet Thingy option and which state it needs to be in? I will add that and the Opera setting to the site FAQ. 
Arcane Wizard Phantom Post Again 
No I can't, the options are quite unintuitive (probably doesn't help that it's translated in French, and all my computer knowledge is rather in english).
My solution to the problem was: Turn the whole stupid thing off. =)
Once you've logged in it seems you can turn it back on, and I stay logged in fine (even after rebooting the machine and all, kinda weird). 
thanks anyway. I suspect there is a way to rewrite the func login code so that it doesn't need the page referer to work. I should probably just try to do that. 
Links Idea 
I was thinking it'd be nice to have a section somewhere here (at the top with the nav) that has a list of links to good resources on mapping and/or essential maps/packs to get. 
So a link to google and #terrafusion? 
Seems like post previewing works!!!! Let me know if there are any problems. Note: nothing gets saved in the database until you hit "submit." 
Let me be the first to say, Shambler thanks you a lot. 
Testing Preview Function 

Thanku metlu ^_^ 
So a link to google and #terrafusion?

No, a good collection of resources, in addition to #tf. 
previewing rocks! 
We Want 
please switch preview with submit. 
clicking on 'comments' links on the front page news stories is borked... looks like your recent changes fucked the thread id code for them. 
doesn't seem bork in IE6...

Using Opera and the comment links are now (removed everything before view_thread.php to avoid truncation):

it IS bork in IE6... fucking cache tried to mess with my head... looks like some rogue < > symbols got added to the thread's id # 
thanks. it really was borked, but it's fixed now.

AS for preview/submit button order... doesn't it make sense that the intermediate action be to the left of (i.e. come before if you read left to right) the final action? 
maybe not, as i just clicked the wrong one. Hmm... 
Or space them 25 pixels and/or make the SUBMIT button red w/ white font. 
Phantom Post Again 
doesn't it make sense that the intermediate action be to the left of the final action?

Yes, a whole heap of sense. But when has that ever figured largley in our community design? :P 
it makes sense in theory, but those of us who've posted on qboard/qmap/func are used to submit as the first button. 
No, Scampie 
We're used to it being the LAST button.

Get your facts straight. 
More Postcount Weirdness 
"HALF-LIFE 2 - All 226, Last 25, New 4"

Yet, when I clicked on the "New 4" link, I only saw 2 posts. 
I was thinking it'd be nice to have a section somewhere here (at the top with the nav) that has a list of links to good resources on mapping and/or essential maps/packs to get.

Stuff like these articles: 
Internal Server Error 
I can't load all the posts in the GA thread. Loading too many gives an Internal Server Error. start=59 will work (when the total posts equaled 6930) but start = 58 won't.

Granted, most previous posts are just babbelings about bugs and things when the site was new, but this could become more of an issue as the thread increasingly grows bigger. 
yeah, i think there's some sort of page size or query size limit on the new server... I'll have to look into it. 
...Or add "First 1000" etc links. �_� 
maybe you should replace 'Preview' and 'Submit' buttons with each other, I mean it should look:

[Submit] [Preview] 
it makes sense the way it is because you go from left to right, start with preview then submit. 
a good point, but I usually don't use preview fuction and I'm used to the left position of the submit button as it was with 'submit' and 'reset' buttons 
Why not just one button, submit or whatever, which automatically goes through a preview stage prior to actually submitting, requiring you to press submit the second time to confirm, like, sought of, kinda thing ? No, oh well......... 
Fuck No. 
would i want to preview a short message like that? :P 
Func_Msgboard Ate My Post 
Wrote post in Film Thread (post #1010). Hit submit, page reloaded, my new post wasn't there. Retyped post from memory, hit submit, and there is the second one as post #1011.

Func_Msgboard ate my post. 
WinXP SP2, Firefox 1.0. 
so this is a confirmed case of a phantom post being caused by data loss? 
Half the time I type a post and hit submit, and the form clears without making a post. Refreshing does nothing. 
metlslime, I've just figured out at least one reason that null posts are being formed. Somehow when I load a thread, sometimes there won't be an icon selected by default in the Post A Reply area. If I hit submit after typing a post but without rectifying the no-icon-selected problem, it increases the thread post count without adding a new post.

I tested this just now in the Stories thread, and that's what happened (it's post #31). I tried making a post before it (post #30) which resulted in a null post, but I don't remember whether an icon was selected or not. 
Posting Without Selecting An Icon 
Posting With Default Icon Selected 
Yeah, I loaded the page at first and none of the radio items were selected, and the post wouldn't post.

Good work detective RPG! 
Looks Like A Bug 
here's what I saw in the faq page:
There are 4 registered users online right now: , blitz, Kell and PuLSaR.

What does comma do before the blitz's name?
Or there an invisible user around here? 
I always travel with a 2 person I've brought the Invisible Man along with me. 
Hey ^^^ 
that's that evil Invisible Man 
Null Post = Firefox? 
I wonder if the null post problem is associated with Firefox, because I've never had that problem before I recently switch from IE. Also, this problem seems to have become increasingly common as Firefox has gained popularity. 
I use firefox, and was using it when my post in the story thread disappeared. 
thanks for the clue, RPG. So the radio button problem is inconsistent? Is there any pattern to it? 
It Looks Like When You Hit "back" 
after previewing a message, the radio button is left blank. 
I Think I May Have Figured It Out 
When you preview a post, and then hit "back" in your browser, the radio button for the icon goes away.

That's how I produced the blank post above. 
Looks Like It Doesn't Happen With IE 
But does with Firefox. 
But, on a side note, why would you hit "back" after previewing your post? The preview page has an edit box, and a preview and submit button. You can just keep going forward, never backwards (and always twirling towards freedom...) 
I think I've got the invalid icon bug fixed -- i added some server-side validation that should chatch that and a few other problems.

Note: another thing i added is a block to prevent both title and body from being empty. So watch out!!!! 
I've now updated the javascript validation to be consistent with the server side validation. I also fixed the stupid flaw in my javascript that let you type just a space for body and title and submit. So hopefully, you'll never see a server-side error message.

And yes, i was screwing with the posting code for the last hour. Sorry shambler :)

As a bonus, here's Cthulhu nigiri! 
I'm Not Touching That 
without my Chopsticks Of Ultimate Horror.

Nice work with the forum code, metlu ;) 
why would you hit "back" after previewing your post?

Because people on the internet are stupid and will do anything possible to screw up anything possible in any possible way.

(Like making blank titles.) 

And Also 
shit like that. 
well, if you're going to stop blank titles from working, at least have the default titles then? (although, it appears that it is still allowed?) 
I also fixed the stupid flaw in my javascript that let you type just a space for body and title and submit.

Let's check if it's true, if it is, than you're a bad guy, metl 
Space Title Still Works 
i think he meant that the title AND body could be empty before. (which is no longer the case) 
hmm, how'd you do that? 
does it never end? :P 
i think javascript and server-side validation can now both stop people trying to post with a body that only contains html tags, such as an open and close italic tag.

Let me know if there are any problems. 
You Got It. 
I can't seem to break it at this point. Good work. 
Ah, Ok. 
it just places the default icon then. sorry for the test. :) 
noooo! how? 
It Wasn't Easy 
I even thought it's impossible now, but after few attempts (I think preview button some kinda helped me to it, but I'm not sure).
The body is empty tags and spaces, title is just spaces

I think nobody will do that now, cuz it's not easy now and takes much more time. 
Damn It 
Ok, I give up for now. I can't believe you locked down the obscure space characters and the vertical tab. Those last two posts are me trying to submit with a system bell and some other npc. :)

I salute you Pulsar. 
no, that's easy if you know how to do it 
please explain 
so we can all spam the board with empty posts 
New Features 
If you look on your account page, you will see that there are two new features to play with.

First, you have the choice of whether you want your func homepage to be the news page or the forum page. This means when you come to and you're already logged in, it will display the page of your choice. (Logged out people still see the news page.)

Second, you have three choices for how to display your email address on the user details page (that's the page you see when you click on someone's name in a post, or on the "people" page.) You can have it displayed as a clickable mailto link (as it is currently,) or you can have it displayed in munged format (joe -AT- blow -DOT- com,) or you can have it completely hidden.

I encourage all of you who have hand-munged emails in the database to update your account with your real address, and then choose "Munged" as your email display option. This way you can recieve an email when you forget your password. 
melt, here's the explanation of how to do it:

title: that's simple - just type a few spaces.

body: I typed a few spaces (not sure if it is necessary), then I opened bold tag, typed more spaces and closed the bold tag.

Then I clicked the preview button to check if it worked and voila!

I hope that will help you.

btw new features are nice 
that doesn't work for me -- what browser are you using? What javascript settings? 
I Use 

All javascript settings are standard, I didn't change them 
Being able to get right to the main forum page when I log in is a cool feature - thanks! 
I just got on a half hour ago and it's been real slow here. I see several new posts all over, but getting to the sections and back takes at least a minute or more. Anyone else? 
Being able to get right to the main forum page when I log in is a cool feature - thanks!

I've had the forum page linked in my custom homepage and click it to go there, and am always logged in. Either way, 'cool' on the new features, even though I'd prefer edit function over Preview. 
wtf is it so slow right now? 
Okay, Seems To Be Normal Again. 
can we please get a set of 'please post questions on mapping or any non-debatable topic in general abuse, mapping help, or screenshots and bettas' with links to them all (would be cool to be like on the forum index to go to all posts, new posts, last 25).

will cut down on random people making new threads, us not helping them and just telling them to post elsewhere. 
can we get those on the page where you ake a new thread... 
yes, i'm planning on it. 
Func_ was down again this morning when I arrive at my office (7:30 here in France, that mean 23:30 for server...).. Was it expected, or is it again an "unwanted server-down" of the provider ??
It seems it occurs more often than before the server change... isn't it ?? What's your opinion about these minor problems ? 
My Opinion.. 
is that they suck. I hope the service doesn't continue to be as spotty as it has been in the last few days. There have been no planned downtimes since the server move. 
You're right, they suck... the service they provide is not as good as we expect... Anywa, I hope, like many of us here, they will solve their fucking server stability problems in the future... 
DNS Seems Kinda Flaky 
Pinging or looking up directly via ns{1,2} doesn't seem to work either.

Is DNS and hosting all part of the same package? 
the same company sells me hosting and dns. Whether it's the same company providing the actual services, i don't know. 
Yay. Nice one metl. 
Hail Floyd! 
Cool Logo 
We've got FLOYD! I dig the new logo. 
Enjoy It While It Lasts... 
This is Scampie, posting from another proxy our mysterious proxy poster is using, seen here:

This new proxy's site is:

Here's a list of proxy's that someone may use and their offending IP ranges.

I suggest banning them all, or, adding code to func_ that will ensure you're posting to the board, from func, not from a site dynamically mirroring func. 
Specific Good Info From That Last Link: 
Access To This Board 
is sometimes very slow or can't be established at all. Are there problems with the new server? 
Pope has tricksied us all! 
Tricksy Popeses! 
Next they'll convince us that contraception is bad! 
When func_ is down pope's and my own website are still up. 
I had a 403 error (forbidden access) for 1 hour this morning.. Someone else noticed it ?? When this fucking apache server will be stable ? 
Me Too 
Same problem. But it doesn't seem to be very long outages. 
No Idea... 
if it keeps happening i'll have to write a letter. 
...without being defaitist... start your letter now... ;P 
.. Please write your letter, the server was down again this morning (server hour near 04:00) during 1 hour... Is it planned to stop ne day ?? 
Dude, Write The Letter 
good luck! 
at least this time there was a message on the webhost's main site ( saying they were moving to new servers to help speed up the websites. So i'll wait and see if 1. there's any speed up, and 2. there are no more outages. 
Hey, New Logo. 
So I'm not 100% happy with it yet, but it's probably going to be this logo for a little while, until i figure out what i need to do to finish it.

My main complaint with it right now is that I don't like having two crates in the logo. So I plan to find a different brown background image. 
I Like It 
It's more prominent, and just overall better. Maybe the crate could use a tex though. And maybe a little 'slogan' or something below func_ "Mapping community" or somesuch.

For BG image, maybe something that epitomizes mapping or is more obvious. 
Hey Nice One 
i like the title image too. I think the small crate would be better left unskinned. I agree that 2 crates in the image is too much, but I don't think any sort of mapping grid background picture would be very good, its so cliched. It might need a 'slogan' or something as Phait said; more precisely: something that describes the purpose of the board, as currently it's not immediately obvious to first-time visitors.

Visually, i think there needs to be some seperation between the "News / Forum / People.. thing and the main content of the title graphic. Maybe a black bar running along the bottom of the image, which the crate could overlap slightly. As it stands, where the menu bar and the graphic meets, it looks a little messy.

Just a few thoughts, I'm impressed with it though. 
Crate there makes me wish the logo bit had a random icon put up there... just the cool ones... crate, cheese, pig, pimp hat, some of the game icons. would be alot of work I know, but it's a nice idea. 
Not So Hard... 
I wrote a PHP script that pulls a random quote out of a .txt file - one quote per line. Just put an image tag per line and it'll grab it. 
Creating all of the high-res icons is still work. Though, i've sort of considered it :P 
If you really want a set, a specific amount, I'll happily design them. I need a break from the PHP learning/work I've been doing. 
We would have to include the Neutral emoticon so we can accurately express the melancholic state that our anti-social user base tries so hard to repress. 
Title Cannot Be More Than 70 Characters 
I had a title with exactly 70 characters, and Func still complained when I tried to submit it. 
The post icon counts as a character. 
The Fallacy Of Your Argument 
But not all the post icons are mere characters; some are emoticons, and emoticons are actually 2 characters at minimum. Since that is true, the message should be something more like "Title cannot be more than 70 characters, or 69 depending on which post icon you use." 
Creating all of the high-res icons is still work. Though, i've sort of considered it :P

What's wrong with just scaling them up with width and height in the html, like on the front news page? It has a nice retro-gamey kind of style that suits this board well.

I think a site update tracker would probably be more worth the time though. 
does that mean you got past the javascript, but the following page popped up an error message in red? 
That is correct. 
clicking on a thread
white screen say
SQL error 
that URL works for me. Can you give me more information about how you made the error happen? 
It Just Randomly Didn't Work 
i can't repeat it, so it's probably not a real bug i guess. But if it helps, i'm running XP SP 2 with Firefox 1.0 
The forum was down during the last 4 hours !!!! metlslime, go write this insult letter to the provider... hurry up !! 
Chill, it's not the end of the world when a site goes down for a few hours... -___- 
I agree, but since the server change, the site is down many times per week now, for many hours most often... and many much more time than it was before (with the previous server...) so WTF with this new provider ? 
Yes, my point is, I'm sure it bothers Metlslime enough that he doesn't also need people on the board complaining about it all the time.
This may be a public forum, but that doesn't mean it owes you anything, Metlslime can do whatever he wants with it. 
I know... metlslime is certainly bored with us (i.e. the "complaining guys...") :P .. But it's rather disappointing not to be able to connect to the forum many hours/mornings in a week... 8( .. Shame on the provider...
So now I really think metlslime have to write this letter he planned to write a few weeks ago...
Anyway... you have to admit the forum is less stable than it was before the server/provider change... end of the story... ;P 
You are a func_msgboard junky!

Nothing wrong with that, of course. Just thought I would throw that accusation out there. Now let us go back to the main menu and hit F5 every ten minutes ;) 
You're right, I need my "Func-dope-dose" every day :D 
was this 4 hour outage the only one in the last couple weeks? I haven't been online for the past 4-5 days, but before that it seemed that the uptime was much more stable after the server upgrade a few weeks ago. 
Have had very little downtime in the last week or so myself, definatly seems more stable. 
I have to admit there was no server down since last week.. and now it seems to be more stable, so perhaps I tried to connect when they were working on the server (Friday 04 of march in the morning here in France..)... Anyway, let's hope it will not occurs any more often in the future.. 
#TERRAFUSION Unable To Join Channel (address Is Banned) 
I can't think of anything I did to merit an IP ban, so perhaps this is a domain level thing? If not, at least tell me to fuck off to my face.

(I know this is Site Help, but it somehow seems the right place) 
Fuck Off 
Just kidding.

-ChanServ- *betruger*!*@* czg 2 days and 10 hours Never Evil scientists not allowed!

I just removed that, try it now. 
Thanks Blitz 
Didn't work, though 
Try Again 
I removed all the bans, I will put them back once I figure out which one is you 
Ah, There We Go 
Thanks again 
I've been caught by the Betruger ban too. How am I supposed to talk about Doom3 without being allowed the odd Betruger laugh every now and then? :P 
Spell it wrong. 
This is not the place for irc problems. Next time use the General Abuse thread. Thanks. 
Yeah, OK 
Body cannot be empty, or something 
betruger ban? O_o 
I cannot log in from any of my browsers 
I Found The Cause Of Problem 
I changed the date to 2006 (on my PC) and func_ didn't allow me to log in.
I totally forgot about that changing of date and when I changed it back to 2005 everything started to work as it should.

Time Travel Is Not Supported 
Why? Time travel to past is supported, I know (I live for about 2 years in 1997). 
(I live for about 2 years in 1997).

I lived 
We are all still living in 1997 here ;) 
I party like it's 1999 everynight 
I don't know if it's related to the evil anonymous posts, but the Book thread just showed 76 new posts. Is the board hacked
It Just Means Your Cookie 
did not retain info from an old, bumped up thread. 
Exactly What Headthump Said. 
the cookie only remembers who you are. The database stores the highest numbered post each user has seen in each thread that user has visited. I assume that aquire hasn't viewed the book thread in a long time, and that it just got bumped so he now sees it in the "latest threads" list. 
then there's something strange about how it stores the info metl, because it always seems that when a thread get bumps from the depths of the archives, there's a random, meaningless number of 'new' posts. I've never given it a second thought, just assumed 'whatever, it's an old thread the board likely doesn't bother saving which posts I've seen in those threads.' 
it always seems that [there's a] meaningless number of 'new' posts.

I'm not sure how you define "always" but I think that's only happened to me once (at the most) out of all the bumped threads in the history of Func. I am very anal about reading all posts on the board, which would explain this "bug's" exceptionally rare occurance for me; and also explain why I'm not even certain it's happened at all. So I'm willing to bet (Tibet?) that you guys just forgot to read those threads; especially since they're usually the meaningless ones. 
Another Explanation... 
there's a flaw in the design of the forum page in that it only displays the ten latest threads, even if there are more than ten threads with new posts. So if you go away for a week, and 12 threads get posted to, when you come back you will only see 10 of the threads, and not realize there might be additional threads with new posts. 
No, Metlslime! 
That's not a flaw; it's a feature! It encourages people to read the board on a regular and frequent schedule! 
6 6 6! Oh, Yeah! 
Site Help

Yes this site needs help

It seems to be full of 'has been', wanna be's, or maybe that should be 'never were, ' wanna be's. With a few noteable exceptions (and no, your not one of them Eyebrow) namely bal, czg and vondur 
Vondur is awesome. :)
czg is good, but wierd. :|
Bal is French. :( 
Now This Here Is Pretty Good Drama. 
Bonus points for Eyebrow. 
Please ignore the obvious troll, this thread is for Site Help not silly drama. Let's try and maintain some intelligence. 
Let's try and maintain some intelligence.

I can't it hurts! 
apes maintain intelligence too

doesnt make them good mappers 
Phait, Inertia... 
Thank you for proving that you're both so moronic and uncaring about our forums that you just had to continue the derailment of this thread. Now go map. 
I get teh intarweb error 403 for all day apart from now and when I was on tarweb earlier.

I am forbidden from the fruit but I am hungry.

Plz help 
Someone has posted sounding like a horrible drunk who has the IQ of a rock.

Plz help

(this isn't teenl33t speak corner DaZ, please talk like a real person, especially when reporting problems with the forum) 
I've been seeing 403s and the occasional timeout quite a lot in the last couple of days. 
Yeah, Me Too. 
sent an email to the webhost this morning. 
I've Also Experienced 
unusually high access latency lately. I've noticed that before as well; it comes and goes. 
Slow Access 
Yesterday morning I had a 403 Forbidden Access Error like mwh has, and since the site has been accessible, it is extremely slow... by slow I mean really slow (at least 5 minutes to open a single page)... Metlslime: please kill the provider and replace it by a powerfull one ! 
Thanks For Bringing This To Metl's Attention 
I'm sure he was completely unaware of this. 
unaware ?? Do you mean inactive... bleh ! 
Yes, I'm Aware Of It 
i've complained several times to my host. 
Is It Possible 
to go back to the previous host? In retrospect, it seemed a lot more reliable. 
How many times have they promised to fix things?

This has been constantly lagging and unaccessible. :C

You have only one thing you can do - move someplace else. 
I was joking when I said inactive. I know you are aware of this problem (Kinn seems to think the opposite... o_O ..), and you are for sure more involved to solve it than everybody here.
I would not like you thought I "flamed" you for the website provider lack of performances.. and don't say it's too late please !!! Thousands apologizes if I hurted you.. sigh.. 
I got that error, maybe this info is useful?

RECURSIVE ERROR: There was a SQL error. 
ironically, that's the least helpful error you can get from Func. It happens when the function to display an error message causes another error :P

Anyway at the moment, func seems to finally be running fast again. 
Back to normal, for the moment.

It sucks mightily that it seems to be so out of your hands, though. 
General Abuse Error 
Everytime I try to view the general abuse forum I recieve an internal server error. what's up? 
If you're trying to view the entire thread, Func probably just can't handle all the posts 
...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test 
...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test ...test 
...test ...test 
.test .test .test .test .test .test .test .test .test .test .test .test .test .test .test .test .test .test .test .test .test .test .test .test .test 
A Ha. 
Jukka Korpela 
He's a classic.
He was fired from my university's cs department for roughly, giving actually advice to people and doing generally useful stuff. 
"testing Some Quotes 'lol' Omg " 
and here's some text. 
Elephants Are Gay "and So What I Hear You Say" Nuttin' 
Ok, Tiny Bug 
On the preview page, the post title needs to escape quote signs in the title input tag value:
value="elephants are gay "and so what I hear you say" nuttin'"
value="elephants are gay "and so what I hear you say" nuttin'"

Ok, That Was A Failure 
the quote signs in the second quote were written as &amp;quot; 
And Also 
sorry for spamming, but if you put in a closing textarea tag, you can write stuff on the preview page after the input box like so: 
These Punky Girls... 
.. are really ugly !!!! 
okay, i'll have to fix that shit. thanks. 
Oh Yeah.... 
THAT bug. 
this opens up all sorts of new possibilities >:} 
But It Doesn't Scroll! 
I have to know more 
Search Function!! 
please for the love of god!! 
Use Google 
Hey Metl. 
I'd love to use this thread to complain that fncu is running slow again, but it's taken me so long to get onto the board I never made it to this thread =/. 
The issue mentioned above with General Abuse thread not being possible to get from the start, will that be solved? I have to start from >1000 to avoid a server error. Is it caused by your code or is it some webhost limitation?

Are the first 1-2k posts lost or are they just blocked from retrieval? Is it possible to request an interval? 
must be a webhost configuration thing -- there's probably a maximum SQL result size.

One of the major features i want to add to func is "paging" where you basically browse through a thread page by page -- like google results. In the meantime, i should probably add an "end=whatever" querystring variable, so you could specify a range. Either that or a "count=whatever" variable. There'd be no UI, but at least it would provide SOME sort of access. 
Pages would be more welcome sooner than a search function, actually.

BTW, if you're not already there, could I drop a func_ link banner in at ModDB's links list?

Unfortunately it seems some people there aren't aware of func_ -- someone said my work posted there was godly and I quickly refuted that point and showed them some releases here at func_ ;) 
Those features would be great, but as I also sometimes fetch entire threads for archiving purposes, I'd like to be able to get the whole thread in one package as well. Is it possible to ask the webhost to raise the SQL result limit? 
I'd have to look into it more. Maybe what i should do is just set up some archive dump process that spits out a file that people can download. 
OK Thanks 
For now I download that thread manually from the last post in the archive. 
Probably Stating 
the obvious, but the site access latency is now around 1-2 minutes. I'm curious, what is causing these high latencies? 
.. And ... 
... sometimes this morning it was not accessible at all ! And I needed to retry many times before having something on screen...

Was there any server update or something else ? 
FYI: will be performing network maintenance during our maintenance window this weekend in the period from Sunday, August 7th at 11:00pm (PST) to Monday, August 8th at 6:00am (PST). Although we do not expect your site to be down for the entire time, we want to make sure our technicians have enough time to correct any unexpected issues that may arise. 
phait: yes, you can link to func from moddb. sorry i didn't reply sooner. 
SQL Problems 
I keep getting "RECURSIVE ERROR: There was a SQL error" when trying to access Func. 
when i get that, i can usually "refresh" and it works again. But i ought to fix that error message to be more descriptive. 
Does It Show? 
I believe so! 
Was wondering, have you considered getting a shorter, more representational dedicated domain for func_? 
I Think 
there's no need to do that. I think most of people are so used to this domain (at least I am). 
I've Considered It... 
But I don't see a strong need to do so. Plus it would cost more :) 
If you change your mind, I'd pay for it. What's $8? ;)

While I do have the site linked on a custom home-page my browser users, I'd imagine a dedicated URL would be easier for others. 
$8 is the cost of a damn good sandwich from Bear Rock Cafe. 
Have you changed the forum post headline font lately? I find it a bit harder to read on my system. 
my browser just had a fit. 
I think it outrageous that Func_msgboard doesn't have a FavIcon. Please resolve this issue immediately. Also, please add some popups and the obligatory Google Ads - thank you. ;) 
and maybe some flash! 
What timezone is this board at? 
Is as slow as fuck at the moment. We're talking an uber-delayed tantric sex 3 day fuck at that. 
Seems to be GMT-8 according to French timezone..
Shambler sent a message at 06:00, when here we have 15:00, and we are GMT+1 (in summer time) or GMT+2 in (winter time)... I guess the server is located in near California...
Metlslime, could you confirm please ? 
it's pacific standard time (or pacific daylight time, currently.) 
The site is very slow for me too. 
Site Seems Very Slow 
metlslime I know you are a busy busy bee, gathering honey for your queen, stinging overweight picnickers, and so forth, so I will give you the benefit of the doubt that you just haven't had a chance to look into the slowness factor.

I think you mentioned before that it might be the code, but it could very well be Globat's Amish Server Collocation powered by the will of the Lord and a sturdy loom. 
Thing is it seems to only be intermittently slow.

Maybe i'll set up some stuff to track load times. 
Well It's Slow Now 
or is it my dns? 
After The Double Quote: 
It seems that if you have a " character in the title and hit preview, the " and everything after it disappears in the form on the preview screen.

A bit of view sourcing suggests that you need to escape the " in value attribute of the <input> in the form... 
Strange Very Minor Request 
could the "New X" text in the forum headlines list be a bit more saturated color. It's so close to white now that on some crappy lcd's (dell 1704fpt) it's hard to tell it from white. Thank you. 
I'm In Two Minds About This... 
...but the personal attacks coming out of IP are starting to disturb me. We've had flame sessions and name calling sessions before but this stuff seems malicious.

As you probably know this IP has been banned from Wikipedia after much abuse.

I know it's only a temporary IP as The People's Internet Inc cycle through IPs but they don't seem to be able to police there own.

Meh, Best Mapper is a stupid devisive thread anyway and awards for mapping/modding/PCs/TCs etc happen in the new year already anyway, so why not close the thread.

I think the thread would not be closed, however it should not have been opened by "external func_ morron"... I just mean that it could be possible to allow only registered users, and also logged users, to post in, and create threads... It's a little bit harsh for extra users, but efficient against stupid people... We saw too much examples these last months :(
As well, creating account could be secured just providing a "real" email, that need to be checked automatically (i.e. you create your account, and you obtain in return a beautifull automatic mail reply stating that your account is now activated...) I don't know how long such a task need, but it is feasible for sure... I already saw that on othr website...
And the most important: metlslime, what do you think ?

PS: distrans, where are my background textures ? ;) 
That Thread 
the best mapper thread is a retarded thread started by a pathetic fuckwit. Some people decided to run with it and turn it into a legit thread (and thanks btw, for the nice words many of you posted about teh marcher), but I never had any intention to post in there myself.

Also ^ what JPL said about only registered users posting (and email validation in the registering process would be good too, if it's possible to implement) 
You're welcome ;) 
I'm hesitant to give up the openness that we have -- it's nice to know that if someone from another clique (like mapcenter, or lvl, or quakesrc) can post here on a whim. Outsiders like that, which we should welcome, probably wouldn't create a whole new account just to post some simple comment. But there may be some changes I could make that would reduce spam without inconvieniencing people. 
Openness Is Good. 
but what's wrong with just making it possible for the moderators to delete spam posts/threads? 
Metlslime / Neg!ke 
Yes, at least it would either discourage morron to post here, or discourage moderators to delete posts regarding the amount of stupidity posted these last days :D
OTOH I admit that the actual openess is good... I'm the first to look to other forum or Quake related website (Quaddicted, planetquake, etc..) and at least read what's going on... posting is an other story.. 
Quaddicted forums and comments are totally open too. And I'll leave it as it is as long as Shambler does not post more than 10 comments per day:

I delete them once a day, about 4-5 per day. Openness > 1 minute work for me. It's something different here of course. 
Change 2005 to 2006 at the bottom ;) 

But it'll have to wait until my hard drive is either recovered, or pronouced dead. 
Good luck with it! 
Really? I'd just include a "copy.txt" that you can edit anytime. That or have a tiny script that prints the range of years (i.e. 2002-2006) 
Whatever you said "really?" to. 
Why did you hide this cute dog?


(Try that suffix on other php sites. Like )
Funny, isn't it? 
Is that from some "congratulations, PHP is successfully installed" type page? 
RSS Feed 
Would it be possible to implement RSS feed for func? I'm not familiar wit this stuff, but getting all new posts immediately to the pc would be cool. 
actually, i've already made one, though i never got around to polishing it and adding a link from the main page.

Also, it appears to be broken right now. 
one of the news items had a backquote in it. I replaced it with an apostrophe and it works now. Have to look into setting the proper encoding in the xml tags, i guess. 
The RSS feed only relays new threads. Which happens twice per year if we're lucky. 
hm - so it is not possible to get every post relayed with RSS?
I'm addicted to this board :) 
well, that's a possibility, but i'd have to decide what exactly it would do. Customized feed per user? Should it uncheck the "unread" flag when you view the feed? Etc. Etc. 
As for me it doesn't need it to be customizable it also doen't have to uncheck the unread flag. But this is only my opinion. 
or it could only say: "there is a new post in the ... thread" 
but if it's not customized per user, how does it decide what posts are "new?" 
Isn't it the RSS client's task of marking items in the feed as new?
The feed supplied by the site only needs to send out the last 25 posts, and the client will check it regularly and notify the user when there's new stuff. 
so you guys want individual posts in the feed, out of context and all jumbled up? 
No, Per Thread. 
There could be a link at the bottom/top of each thead to it's appropriate feed, something like
http:// board/ thread_feed.php?id=2 and then return the proper xml for the thread.

Note: I wouldn't use a feed anyway, I'm just saying... 
With "new post" I was meaning new posts since last RSS update. But maybe I don't understand everything right. I don't know how rss is working. For me it would be enough if the rss feed would be automatically updated every 10 or 30 minutes with a message about new posts if threre were some. But i guess this needs something more than RSS. 
I Need Site Help! 
how do you pronounce celephais? hehehe :P 
I don't know the official pronunciation (it's taken from an H.P. Lovecraft book) but the way I pronounce it is "sell uh face." 
Sell Ih Fay 
odd, I always interpreted the word as being a bit french, with the "ais" having a silent "s" 
Sounds better without pronouncing the s yeah, nothing french about it though. =) 
Any Sense In These Ones? 
c'est le fait?
c'est le phait? :D 
it's a conspiracy! 
In french we rather say: "Ca le fait" ;P 
CSS Hover 
Metl, have you considered adding a CSS a:hover so the link color changes when it's pointed too? I think that'd add a welcome "feel" to using func_ 
It's An Idea... 
Internal Server Error Day 
Process limit exceeded for uid 10019 [24 >= 24]. 
seems off and on.

Do you guys think it is slower than last week, or about the same (ignoring the internal server errors?) 
WTF ! 
I got Internal Server Error several times yesterday... Did the provider make any updates on the server ? I also experiment speed and latency huge changes ... What happened ? BTW It sounds to be solved this morning (it works perfectly) but yesterday it was a nightmare even to connect and login.... wait and see ... 
Oh !! 
I didn't see that neg!ke already shout about the internal server error... sorry...

To answer you metlslime: this morning it is rather fast... but how long will it work like this ? That's a good question ! We all experimented so big differences in latency and speed access these last ddays, regardless of access error, that I hope it will not change any more from now... as I said ... wait and see.. ;) 
seems faster now. Not with every page view, but with most of them. Anyone disagree? 
I got again an Internal Server Error yesterday evening... Sounds weird: sometimes it works perfectly (not so much latency, good speed), and sometimes it slow as Hell.... o_O ....
Any Idea ? 
don't know about anyone else, but it was nearly impossible to access func yesterday, as it almost always was giving those internal server errors.

when it does load, it seems even slower than usual too. :(

still, i got to post this time! :D 
Func is either s-l-o-w or unavailable due to the aforementioned server error in the A.M. on the East Coast. But it seems to pick up in the P.M. 
this happens very often... i have a hunch it's during peak load hours. 
Same problem here. Site not responding at all or some error about maximum process limit exceeded, or something. Or a recursive SQL error. 
i have a hunch it's during peak load hours.

Yes, it happened very often in the afternoon (French time)... and it's boring... Is there a way to avoid this issue ? 
Go finish your map JPL. =) 
It's "cooking"... don't worry ;) 
func is fast like F1 :) 
Nevertheless I get a "URL cannot be reached" message this morning... weird... 
today too, half of time doesn't load at all 
Func Sigh 
in the evenings (europe), it more often than not:
1) doesn't load at all
2) gives internal error (process limit exceeded)

It works really only in off-load hours. Which sucks. Are there any actions in planning?

Cause this board rocks and I hope good stuff will be kept going on in here. (Just look at the latest goings in mapping help for example!) 
Even In Off-load Hours 
when it works fairly fine, it's intolerably slow when being logged in. why this difference?
btw. what about a 'mark all threads read' option? 
Even In Off-hours 
when it works fairly fine, it's intolerably slow when being logged in. why this difference?
btw. what about a 'mark all threads read' option? 
Even In Off-hours 
when it works fairly fine, it's intolerably slow when being logged in. why this difference?
btw. what about an 'mark all threads read' option? 
Weird As Hell 
FYI, func_ works faster when you access as guest (unlogged)... no "url cannot be reach", no "no internal error"... Metlslime ? Any idea ? 
... Oooppss... 
.. I just got at least "recursive SQL error" he he he... 
Just To Reiterate 
when it works fairly fine, it's intolerably slow when being logged in. why this difference?
btw. what about an 'mark all threads read' option
There is a difference between being logged in and logged out -- logged in people get a SQL query which includes their userid when visiting forum.php, while anonymous users get one that doesn't contain a userid. MySQL caches queries, so if you're not logged in, there's a good chance that your queries will have already been processed for someone who visited just before you, and so it can come out of the cache, which is a lot faster.

But this doesn't mean as much for the news page, the view_thread page, etc. 
And Still 
it fucks up most of the time, even if you're on a computer with no cookies - thus unlogged. It won't load func, either you get a zero sized reply or timeout or process limit exceeded. 
What's happening today ?! It's working so fast I can't remember when it happened last time... ;)
Did you change anything in your php code ?
Nevertheless, it's cool to see all is workig fine now... I hope it will be stable more than today :P 
He Replaced The Hamster Wheel With A Drunken CZG 
...might be faster now. Thanks to Sleepwalkr for the tips.

Let's try it out this week and let me know how good/bad things are. 
It seems quite a bit faster than it has been for some time now. But still not like it used to be, but a definite improvement over recent times, for me thus far anyway. 
No Server Errors Or Anything So Far... 
*crosses fingers*

maybe i can post more than just random links now ^_^ 
just had one of those recursive sql errors again? 
There has definitely been a nice improvement since the changed DB code. I have had no errors, and the site has loaded everytime I tried to access it; albeit frequently it still takes five seconds to get a response. 
Fingers Crossed 
Here too! 
it's taking me quite a bit longer than 5 seconds the majority of the time (usually around 30 seconds) but it does load consistently, so that's something. thanks :) 
I'm actually able to open func pages in tabs without waiting forever for just the 2nd one to load. 
OMG !! 
metlslime: they are defying you !! 
isn't it possible to just delete the entire posts (number #823-#8xx) instead of only their contents? or does the db-code not allow it? 
okay, i just banned my first IP on func.

If i delete the posts entirely, that would probably screw up the code that assumes the posts are sequential and stuff... i'm not sure exactly, but when i first wrote the DB i decided i didn't want to delete posts.

Now, what i will likely do is censor the posts so that you can't see them. The moderator tools to do that don't exist yet, though. 
Persistent Little Bugger 
There was a SQL error. 
i've intentionally made the error messages obscure to prevent people from using them to attempt to hack the board. I should probably set up something to log the more descriptive error so that I can see what's happening, but it wasn't something that I thought happened very often or consistently. 
That was the first time I had seen that in a long time. It was also the first time a board error ate one of my posts. 
another test 
another test! 
last test? 
Fifth Time's A Charm? 
Oh Nice 
But why does it go backwards in increments of 50 and forwards in 5? Is this some crazy UI Zen you have thought up, meltshine? 
Oh Now It's 25 
I seem to have gotten thread paging working in its most basic form. By default, links to a thread will show the first 25 posts (instead of all posts.) You can still see all posts by editing the "start" and "end" variables in the URL. If you post to a thread regardless of what page you are viewing, it will bump you forward to show the most recent 25 posts, with your post at the bottom.

- Number of posts per page will eventually be a user preference.
- I might eventually add "first 25" and "last 25" links as well.
- I'm not sure if this thread navigation needs to go both at the top and bottom of the post list or just one place, or what.
- I might need to change the wording of the links on the forum page. 
When there are less than 25 next or previous posts, it displays the number of actual next or previous posts. So there were only 5 next posts in that case.

The 50 was because I was playing around. 25 will be the default for now, while I work on getting a user preference for it. 
Very good addition metl, first/last would be a nice addition yeah.
And maybe add a little black line above the links, to separate them from the last post. =) 
I'd prefer to keep the same "load entire thread" vs "last 25" as now and use the paging only for the latter. At least I'd like a separate link to get the entire thread.

Most threads are either relatively short ones (no problem loading entire thread) or very long ones (very few would probably want to page through it all from the beginning). 
I'd like to see the Next/Previous 25 links at the bottom, seperated by a black dividing line like Bal said. 
just modify the link at the top where it says "start" and "end", go to the end of the thread, then set "start" to 0, and that will load the whole thread. 
I'm undecided on whether to have a link to load the entire thread or to force people to edit the URL. One of my goals was to remove "load entire thread" as a default or easy choice, becuase I think it's a bigger DB hit. But I'll think about it. 
I know how to do it, but as this is probably one of my most frequent forum activities, it'd be very cumbersome to have to edit many links I click.

Btw, the current "All xx" links (which is what I want) don't seem to work; they still give the paged beginning of each thread. I hope it's because metl is working on it ;) 
maybe it's ^^^ his fault the forums have been slow then! hehehehee... 
Yeah, ever since you've added this paging thing, the forums have become really fast for me... 
Exactly the same here... Maybe you corrected a small bug indirectly... Anyway: it's cool how it works fine now ! 
tell me agian why using generic php-bb-nuke-thingy-code that every other web forum uses is a bad idea and coding Func from scratch makes the forum so much better? It's not that I actually believe a word of it, it's just that it's a rainy afternoon and I could do with a laugh. 
Seems that now that the forum is faster, the spammers are having less trouble doing their thing... =D 
could we just lock down posting to registered users for now anyway? this is getting out of hand :( 
Considering the amount of spam most people get in their inbox, this is pretty tame. 
I'd Like 
to have at least 50 posts per page. :) They are usually very short on this board.

Thanks metl for fixing func, it now works pretty well! 
Another Test... 
maybe i should have a test thread for this shit... 
One More... 
why my code suck? 
okay, some thread paging changes:

* the URL behavior is now compatible with the old way. meaning, there's no automatic cap on the number of posts. start= and end= are required to limit the range of posts displayed.

* the title of the thread on the forum page will now link to the "last 25" posts.

* logged-in users now have an "all" link that really does give you all posts, just like the old days.

* logged-out users just see the thread title (links to the last 25 posts) and a post count (not a link.) This might not be final.

* if you post to a thread and you're not paged back, you will see the same post range plus your new post, like the old days. If you were paged back, you will just see your new post.

* eliminated the "viewing all X posts." message. If there's no page navigation UI, that means you're viewing all posts. 
Sounds Good! 
New Stuff: 
* added "first" and "last" links, and got rid of the numbers (it was too cluttered with them.)

* added "number of posts per page" as a user preference (check your account page!) 
I Vote For 
Locking down posting priveledges to registered users only. 
then many (at least not me) wouldn't have ever joined this board... hmm..... 
You Left The Door Wide Open There 
. . . 
Hey ! 
You could let any people read the post, but let them unable to post if not logged. Many forum act like this (i.e planetquake, QuakeOne, etc...) so why not here ? 
i do sort of agree with the original intention of the way things are set up atm, in that any one can drop in and leave a post without any hassle of signing up. it's just too bad that also makes the board a target for spam bots and such. :\ 
Add a captcha for guests posting...
I always say, if someone can't take the time to sign up, it's probably that what they want to say isn't so interesting. =D
And for those who like posting from somewhere where they can't log in, a captcha shouldn't be too big of a hassle. 
Maybe i should have mentioned it in this thread instead of the spam thread, but:

I made a slight change to the javascript code to discourage spam bots -- the "post a reply" form now does not have a valid "action" (the action is the URL of the target page to submit data to) until the javascript sets it right before submitting. So, assuming spambots don't execute the javascript the way a real browser would, this might stop them. 
Oh Right... 
I read it, than instantenously forgot about it. =)
Been any spam since then? Don't think there's been any these last few days...
Yay for metl! \o/ 
Oh Yeah! 
i had forgotten about that, but now you mention it, i haven't seen any spam so far, woot ^_^ (crosses fingers not to jinx it :P) 
Seen a couple of these today :( I'd hoped the problem was fixed... 
Func is very slow today? 
I didn't notice it was slower than usual... 
Quake 2 Map Downloads? 

I was attempting to download Derelect, Icepick and Concrete Dreams Quake 2 maps as seen on this page <> but requires a login. How can I obtain these wonderful looking maps?

Correct URL ... 
For some reason the URL I referenced in the previous post got cut off. Here it is: 
Fatal Claws: 
I guess I need to fix the links on that page, but in the meantime you can download from here: 
Re: Quake 2 Map Downloads 
metlslime, thank you for the URL to d/l the maps! 
Re: Quake 2 Map Downloads 
metlslime, thank you for the URL to d/l the maps! 
Sorry For The Double Post 
Guys, sorry for the double post regarding the Q2 map downloads. 
Just wondering... how many visitors does func get on a daily basis (average) ? 
I actually don't know. I'll have to check my logs. 
Help Needed . 
I'm Enemyterritory player not sure if this is the right place to ask for assistance . I have been using the GtkRadiant for map lvl making . I have a few questions if any body could help would be nice . #1 what is needed to make the maps #2 How does Bsp work if I don't have the full version of RTCW #3 How can I get the shaders to work .. 
This is the forum to ask questions about this website, report things that are broken, request features, etc.

So try the "mapping help" thread. 
Splash Damage Forums Would Be Good For ET Help 
Site Speed Up = Nice 
However the site was changed to make it load fast, it's *real* nice now.

Well, I didn't do anything to make it faster, so I guess from now on when I want it to go faster, I'll not do anything :) 
So when did Cube get the new icon? 
I changed it on friday, becuase I never really liked the old one, and Sauerbraten now has an actual official logo, so I figured I could use that. 
quote in title test 
Careful With ALL Buttons 
all decision trees (buttons pushed, synapsis fired) contribute to the accumalative entropy of information in the universe that will eventually result in our annihilation.

In other news my neighbor made some realy delicious brownies for the fireworks festivities tonight. 
Are You Suggesting We Make A Decision Not To Press The Button? 
How's that gonna help? 
Clearing Your Mind And Chanting Ohm 
and don't press the button!

Uh oh, just realized, I must press a button just to warn people. errrr .. .. I can't look, it could be the one that gets us all .. .. 
func's faster than my country's most popular dating service! If I was gay, I'd use this solely. 
Sex With Bal Isn't About Being Gay 
It's about hot, hot brush strokes. ^_^ 
is teh hawt ... well, secks. 
Here in about 10 minutes in my time zone it'll be 7/22, the 10th anniversary of Quake.

Meanwhile, I'm working on a semi-serious map and maybe I'll have it done before Quake Expo is over -- or maybe not -- but either way I've really enjoyed learning about mapping in the last year or so, and basically this is a quick thanks to metlslime for maintaining this site and everyone who has helped me answering all the questions I had in the past. 
Looking For Opinions On The Links Page 
There's now a "links" page in the menu. What sort of stuff should go on there? As I made this I realized there ought to be some big comprehensive "Slipgate Central" site, but that would be best as an independent entity. And since I don't want to do that, what level of partial comprehensiveness should I aim for?

I considered simply linking to the QuakeOne Navigator, but I'm not sure if that's best either. 
I'm trying to get a huge (the biggest existing) link database online for the new

No idea when the site is done, but if it turns out how I want it, then it would be the solution for all Quake link needs ever. 
I like your short and no-shit link list, it's good to keep it short for newcomers. 
When I read unread posts, it would be quite handy to have links on the page that say "go to next undread messages in thread XYZ," instead of going back to the forum page... is that practical? 
that might be a little weird, but if I do more with RSS on this site, one of the feed might show all unread posts for a user. 

would keep me from refreshing the fucking board every 30 seconds ! ;D 
would keep me from refreshing the fucking board every 30 seconds ! ;D

me too :) 
if you refresh that often, surely there is only ever one new post in one thread that you need to look at. :) 
Feature Request No. Stfu666 
Would it be possible to use some dhtml/ajax voodoo to get the forum page to indicate when new posts are posted? I know there was a page that had that feature while it covered a recent and huge mac event... saved on bandwidth. 
Sounds Like... 

I'm looking for an excuse to make something with ajax, but I want something that actually justifies it. 
retroquake is inactive too, btw. 
well both retroquake and ten four are pretty lazy about updating, but they have both reviewed at least one map during 2006, and neither one has said that they are officially closed. So I'll wait a bit longer before proclaiming them dead. 
Is it me or has func become super slow again since a few days? 
I Noticed The Same... 
it varies depending on how much spam Globat is sending to its customers. 
Forum Page 
is taking an absolute age to load recently, but individual threads are the same as always, thought you might want the headsup Metl.. 
These last few days the access became slower and slower... Do you have any idea of what's happening ? Did Anybody notice that, or am I alone to face this issue ? 
I Have It Too 
Same Here 
Yeah, Me Too 
But as usual, I don't know anything about it. The hosting seems to get faster and slower at random.

If sleepwalkr still says it's okay, I'm going to move to fov120 when my current hosting plan runs out. 
So I'm not crazy... 
eheh i would like to be in this forum privet msg option :) could be very nice!!! 
How do I cancel my account? 
Ask metlslime to do it for you... or quit this place for ever ;P 
You Just Leave And Never Look Back 
you could also try changing your password to something hard to remember. 
He wants to change his nick to something cool like Thumphead, or Rearshot, and has to cancel his current account so the cookie doesn't override. 
Now func loads like smooth glass. Nice! 
nice theory, but all you have to do to change your name is to just edit it on the Account page and hit submit. 
I Couldn't Imagine 
someone leaving because of something someone said. There has to be some other reason. 
I'm sure he decided to leave cause czg doesn't love quake anymore. I think we can pretty much just shut this message board down now, as well as #tf. 
did czg finaly had is first women? 
Yes You 
i�m honored!!! chif but i�m not gay or shemale :\ guess u must get another one! 
trinca is a werefemale 
first spam since i put up my spam countermeasures. I wonder if this batch was from a human? 
Likely Was, 
according to my bro who does contract IT work for the US Mint among other interesting things, factories of human bots are all the rage now. Our honey selling little buddy is most likely one of these. It is a phenonom tied to gold farmers and Zero Sum Wednesdays (Microsoft security updates are typically released on Tuesdays, a certain pernicious Nation has hundreds of hackers working to crack the updates within 24 hours). 
Misc Questions Regarding The Site 
I got this site from a friend of mine. Now perhaps it's my lack of intelligence, it probably is, but I find it difficult to navigate. I don't mean to step on anyone's toes, just trying to get a few pointers on how to make my stay here more pleasant. Here we go:

Is there a forum index page? Where the forum is divided into categories and each category has it's own forum?

Is there anyway for me to get a email notification when a reply to my thread, or a thread in which I replied myself, is posted? 
For your first question, the "Forum" page (see link at the top of any page) lists 1. permanent or "sticky" threads, 2. latest discussion threads, and 3. latest news threads. The only threads not listed here are old and inactive, and they can be found in the archives. There is an archive for discussion threads, and another one for news threads. Both links can be found on that forum page.

As for email notification, there is nothing like that. However, as a logged-in user you can see how many new/unread posts are in any thread that you've already visited at least once. Obviously this doesn't work as well when you area new user who hasn't read most of the threads, but once you get settled in, it should be possible to tell what's new and what you've already looked at. 
Thanks for the info!

I take it you reply to ongoing threads instead of being able to create brand new ones in a permanent thread? 
Try to use threads that already exist if they are appropriate to your post. General Abuse is a good catch-all for random things that don't fit any topic.

You're allowed to create a new discussion thread, but you should only do it for a topic that you expect will have many responses, rather than for a question that only needs one answer. 
Everything is clear now. Thanks a lot. 
Inf questions probably relate well with
new viewers, post the last series of Q&A as a primer in the Faq. 
Good idea. I'm used to phpbb boards and this is a tad different ;) 
I'm Just Trying 
to win that congeniality award that has been alluding me for all of these years. 
How about making the creation of new Discussion Threads work the same way as the News Threads?
So newbies would not create useless new threads. 
Pressed The Button Too Early 
^ with moderator approval I mean. 
maybe i just need to post some guidelines on the new thread page. 
Quotes In Post Title Scrozzlings? 
i just posted with the title "frame" "1" in worldspawn in the doom3 mapping help thread and it left the title blank. 
did you preview it? It seems to work fine if you don't preview it. If you do, then yeah, it erases that part of the message. 
or just use two ' 

^^ Do you think they're creating accounts automatically or are they going to the trouble of doing it by hand? Might be something to look into 
now there's the title of someone's next map :P

blitzsp2: Rabbit Vibrator 
i was just going to say we should leave rabbit vibrator. :P 
i was just looking at those dummy accounts recently. It seems like they're created automatically, but the bots suprisingly did a good job of putting the email, the URL, and the password in the right place. Maybe the bot reads the names of the form fields. 
i added a new layer to spambot protection. It compares the IP address of a post with an IP address in the original form, which would match only if you actually got served the form at the same IP, which may not be true for spambots. 
Been getting an "ERROR: Error message number 42" in nice flashy red when trying to post this morning, worked after 2 more tries though. 
hmm, might be becuase you had a cached version of the page you were posting to? That error should only occur if you try to submit from a different IP than the IP that you requested the thread from... which should never happen unless you're a bot, or if you had the page cached from a previous session maybe....

anyway, let me know if the problem ever comes back. 
metlslime u should add a who�s online :) and privet msg ;)

if u need help shot! 
I Already Have "who's Online" 
check the FAQ page 
roulf never notest that :) first time i enter that area in page :) 
Private Messages 
Dear god (metlslime), please ignore that request. Func is so great because it is reduced to pure functionality of a forumboard. Everyone is easily contactable via the profile (or with a post in GA).

privet messages would be funny though. :P 
Ah, right, well no actually, I dunno how it's done, but my IP seems to jump around every minute or so while I'm at work, guess I'm a bot. =)

Got it again 4 times when posting this, hehe. 
hmm, this is troubling. I may have to disable this feature if people's IP addresses change within a single web-browsing session.

Does anybody else have the problem Bal is having? 
If it's limiting spam, keep it, I only have the problem at work, and I'm sure it's cause our net connection is weird somehow (I also have problems on classic php forums, sets all messages to read every minute, hehe).
I only posted here in case it was abnormal, it doesn't really bother me. 
if your IP keeps changing, doesn't that break a lot of web services? Like, you click on a link to request a page, but then your IP changes, so the server sends the page to the old IP, and you never get it? Or IRC, how does that work if your IP keeps changing? How does the data even get to you? 
He's Bal 
And he's French, and you can smell him many miles away.

.. keep cool please.... 
I'm Sure 
Phait was refering to delicious cheese products Bal keeps on hand for guest, right Phait? MMM, Guda melted in an onion roux spread on some toast would be great 'bout now. Can be smelly, but damn good. 
Well I get disconnected from irc quite often, not that I come on a whole lot while at work =), web works fine otherwise, dunno...

By the way, I don't like cheese, and I don't drink wine, so scientifically speaking, it's kinda hard to say I'm really french. =( 
Shame on you :P 
Big Database Change: 
so i made a big database change which basically split the threads and posts into seperate tables. There are about 50,000 posts on the board, and 800 threads. This means that all SQL queries used to have to read a 50000-row table just to get thread data. Now threads are in a seperate, 800-row table, which is much faster to query :)

Pages that should load faster: news page, forum, thread archives. Pages that should be about the same: view_thread, people, faq, etc.

Anyway, please let me know if anything appears to have broken during this change. Things seem to work fine from what I've tested.

(Moderators will notice that they cannot reject a news submission. I will revive this feature soon. Just leave them in the queue for now and we can reject them later.) 
Big Database Change: 
so i made a big database change which basically split the threads and posts into seperate tables. There are about 50,000 posts on the board, and 800 threads. This means that all SQL queries used to have to read a 50000-row table just to get thread data. Now threads are in a seperate, 800-row table, which is much faster to query :)

Pages that should load faster: news page, forum, thread archives. Pages that should be about the same: view_thread, people, faq, etc.

Anyway, please let me know if anything appears to have broken during this change. Things seem to work fine from what I've tested.

(Moderators will notice that they cannot reject a news submission. I will revive this feature soon. Just leave them in the queue for now and we can reject them later.) 
Big Database Change: 
so i made a big database change which basically split the threads and posts into seperate tables. There are about 50,000 posts on the board, and 800 threads. This means that all SQL queries used to have to read a 50000-row table just to get thread data. Now threads are in a seperate, 800-row table, which is much faster to query :)

Pages that should load faster: news page, forum, thread archives. Pages that should be about the same: view_thread, people, faq, etc.

Anyway, please let me know if anything appears to have broken during this change. Things seem to work fine from what I've tested.

(Moderators will notice that they cannot reject a news submission. I will revive this feature soon. Just leave them in the queue for now and we can reject them later.) 
Big Database Change: 
so i made a big database change which basically split the threads and posts into seperate tables. There are about 50,000 posts on the board, and 800 threads. This means that all SQL queries used to have to read a 50000-row table just to get thread data. Now threads are in a seperate, 800-row table, which is much faster to query :)

Pages that should load faster: news page, forum, thread archives. Pages that should be about the same: view_thread, people, faq, etc.

Anyway, please let me know if anything appears to have broken during this change. Things seem to work fine from what I've tested.

(Moderators will notice that they cannot reject a news submission. I will revive this feature soon. Just leave them in the queue for now and we can reject them later.) 
Big Database Change: 
so i made a big database change which basically split the threads and posts into seperate tables. There are about 50,000 posts on the board, and 800 threads. This means that all SQL queries used to have to read a 50000-row table just to get thread data. Now threads are in a seperate, 800-row table, which is much faster to query :)

Pages that should load faster: news page, forum, thread archives. Pages that should be about the same: view_thread, people, faq, etc.

Anyway, please let me know if anything appears to have broken during this change. Things seem to work fine from what I've tested.

(Moderators will notice that they cannot reject a news submission. I will revive this feature soon. Just leave them in the queue for now and we can reject them later.) 
Big Database Change: 
so i made a big database change which basically split the threads and posts into seperate tables. There are about 50,000 posts on the board, and 800 threads. This means that all SQL queries used to have to read a 50000-row table just to get thread data. Now threads are in a seperate, 800-row table, which is much faster to query :)

Pages that should load faster: news page, forum, thread archives. Pages that should be about the same: view_thread, people, faq, etc.

Anyway, please let me know if anything appears to have broken during this change. Things seem to work fine from what I've tested.

(Moderators will notice that they cannot reject a news submission. I will revive this feature soon. Just leave them in the queue for now and we can reject them later.) 
Big Database Change 
so i made a big database change which basically split the threads and posts into seperate tables. There are about 50,000 posts on the board, and 800 threads. This means that all SQL queries used to have to read a 50000-row table just to get thread data. Now threads are in a seperate, 800-row table, which is much faster to query :)

Pages that should load faster: news page, forum, thread archives. Pages that should be about the same: view_thread, people, faq, etc.

Anyway, please let me know if anything appears to have broken during this change. Things seem to work fine from what I've tested.

(Moderators will notice that they cannot reject a news submission. I will revive this feature soon. Just leave them in the queue for now and we can reject them later.) 
And i might have gotten just rid of the RECURSIVE ERROR message. Maybe. 
Er, Test? 
I Think I May Have Spotted An Error... 
Okay, Another Freaking Test 
Yay 1000! 
err... test 
Okay, Maybe It Works Now? 
Is Posting Always Slow Now? 
OKay, Since It's 4am 
and things seem to be mostly working, i'm going to bed. Let me know how it goes :) 
"fait dodo cola mon p'tit frere"
"fait dod t'auras du lolo"

French lullaby for metlslime ;) 
Error 1: There was a SQL error.
Error 2: There was a SQL error.

The first error of Func_Msgboard is, there was a SQL error.

The second error if Func_Msgboard is, there was a SQL error. 
I finally edited the "recursive error" message so that it would actually show BOTH errors. Too bad both errors are still completely vague. :P

(also, i almost typed your nickname as "RGB") 
Wished you hadn't told me. I've been calling in to the office for years telling them, 'I don't know where he is. You know those replicants, they can be tricky. Could you wire another ten grand, I'm running low on peanut butter.' 
SQL Errors 
all SQL errors should now give an error code and a filename and a line number, which means that if you get an error and tell me about it, i might actually be able to do something about it. 
SQL Error 
Error 1: SQL error 1045 on line 12 of view_thread.php. Please tell metlslime about this.
Error 2: SQL error 1045 on line 24 of _display.php. Please tell metlslime about this.

Request was: 
Another One 
After adding the above post, I retrieved the whole sitehelp thread, but then that last post wasn't there. After another attempt, it showed up, though. 
okay, it's as i suspected.

the "RECURSIVE" errors are the ones where a second error occurs while trying to display an error page -- since the error page still has a header and stuff, there are still SQL commands required to see if you're logged in or not, and these must also be causing an error.

Since it's the same error number on both, and that error is "access denied for user" then I think there's nothing wrong with my SQL queries, and instead there's some intermittent problem with the server, like too many connections or something. Which means I can't fix it but at least I know WTF was going on all this time. 
as for the second error, if you see that more often then let me know. Otherwise it might just be a one-time hiccup. 
Second Error = 
i meant your second post, #1012. 
After I Added 
the 2nd post, the entire thread could be retrieved correctly, so maybe it was just a fluke. 
by the way, news submission page works now, as does "creating a new discussion thread" page.

news rejection feature for moderators is still broken, though 
the site is 10x faster now, well done hudslime! 
i notest also that site is real much faster! good work! 
Apostrophe Test 
' '' '''
Dunno If You Want It... 
I'll see If I have time to throw that up later. 
Pretty clever how that replaces the crate. So long as the goodies in it are as good as the crate full of firearms and health packs. 
No Search Feature? 
yea, that's how I ended up doing it.. if the site operator isn't going to have a search feature, he/she could at least include a shortcut to that (a little Google entry box to search the forum).. good for keeping people from asking the same questions over and over - given the assumption that they'd actually try to search the forum first for previously-answered questions.

just a thought. :) 
Google Search Box 
not a bad idea Metl, might fit nicely next to the logout link in the menu bar... 
metlslime you should also add "happy new year/christmas/any other holiday" newsletter for each registered user

I just thought, why not have a QC forum? Yeah there's Mapping Help but that's rather different. I don't think it's a bad idea to keep them seperate and easier to reference particular posts. 
You Mean Like A Qc Thread? 
we have a couple of those i think. Maybe there isn't a catch-all qc thread, though. I guess someone could start one. 
i tend to just ask any qc related questions in the mapping help thread. 
could maybe modify that thread to be more general, but i've grown attached to "mapping help" over the years... :P 
i think a QC thread could be good. 
Look at the other "big" game-related threads that are not stickied: Other Games, Speedmapping.
Both would be interesting to be sticky but it works fine as it is.
QC really is a minor issue hereand could either b discussed in Mapping Help (as now) or anyone could create a new thread for it (with a nice and proper header description) that would be amongst the other threads. This primarily is a mapping/gameart board, the QC home is inside3d. 
i usually just post qc questions on inside3d 
I just got that clicking on FAQ link

ERROR: SQL error 1054 on line 31 of faq.php.

Don't know if it has been already mentioned. 
good catch. I made a database change and must have forgotten to update all the pages to match. Probably fix it tonight when I get home. 
Cool ! 
Note To Moderators: 
rejecting a news submission now works again.

Also, there is a new feature called "reject as spam" which, instead of posting the submission in the general abuse thread, will reject it and hide it completely so that no user will see it. This is good for anything that is true spam from a bot or abusive visitor, and also for duplicate posts -- you can approve one of the submissions, and reject the duplicate as spam so nobody sees it. 
Reject And Hide? 
Why not reject and delete? 
Because moderators make mistakes?
Because it's interesting to look back at historical trends of amount of spam?
Because I don't delete users, posts, threads, etc. etc. 
But It's Spam... 
You're special, metlslime. 
maybe, but why do you care as long as you don't have to see it? 
I Guess 
I fail to see half the logic in your thinking.

But I'm sure that's mutual, hooo-hah! 
metlslime: please delete the above spam posted by IP# 
i'd love to but it goes against my nonsensical principles. 
but metlslime, it's SPAM! and everyone has exactly the same definition of spam, so it's ok to delete.

and besides, it's not like if you relented slightly in your policy of 'no deletion' that it would become a slippery slope. 
it's too late... i'm already slipping.... aaaaaaaaaaaah 
Code Tags 
What aboot code tags? Would be easier to sift through some QuakeC in a monospace font. 
not a bad idea. 
Just A Minor Suggestion 
would it be possible to get something to fix up the time for different time zones? the timestamps are kind of useless for me atm. :P 
i have thought of that. FYI, the timestamps were EST for the first two years, then PST for the last two years. And now on the new server they're somewhere in germany, so i guess that's called CET.

Anyway, my plan is to have users choose a time zone in their preferences, and then to translate timestamps into their local time. 
Another Idea 
Ability to tag favorite posts. Say you're digging back a few years for some mapping help or a particular topic, you can flag it as a favorite, add a keyword or 3, easily accessible in your Account page. 
You could set a range of posts, like #234-263 etc. 
i'll add it to the list 
While We're Requesting New Features 
I've always been bothered by the fact that you could never link to the 'last 25' posts of a thread externally. Such as, if I wanted to link to the Speedmapping thread in general, but wanted to ensure that the link only went to the last 'page' of posts. 
good point. 
Another Suggestion 
RSS feed(s). 
But what's the point? Even if I created a feed, nobody would realize that it even existed. 
Why wouldn't they - surely you would link it somehwere for all to see... or are you saying RSS is so underused it's not worth it? 
What I'm Saying Is... 
go to the news page. 
That brings me to news_rss.php which Firefox just wants to bookmark - but where is the actual .RSS feed that I could add to a reader? 
You failed to understand. The news_rss.php which Firefox just wants to bookmark actually works fine as it is a proper rssfeed. 
proper rssfeed. 
K It Works 

Thought it had to have .rss or .xml extension 
I'm not sure that it does, but I'll find out. I can change the extension if necessary. 
News Archive 
the "news archive" link doesnt seem to be working, at least for me. : / 
Works For Me... 
There seem to be a lot of complaints from some people about not being able to load certain pages, such as the entire general thread, or the archive threads.

I wonder if some proxys/ISPs/something else have some sort of max page size? The news archive is 313K, maybe that's too big.

Can you view the discussion archive, or "all posts" from any large threads? 
I Also Can't 
access the News Archive or View All Threads; I get the std "page cannot be displayed". 
But General Abuse 
from beginning seems to at least start loading properly (I didn't wait for all to load). 
i've been assuming it had to do something with the total page size. perhaps the the cause is something on the pages themselves, such as a special character that breaks the page. Could this be related to the default character encoding that browsers use, maybe? 
Maybe it also have something with the navigator configuration: I have firefox at office and at home, but as example, at office I can't view all the News archives when at home it is possible... and my personnal PC is not a 'running' machine.... 
what happens if you try this link?

Or try downloading the page with something else than your browser and open it then. 
It works fine... but from the Func_ link it crashes claiming:


The requested URL could not be retrieved

While trying to retrieve the URL:

The following error was encountered:

* The request or reply is too large.

If you are making a POST or PUT request, then your request body (the thing you are trying to upload) is too large. If you are making a GET request, then the reply body (what you are trying to download) is too large. These limits have been established by the Internet Service Provider who operates this cache. Please contact them directly if you feel this is an error.

wtf ? 
that link works fine for me. 
But The Func_ 
links still don't work. It looks like they begin to d/l, then after a short while they get interrupted and I get an error message. 
the first error message is now that there's an ActiveX control on the page that cannot be executed due to my security settings (I've that disabled).

Is this some sort of hijack thing? 
I Tried The Func Rss News Feed Once 
It took so damn long to load I may as well have just gone to the site, which I was going to do anyway to check the message boards, and since we only get one item of news around here a month it was probably the most pointless exercise in which I've ever partaken. 
but people want RSS feeds. And it's web 2.0! 
Any News 
what could be causing the inability to load the News Archive or View All Threads? It still doesn't work for me and I've tried disabling any filter I normally use.

It's not a big issue, but it'd be nice to know what's causing it. 
No progress, since I can't reproduce it, and the error messages one gets from browsers are usually completely worthless.

Is there anyone out there who gets this problem on ONE computer or browser, but not on another? (such as work vs. home, mac vs. pc, opera vs. firefox?)

And for anyone else, if you're getting the bug, can you report in this thread which browser, version, and OS you're using? 
on top of IE 5.5 running Win95 OSR2. This used to work before, but I didn't notice when it stopped working. I recall Mike W reporting issues when my worked at the time. 
It Should Be 
noted that I can d/l those pages (with GetRight) and view them locally without any problem. 
Could It Be 
something with RSS? I see that e.g. the main page and this page don't have that, but at least the view_all_news page has it. And I believe RSS was a recent change at Func_. 
Using firefox, can load both pages while at home, but cannot load them while at uni(using the same laptop and browser). I remember getting a university service error page complaining about some message being too long. Unfortunately I'm at home at the moment so I can't reproduce the error message or remember the exact phrasing. 
the news archive and discussion archive don't have RSS feed links on them. So I don't think that's the cause. 
since your message seems to be about page size, could you try loading the entire GA thread or similar large thread? Just to see if they fail also? 
> And It's Web 2.0! 
I like this article because it was written by a smartass: 
Metlslime / Preach 
It is exactly what I experimented: See post #1077

I have just opened the news archive on my mobile phone. Using opera and umts access :P
I have also tried at home and at work on laptop and pc and on 3 different browsers. Everything works for me. 
I Guess... 
... it comes from network administrator access restriction rules: if the loading page is to large according to administrator rules, then you are not allowed to view it... At home I don't have this issue cause there are no restriction...
In anyway I will ask my network administrator to confirm... 
ERROR: Error message number 42

wtf? I get this error when I try to post in MadFox's new map thread 
is it possible your IP address changed between viewing the loading the thread, and submitting your post?

Becuase that's what that error means (i made it sound cryptic to give spambot writers less information.) 
is it possible your IP address changed between viewing the loading the thread, and submitting your post?

I meant to say: is it possible your IP address changed between loading the thread, and submitting your post? 
wow, how that can be? I don't use any hiding IP programs 
I assumed that it wasn't possible unless you were a spambot.

But, maybe somehow your dynamic IP changed and your browser cached the page so when you posted a comment, it was submitting an outdated form (with the wrong IP hash in it.) That shouldn't be possible becuase the pages on this site should never be cached (they are set to expire immediately.)

Does any of this sound possible? Or maybe a web proxy that cached a page when it shouldn't have? Or something?

If this happens much, I guess I'd need to remove the IP address requirement. 
View All Threads Problem 
Hasn't worked for me since the change to a new host.

Works in Firefox, but not in IE. The only webpage I attempt to visit that doesn't work...

So why is it a problem that it doesn't work in IE? 
What the hell? Title can be empty? 
Now I'm back in uni, here's the error message I get from clicking on view all threads:

" * The request or reply is too large.

If you are making a POST or PUT request, then your request body (the thing you are trying to upload) is too large. If you are making a GET request, then the reply body (what you are trying to download) is too large. These limits have been established by the Internet Service Provider who operates this cache. Please contact them directly if you feel this is an error. " 
So i finally was able to reproduce it. For me, Firefox works just fine. I thought I'd try IE to see what happened.

Logged out: page loads
Logged in: "Can not find server or DNS error" (error message is fucking useless of course)

Also, it seems that all complaints from other people have either said it was an IE problem, or didn't mention the browser. Is it correct to say that everyone who has this problem is using IE? 
Using latest official firefox client, but it seems to be a problem with the proxy here. 
I'm Using IE 
beneath GreenBrowser. 
I just got these messages on top of each page

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/johnfitz/sites/
in /home/johnfitz/sites/ on line 106

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/johnfitz/sites/ in /home/johnfitz/sites/ on line 107

What's happening ? 
It just disappeared... wtf ? 
View All Threads Bug Fixed? 
JPL: It was caused by my clumsy tinkering :)

Good news: I fixed it so that, at least on my computer, I can now View All Threads using IE even when logged in, where before I could not. The problem appears to be that the page was taking too long to process, causing IE to think it had timed out. By slightly optimizing some redundant code, I made it respond faster. 
Now works for me! 
It also works for me with Firefox. I only forgot what I was supposed to look for in the threads. 
to work here to. 
CSS Web2.0 Blingding 
I played a bit this morning and realised that one could small down the page size of func about 1/2 by reworking it in css. Getting rid of all the tables and using div, p and span instead.
If there's interest in doing this I would volunteer doing the hard work for metl (as in providing the visible layout). It might look slightly different but only slightly. 
it's true, and I do plan to switch to CSS eventually. Just haven't gotten to it yet.

Thanks for the offer, but I am also capable of doing this. You should work on quaddicted :) 
I am also capable of doing this
I was never in doubt! :) 
I have trouble at home loading the forum page, but my provider is crappy, but also the only one that reaches my area.

At home I use Firefox and at work IE. Can't go back to IE at home just yet since I managed to corrupt it and don't want to start monkeying around until next week.

CSS - I remember a lecture from a while ago - this works on cascades and saves space because it doesn't hit repeats of the same info?

It's strange that func_ has trouble loading when its mostly text, apart from a few non-windows graphics. Mind you, I know next to nothing of web maintenance. 
RSS Feed 
What u think about RSS on speedq1 site? 
There isn't one, is there? 
oh, sorry ))
"learn from my mistake" (c) Down II 
I Met A Strange Error Again 
it's longer this time:

Warning: mysql_connect(): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2) in /home/johnfitz/sites/ on line 3

Warning: mysql_select_db(): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2) in /home/johnfitz/sites/ on line 4

Warning: mysql_select_db(): A link to the server could not be established in /home/johnfitz/sites/ on line 4

Warning: mysql_query(): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2) in /home/johnfitz/sites/ on line 8

Warning: mysql_query(): A link to the server could not be established in /home/johnfitz/sites/ on line 8

Warning: mysql_query(): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2) in /home/johnfitz/sites/ on line 8

Warning: mysql_query(): A link to the server could not be established in /home/johnfitz/sites/ on line 8
Error 1: SQL error 2002 on line 12 of view_thread.php.
Error 2: SQL error 2002 on line 30 of _display.php.
This problem usually goes away if you refresh the page (but feel free to tell metlslime about the specific error you just got, since I'm curious about why this happens.

thanks. I'll look into it. 
when accessing i got this error

it always goes away if i specify "" as the address

Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Too many connections in /home/johnfitz/sites/ on line 3

Warning: mysql_select_db() [function.mysql-select-db]: Access denied for user 'www-data'@'localhost' (using password: NO) in /home/johnfitz/sites/ on line 4

Warning: mysql_select_db() [function.mysql-select-db]: A link to the server could not be established in /home/johnfitz/sites/ on line 4

Warning: mysql_query() [function.mysql-query]: Access denied for user 'www-data'@'localhost' (using password: NO) in /home/johnfitz/sites/ on line 8

Warning: mysql_query() [function.mysql-query]: A link to the server could not be established in /home/johnfitz/sites/ on line 8

Warning: mysql_query() [function.mysql-query]: Access denied for user 'www-data'@'localhost' (using password: NO) in /home/johnfitz/sites/ on line 8

Warning: mysql_query() [function.mysql-query]: A link to the server could not be established in /home/johnfitz/sites/ on line 8
Error 1: SQL error 1045 on line 12 of view_thread.php.
Error 2: SQL error 1045 on line 30 of _display.php.
This problem usually goes away if you refresh the page (but feel free to tell metlslime about the specific error you just got, since I'm curious about why this happens.
it's _database.php in case you weren't sure (since it gets cut off) 
seems like every once in a while the database is inacessible for a couple seconds. I probably need to detect that and put up a simpler message. 
WTf Is This: 
Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Too many connections in /home/johnfitz/sites/ on line 3

Warning: mysql_select_db() [function.mysql-select-db]: Access denied for user 'www-data'@'localhost' (using password: NO) in /home/johnfitz/sites/ on line 4

Warning: mysql_select_db() [function.mysql-select-db]: A link to the server could not be established in /home/johnfitz/sites/ on line 4
Error 1: SQL error 1045 on line 98 of _user.php.
Error 2: SQL error 1045 on line 30 of _display.php.
This problem usually goes away if you refresh the page (but feel free to tell metlslime about the specific error you just got, since I'm curious about why this happens. 
Looks Like... 
the FOV120 database went down for a minute... I had the same problem on at the same time. 
forgot to add:
totally out of the blue, firefox 2 something, happened for a few times, now it's gone. 
How long are we suppose to wait before seeing something on the provided link ?
5 mn after typing "enter", it's still waiting for the website.... wtf ? 
seems to be another case of the database going down or getting hit too hard by requests. Maybe i need to ask sleepwalkr about it. 
I fixed the quotes-in-title-preview bug. (It used to eat your title if you had quotes in it and used the preview feature.) 
I reported this in 2005 I think :) 
Improved Error Message For When The Database Is Down 
This doesn't help with the database going down, but hopefully you'll get one error instead of a screen full of errors. 
That One Error Seems To Be: 
Fatal error: Call to undefined function: d_error() in /home/johnfitz/sites/ on line 11

... which doesn't seem quite right? 
good catch. PHP doesn't require that you declare a function before calling it, unless the function is in an include. Should be fixed now (have to wait until the next DB downtime to see) 
A Couple Of Small Changes... 
1. there is now some additional text on the "submit news" and "create a new discussion thread" pages. This should hopefully explain to newcomers what the standards are for creating a new thread vs. posting in an existing thread.

2. you can now create a URL that always points to the last page of a thread, using &page=last in the URL. This page will display the last 25 posts for an anonymous user, but if you are logged in, it will display 25, 50, or 100 posts depending on your preferences. 
ERROR: Title Cannot Be Longer Than 70 Characters Asdasdasdasdasfasfasf 
But you get the error message at 69? 
Wait, What? Sdfsdfsdfsdfsdfdffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff 
Well I Don't Know What's Going On But I Got That Error Twice But Now 
it suddenly works... 
Ok One More Try This Time With Some Proper Words And Not Just A Stream 
of characters that gets cut off with an ellipsis 
Hello Czg, What A Great Day. I Just Wanted To Tell You That You Are So 

i can't even type in more than 70. Does Opera not use the "maxlength='70'"? Or are you using something evil. 
might be an apostrophe counts as two characters after it's encoded? 
Yeah I Guess It_s The Apostrophe_s Fault. Probably _quotes_ Too? 1 2 3 
Yeah I guess it's the apostrophe's fault. Probably "quotes" too? 1 2 3 <-- 70 chars, does not validate.

Yeah I guess it_s the apostrophe_s fault. Probably "quotes" too? 1 2 3 <-- 70 chars, does not validate.

Yeah I guess it_s the apostrophe_s fault. Probably _quotes_ too? 1 2 3 <-- 70 chars, ok. 
yeah, i know about the database problem from the last 6+ hours. Not sure what caused it, but it was server-wide (it also brought down the cube forums.) I'll ask sleepy if he knows what was up.

But it did reveal that my attempt to have a single, clean error message for when the DB is down failed. 
the NEXT time the database takes a shit, there will hopefully be a nice clean error message. 
please add: beer, hookers, and coke to snort off said hooker's tits; to func. 
there's already a beer icon. The coke was smuggled into the country inside the crate icon. And if you want hookers, you need to find a pimp, who already has an icon. 
Autocomplete On Account.php Bugfix 
There was a bug where if you login on login.php and choose "remember password" in firefox, and then visit account.php it will have one filled-in password field, which means they won't match and you can't submit the form without blanking them out (or filling in the "confirm" field to match.)

This should be fixed now, and firefox's "remember passwords" feature should no longer attempt to autocomplete that field. 
"Referer Logging" Login Requirement Lifted 
I lifted the requirement where you had to enable "referer logging" in opera, and similar settings in firewall software, in order to log in successfully. Please test it out and see if you can log in with referer logging disabled. If you can, great! Then we won't have that issue anymore.

It was originally implemented as general hack protection, but i don't think there's much evil that can be done without it, and it seemed to confuse a lot of people, so it's gone. 
News Thread 
Has the "Your news submission has been submitted. It has to be approved by a moderator." message (or something) been removed? It's a little confusing now - risk of double news submissions and all. 
Um, I'm not sure there ever was such a message, but I agree that there should be if there isn't. 
you might want to make custom error pages for this site.
2 be cool and all rite. 
i actually have that on my to-do list. 
i <3 new logo 
That Is One Sexy Cube 
wtf a heart has to do in the crate ? I'd rather see a quake logo.. metlslime, go change this fucking shit ;) 
Quaddicted Goes With The Heart Theme For Quite Some Time Now 
plus it's pink 
I love you weighted companion cube! 
Oh Yes 
Best inanimate companion ever. <3

By the way, how about a cake icon? 
Yes, but there's also a needle that shows the addiction and that explains why Spirit has so bad taste in color choice ;)
I hope metlslime will not turn this forum into a "pinky shit" :P 
I Am Glad You Put That Phrase In Quotation Marks 
otherwise i would not have recognized it 
Bug-bug, Buggy Bug 
cut-off of long words behaves badly when there is a html-"encoded" character involved. The length calculation looks at the length of the whole string instead of what is visible to the eye and breaks the symbol-code.
good point. That's similar to the problem CZG noticed with the maxlength in the titles. 
My Loved Companion... 
I bet you incinerated it metl, you horrible man. >=( 
He's in crate heaven now, Bal. Where there's cake forever

and ever

and ever

and ever

and ever 
Make A New One 
I really think that the previous crate should be restored, just remove this fucking pink heart logo, and replace it by a bloody Quake logo more in-line with quake spirit (not Spirit... bleh :P)... 
But there'd be no point if it didn't have the heart, because that's what the weighted companion cube has painted on it. Otherwise it's not your faithful friend, it's just one of the thousand other crates in the place. 
the crate was just there as a fun, temporary Portal reference, since that crate was from Portal. It was never considered as a permanent logo. 
maybe have a random title graphic or let users choose in their profile what pic they want?

Just a thought 
IKBase crate! 
Gmail has stolen the func_crate!
Metl, sue google and make millions! 
That's why we need the COMPANION Cube, a loyal box that would never lend itself to other sites. Func_crate is an internet whore. 
Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Too many connections in /home/johnfitz/sites/ on line 9

ERROR: Can't connect to database. 
it should work :P 
It's Better Now 
was unreachable for ~30 minutes (for me at least). 
I Saw This As Well 
But just reloaded about ten minutes later and it was fine. Just high traffic I take it? 
I was trying to fix a problem in the table that keeps track of unread posts for each user, and accidentally fucked it up. The result is right now all posts are now marked as read in any thread that you've ever looked at, so you might miss some recent posts if you don't go back and look at the previous 25 of each active thread. Sorry about that.

But, I did fix a bug also. 
to explain further: everything will work from now on, it's just that you lose the "new" posts that already existed at the time of my fuck-up. 
Umlauts In Titles 
I just noticed the Zerst�rer post has a "?" showing for me on forum.php, but neither on news.php nor view_thread.php (shows the "�" fine on those). I am using Linux, Firefox and I think my system defaults to UTF-8.
None of the pages have an character set/encoding specified so I have no idea what might causing it. 
Same Here 
On windows/firefox. 
Yup - Me Too - Firefox 
TBH I often get ? marks to the point where I dont even really notice it anymore. For me also, in FitzQuake, if I want to type " then it gives me @

and vice-versa. Fixed in Darkplaces though! 
Works Fine For Me 
at least now. In Opera, win2k. 
i'm viewing it as ISO-8859-1. Sounds like i need to explicitly set the encoding in the html. 
It randomly works sometimes. This might be related to some other bug I encounter sometimes: The font sizes get smaller, most often after I posted something. 
Uhm, Now I've Got The Correct IP 
But all my posts made from the sbz office have as IP. It happens to other people as well I see. (Starbuck's last post in the film thread)
I can't imagine how any network settings would be able to spoof an IP like that, so I'm guessing something mysterious is afoot. 
That Is Weird. 
What the hell... 
Posting From Work 
W00t, Weird IP 
Just Got This 
Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Too many connections in /home/johnfitz/sites/ on line 9

Im guessing the site was just busy? 
hmm, yeah i guess so. I'm not sure if the connection limit is per-database or for the entire domain, so we might be competing with the cube forums or something. 
Could we get a spoiler tag that makes the text inside color #333333? 
Good Idea 
Weird IP Closure 
Post #18 on the Slave thread, I was using my friends laptop through a USB wire-less modem.
Gave one of those weird IPs people were talking about;

How exciting! 
IP Thing... 
thanks for the extra info. I wonder if it's a PHP bug or maybe this is a "feature" of some routers. 
It Can't Be Router Thing, Can It? 
I mean, if you think the other end of the socket is connected to the IP address, you'll have a hard time sending a web page to them... 
Oh Ah Uh 
Posting Through TOR 
Posting from Windows XP now. Firefox 3.0b4.
And got the
No proxy for sure. But a router (like always). 
now from ie7 
firefox again 
metl, you are to blame. 
good leads, i'll check this stuff out when i get a chance. Possible Fix 
I changed the IP fields from ints to unsigned ints... which is weird because i'm fairly certain they WERE unsigned, but all the server migrations and upgrades in the past few years might have done something to it.

Anyway, someone who was able to generate the address before, please try again and see if it still happens. 
i just noticed, some people in the thread above are now

but at least CZG is legit now. 
so that wasn't the right fix, ip2long and long2ip are supposed to use signed ints. I have reverted the changes, fixing the problem.

I still can't tell what's wrong, but at least old data from the database is coming out and displaying correctly, but new data going in is getting IPs >= turned into The change coincides with the latest server move. So maybe it's a PHP or mySQL version issue. 
perhaps it's a 64-bit issue, though i can barely believe they would do something so dumb:

But apparently it's "not a bug": 
New Fix 
implemented a new fix assuming that the problem is 64 bit ints. Hope it works. This can't help all the addresses from the past two months, though. 
The Old Response 
It's not a bug, it's a feature! 
seems like it worked. 
Once Again ! 
Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Too many connections in /home/johnfitz/sites/ on line 9 
Hang On, I'm Testing Something 
Something weird 
And Again 
What the hell Opera? 
Ok I Guess You Haven't Implemented AJAX Posting Or Something, Metl? 
Because for some reason I'm posting without leaving the page here...

I guess it's some Opera 9.5 feature. 
Me Too? 
Me Too? 
Lemme Try 
Not Sure About This 
but is there a delay on adding a new news item and that news item appearing on the rss feed? 
Yes You Have To Wait For A Moderator It Moderate It 
Can take a few hours or more, but someone will take a look at it eventually! 
what he said. Once it's approved, it should immedately be in the RSS too, but there might be some caching issues in your reader or something??? 
Im using the google reader and tbh I have no idea how it all works :)

But thanks for the info. 
FF3 makes the upscaled emoticons/symbols at the tops of threads and news items look all blurry. 
new ways that browsers can inconsistently render content! 
So There Was A Fitzquake Thread After All 
The Offending Post:
Which for some reason contains a shitload of <wbr/> tags, though I don't see why that should mess things up. 
It's Daz 
from his Dadaist era. 
seriously... I never posted that!

I call hacks! 
I've been getting this the second time now when i tried to post. Hacked? 
and about that FF3 blurry crap? Are they using some stupid "smooth" filtering for all upscaled images maybe? The GLQuake of webbrowsers? 
that's weird... anybody else get that? 
Its Fine Here 
maybe do a spyware / virus scan Megaman just to be sure your not getting hijacked! 
Major DNS Vuln 
i thought everyone patched that already... 
Can be sorted by latest post (like the short version on ?
That would make finding stuff much easier. 
Spirit's uncontrollable urge to catalog and organise things... 
not a bad idea, i should probably have options to sort both ways... 
Got This Just Now--just In Case It's Useful In Any Way 
Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Too many connections in /home/johnfitz/sites/ board/_database.php on line 9

...when clicking "new 8" in the skinny norris thread. Second try worked fine.

(added a couple of spaces to the url to avoid ...fuckery) 
thanks, not much i can do about that, but it seems like a rare but consistent problem that i've been seeing for several years. I guess during times of peak activity the server gets overtaxed or something. 
Oh No 
In FF3 there's a gap between the red X smiley and the skull smiley, and in FF2 there isn't.

this is terrible 
FF2 Rendering Error 
Chrome shows a gap there as well 
The gap appears in IE as well. 
And Firefox 
And Internet Explorer! 
Theres also a gap in between the neutral smiley and the q1 icon in IE8. But so what, right? 
Aren't They By Design 
Aren't the gaps to seperate the game icons from the smilies, and the random custom icons from the regular topic ones? 
There is a logic behind the smilie placement. I never even thought about it! 
Those Gaps Were Always There... 
it's to split up the four types of icons. 
what preach said 
Do I Really Need 
to enclose everything I say in huge *NOT SERIOUS* tags? 
Maybe It Should Be A New Icon 
Maybe It Should Be A New Icon

i think i see a space to squeeze it in... 
<- 00rt! 
maybe we can also get a bee icon for 'not serious' 
I Also Want A Bee Icon 
I Just Noticed Something 
if the cursor is not inside a text box (i.e. a typing box) then I get "error message no 42".

Or atleast if the last place I click before "submit" is in one of the smiley flag boxes.

in ie6 
That Might Be Unrelated 
I think metl gave some of the site errors bullshit names and numbers (not unlike mac OSanything) to confuse spammers. 
message 42 means your IP address changed between loading/caching the original page, and when you actually submitted the form. Not sure how that actually happens, unless you use some weird proxy or your ISP changes your address under you. 
I was using a South African connection with "bit defender" on it.

It has three settings of security. The top setting disables things like:

logging in to email
posting on func

So I had to turn it down a notch to the middle setting which was much better.

A lot of people are ignorant. One example of the type of ignorannce of which I speak is:

Going into multiple TV shops where XBox 360's and PS3's are on display for public to try, and finding the consoles are set to 480p on 720p and 1080p monitors. What a waste! 
You didn't reply when I posted this in tf so here it is again:

How about masking at least one part of the IP addresses? or even would still fully serve the purpose of identifying people (well, if it is possible at all, with dynamic IPs etc). But it would give a bit of privacy towards search engine data mining collecting investigating following crazy tinfoil-hat stuff. 
Or Hash The IP 
yeah, with our ip numbers, someone could begin hacking us! 
not sure what the threat is for IP address mining... i mean, i guess people can figure out what country you live in, but that's about it...

and there is a small benefit that people think they can't be totally anonymous when posting bullshit. 
Just Testing 
character didn't translate. 
It worked!

I wrote that in M&#257;ori. 
yo this is a test 
Once Ogain 
i mean once again 
Mambo No. 55 
When trying to submit a reply in mapping help, I got the following error:

ERROR: Error message number 55

I'm currently using google chrome as my browser, which might be the cause, but this is the first of quite a few posts which has given such an error. Going back one page and then re-submitting the post worked without a problem. 
preach: that should only happen if you have javascript enabled, yet, that should also prevent the form from being submitted in the first place. So, not sure how it happened but i'll check out chrome. 
if you have javascript enabled

To be honest it's probably just the browser doing something idiotic, it's beta-quality at best. So I wouldn't worry too much about it. 
When replying to a fully loaded thread, just load the last 50 after submitting. Sounds like a quick fix and everybody wins (faster load for the user and less load for the server). 
Just Now 
Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Too many connections in /home/johnfitz/sites/ on line 9

It happens sometimes, just reload the page and it vanishes away :) 
Or leave it for a bit and then reload the page. Spam reloading it will generate more connections and therefore probably cause the problem to occur longer (I was getting it as well, hence the GA post being the half post I wrote before copying to a text file and making dinner). 
needs <blink> 
Paaalease fix #1144/#1163 
New Tags 
Three new tags; see the FAQ for details.

Also, Spirit: 
yeah, i'll look at that stuff. 
Re: New Tags 
Nice! That will make things easier. 
You are stupid... 
Hey, can we also have a popup tag? And one for flash overlays? </ddos> 
you think that's dangerous...

<a href="javascript:alert('doh')">alert</a>

Maybe i should examine the security implications of this... 
tbh, i prefered it without the a href linking.

i didn't have to hover over links here to see if they are good to click or not. 
<a href="javascript:var%20v=document.forms[0];v.title.value='I%20AM%20A%20FAGGOT!';v.body.value='HUMP%20MY%20RUMP!';submitpost(v);">Click for a good time!</a> 
Didn't know you were too.. 
I think all issues can be addressed.

First, the misleading URL demonstrated by spirit can be mitigated by making raw URLs look different that anchor tags, using color or other formatting.

Second, the http-based XSS attack spirit showed can be fixed by making the logout button require POST instead of GET.

Third, the javascript-based XSS attacks as demonstrated by czg can be prevented by being stricter about the URL (i.e. requiring http:/ftp: at the beginning) 
its not true!!! 
i might consider allowing anchor tags only in discussion/news threads, and not in posts. This means our news can look nicer, and anything malicious is easily moderated (since threads are few compared to posts.) 
Lol, Great Link 
Ricky: "sweet deadly white stick" up your rump 
oh god I am a gullible idiot. 
Comedy Gold 
Input validation is a thicket of all sorts of horrors. 
Oh No... 
Damn, what is this shit !!?? czg: you are the most stupid of us, you damn bastard ! I hate you ! 
"Hey, nothing happened"
"Hm, still nothing"
Forgot what I said, Spirit is the winner of this stupidity context without any doubts :P 
This Exploit Is Hilarous... 
but it is now fixed. Anchor tag URLs must start with the ftp, http, or https scheme in order to be converted to clickable links. 
Huzzah For Metlslime !! 
as a trial, i made it so user-created anchor tags are embedded in square brackets, so that they can be distinguished from raw URLs. We'll see how it feels. Example: -- raw URL -- anchor tag 
more mapping less cady garden bitches!!! 
Forum Search 
While the Google trick is well-known to all of us, new members or guests seem to get confused by the apparent lack of an integrated search function here (which often results in misplaced posts/threads). Now, what about simply adding another link up there leading to a simple search form that forwards the request to Google with the argument added? 
Go For It 
I Suggest 
Scroogle is Google without the data mining or ads, it even is SSL encrypted and from my experience after more than a year very reliable:

Without SSL: 
And A Porn Site! 
News Archive 
What if divide news archive section into pages? I.e. to make 'all news' button and 'last 50(100) news' one. Since there's too much news today. 
There are many people here who can host the func_ site and/or database. Do you want to switch hosts? 
I'm finding the site inaccessible in my afternoons, which is probably o'dark thirty wherever the server is. Any particular problem? 
Inertia / Mwh 
That is fixed now. It was a problem with long running SQL queries in the cube forum, which runs on the same machine. My bad. 
cheers :) 
Ah good, glad to hear the problem had a cause and a solution :) 
the cause was sheer and utter stupidity and the solution involved duct tape and spit, but it seems to be holding together. 
I would really love to see those queries so I won't be as stupid in the future. 
you don't ;-)

It was a combination of stupied queries and a missing index. 
Submitting News 
When submitting news, aren't you supposed to get a message saying something among the lines of "Thanks for your submission" etc?

I just tried submitting some news, and in both IE8 and Firefox 3.5, it would just throw me to the main Forum menu after clicking the Submit button. 
i'm actually not sure what's supposed to happen, i forgot how i coded it. A confirmation message is probably a good idea though.

I ended up with 4 submissions from you :) 
have you changed something recently? the address bar used to have the post # of the first post visible in the bar, so you could change it to jump to whatever post # you wanted to. now, all it does is show: board/forum.php (replace space with /) no matter what you're looking at. 
Are you using Opera? If you have focus on the address bar (eg cursor in it), it will not change even if you click on links. 
Firefox 3.5.2 
and my cursor isn't on the address bar 
I haven't changed anything...

maybe its a misguided attempt to show you only the webpage's filename and not the querystring which they consider confusing and complicated? 
Works Here 
FF 3.5.2 here and I see the entire full URL, in the case of right now:

But a bug I just noticed: If I take a full URL, like the one above and put it inside the quote tags, this is what happens:

Nor link doesn't work neither does it get fully displayed as a quoted text. 
good catch, i'll have to figure out how to fix that. 
well, it's not doing it anymore. i'm not sure why it was before, but it must just be been a momentary glitch on my side. 
Many, But Not All, Names Are White In Opera 10 
I just noticed that most people's nicks are white, when I know they should have a color. I don't recall this happening in the earlier betas of Opera 10, just the release candidate and final. On a mac by the way... but Firefox and Safari have no problem.

The following nicks, just from the last 50 posts are white: mine, metlslime, rickyt23, spirit, JPL, inertia, Jago, Pulsar, onetruepurple.

I would guess that Opera doesn't like certain weird RGB combinations? Are there perhaps style options I should change to get around this? 
Opera 10 Bug 
Grahf's color bug doesn't occur in Opera 10.00, Ubuntu Jaunty Jizz 
All Fine Here Too 
Maybe it is an Apple feature because white is trendy? ;)

Check if the visited links are set to white in Preferences -> Web Pages. And make sure you did not enable some style/mode/layout. 
Fine Here Too 
i think if you switch on fit to width, it enables some mode that takes care of bad colour contrasts , too 
meaning it is disabling colored text when the color doesn't contrast against the background sufficiently? 
but, for example, JPL uses bright red, surely that contrasts enough? 
Oh Weird 
Megaman was right. "Fit to Width" was causing the problem. Never would have guessed that. 
yeah, it's modifying the colour then. 
When I'm Away For A While... 
... and don't read func (because, say, I'm on honeymoon) it's hard to catch up because (particularly) the permanent threads have like 300 posts and there's no way to only read some of them. If I click the "new 300" link, they all get marked as read.

I guess I should just get over this and not read 300 posts of mostly pointless bickering, but have you thought about making this easier, maybe paging through new posts 25 at a time or something? 
i haven't really thought of that, but it might be doable. Currently the "unread" status is per-thread, not per post -- each thread stores the highest-numbered post you've seen, and so if the post count is higher than that, it means you have unread posts.

Since viewing only the first page of "new" posts would only bump up that "highest read post" up by 25 (if you have 25 to a page) then it would correctly remember that you haven't read them all yet, if you get interrupted and don't actually get a change to read all the pages of new posts. 
Grrr Metl 
Please fix the special character -> html entity code so they are not html encoded again when you pull them from the db (guessing).

It should display the character not the HTML code.

You HTML-&#21325;! 
The links to the PQ review sites are dead. You should probably change them to Spirit's mirrors. 
yes, good idea 
There are no Spirit's mirrors yet, sorry. is someone else and he was not cooperative. 
Okay All Fixed... 
I used the mirrors at for the three sites that seemed to be mirroed (SPQ level heaven, teamshambler, and quake map hotel) and then used links for the remainder.

Tenfour, which is hosted at telefragged still, seems to have recently broken (script error.) Hope that gets fixed.

Talon's strike is at still, might be good to grab that and put it in a zip file on a website that one of us actually controls.

And crash is still at, can't believe that's still running. 
and just wanted to give some additional recognition to Spirit and the other people at i3d who did all the archiving work a few months ago. A big effort, and you guys managed to save a lot of un-replacable stuff. Thanks again. 
Oh, you found some old directory. I did not even remember it was still there, heh.

The "new" mirror files are not uploaded yet. I will properly announced that. Finished some sites already.

They screwed up their hosting by not interpreting ASP (or something like that) but instead listing whole directories on some accounts. That means private and personal data was exposed. So apart from removing ads and fixing links I also have to check everything for accidentaly included stuff. What really pisses me off about it is that I mailed PQ when I noticed and the answer was "nah, we never had ASP support"...

underworldfan will officially be at Quaddicted. We had some conversation a while back, I should resurrect that. 
No Wait 
Those are good mirrors!

I am so damn unorganised... Found 3 different mirror directories on my harddisks. 
Stereotypes :P 
I am so damn unorganised..

Aren't you German or what ? 
QuakeOne Navigator Updated

And heavily revised to increase the ease of finding resources and far more complete than before.

/places info here rather than starting new thread. 
I would have thought GA rather than here (or mebe a news post, less worthy stuff gets news'd tbh).

One thing tho, some of those links are hinting the IGN/GS bullshit "this page is down for maintenance" error page they use for content they stopped hosting... 
Not News 
It's not news worthy, just updating a resource that helps people find things.

I don't believe the new version has any PlanetQuake links in it so that message shouldn't be possible but then again maybe I need to double check some of the links. 
Heh, just blind luck then. Only one I clicked was the console commands (iirc) and got the dead page page. 
You're right!

I blew it. 
SQL Errors 
Have started popping up on a daily basis 
are they something like "too many connections?" If so, that seems to be a random occurrence based on server load. 
Too Many Connections 
Were due to the mail server hoarding connections like crazy. It should not happen again, if it does, please let me know. 
Dead Link On The Links Page 
Map-Center appears to be down :( 
and it's that same stock-photo girl that haunts every lost domain, it seems. 
Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Too many connections in /home/johnfitz/sites/ on line 9 
just now? 
Got The Same Error 
about 3 hrs ago 
She's Dreamy 
upped the maximum number of connections, again, let me know if it happens again. 
Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Too many connections in /home/johnfitz/sites/ on line 9

Maybe func has to make less/better queries? 
Don't Think So. 
That's really odd, right now there are ~30 open connections, mostly pooled connections that apache reuses and a few ones from the mail server. The upper connection limit is 150, so I'd say there's plenty of headroom... 
Apparently this forum software doesn't do cyrillic. If you go to, write some text and then copy/paste it into func's post form, it will look right in the form, but previewing or posting it will result in junk. 
i think there's some encoding thing i need to add to the HTML header, which i never really figured out. (some people see gibberish instead of certain symbols like the em dash, and some accented latin characters.) 
Try <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" />. Might not work as func converts some stuff to HTML entities (understandably as PHP sucks for Unicode afaik).

PS: Great "..." placement here, remove those if you copy'n'paste. ;) 
Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Too many connections in /home/johnfitz/sites/ on line 9 
Php & Utf-8

But of course you also need to take care of the db, the db connection, etc. 
Hey, You Know That Error Everyone Gets 
i just got it again in like a month

Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Too many connections in /home/johnfitz/sites/ on line 9 
Fucking mail server - it's not doing ANYTHING, why is it hogging my database! 
Posting From 
my new Nokia N900 phone. Holy shit the browser on this thing rocks. 
Posting From 
my new Nokia N900 phone. Holy shit the browser on this thing rocks. 
Still Managed To Do A Double Post Though 
I'd like to have a "Show last previous n posts, too" button that just lowers the start post id by n. I find myself going back and forth between previous page and new posts a lot for reference (or rather, I mostly just go back one page and cut off the end param). The new button would allow for exactly that, having the referenced post on the same page as the answers. 
yeah, that makes sense. I sometimes find myself doing the same thing (actually what i do is hit "previous" and then "last", but my goal is the same.) 
that'd be pretty cool. usually i manage by manually changing the number where it says "start=####" in the address bar, but a button would make things quicker. 
Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Too many connections in /home/johnfitz/sites/ on line 9 
these errors should now be a thing of the past. Let's hope. 
Yeah, here's hoping it goes away, thank you! 
ERROR: Error message number 42 
Is That All 
it said? When? Where? 
Or Are You 
pulling my leg 
Spy, Sleepwalkr: 
that's an intentionally cryptic message i put in to try to keep spambots out; it means the IP address you submitted from is different than the one you loaded the page from. I had hoped it would never affect users, but I guess certain proxies or firewalls can cause it to get tripped. I actually get that sometimes at work, and my workaround is to "preview" and then submit.

Perhaps i need to relax or remove that restriction if it's causing people trouble. 
Note To Self: 
moderators need to be able to choose which thread to re-post rejected news submissions to. 
Yes That Would Be Good 
Some sort of spam bot is shitting up the news threads. FYI. 
or a spam-human (like a spambot but composed of flesh.)

I'll flag them in the database when i get home (still need to add spam flagging to the moderator UI) 
Spam flagged.

However looking at the timestamps, some are only about 10 seconds apart, so it probably is a bot and not a human. So I guess I need to beef up my spambot defenses again, if this bot figured out how to get through. 
I'd suggest to be wary if they enter e-mail addresses as their username. 
I'm Offended By Those Hearts 
Don't Get It 
You want to reward someone for spamming a forum?

Not being obtuse, just don't know what you mean. 
This is spam, just search for the first line. He links to a site in his profile. 
hmm, indeed it is. Though his site is at least gaming-related, but yeah, the google matches, plus the profile link, plus the fact that the content of the post is full of keywords he wants to link to his site make it clear. 
one thing i haven't really figured out how to deal with is spammers using user profiles to post URLs. The posts themselves are easily flagged, but i guess i need to add some way to flag a user account as "spam account". 
I Suspected 
Believe it or not... but that's pretty convincing spam.

It was suspiciously well worded for the content though. 
Oh Heh 
i just went to that forum and it's like 99% posts by that guy in otherwise empty threads. I guess he's just launching it or something, heh. 
One Of Those Tiny Bugs I Hate So Much Myself 
if you enter a HTML entity and preview the post, the textfield will contain the entity as actual HTML while the rendered preview above shows the characters (as does the board if you submit)

totally irrelevant but hey 
I abuse that all the time, if you preview a second time then it turns into the character you need in both places. It's very handy to create non-breaking spaces for putting indentation into code snippets or adding bulletpoints... 
I agree that the ability to officially use entities would be great. Your trick seems not to work for them all. &#9829; 
Ah, Only "wordy" Ones I Guess 

Now Preach Is Advocating Forum Hacks, Too?! 
Don't tempt me. 
Server Not Found 
I was seeing "server not found" for about 15 minutes when trying to access anything on, stopped being broken just a few minutes ago. 
Same Here 
Feature Request 
this is mainly for the news archives, but would be nice for thread archive too:
could we get a toggleable button on the archive pages that switches between sorting threads by most recent post and original post date?

sock has been bumping a bunch of old release threads (and this isn't a complaint against that, by all means, keep commenting on the maps, you are playing as it's very informative and interesting). now i've lost track of the newest releases and i'm not sure but i think i had queued a couple of the newest ones to play but hadn't downloaded them yet.

would this be a hard feature to implement? 
so the real problem is that i'm just dumb then. :P thanks, lol. 
Oh Yeah... 
forgot to fix the spam last night. 

either im tripping crazy balls here, or I have some crazy spyware or you have placed a small add occasionally into your pages? 
I am sure he did not, so be more specific and we might be able to help you. 
well, sometimes, this happens:

I think I might be infected with something. 
At Least Its Not The Clap 

That's much worse. 
run spybot or malware malybtes. If they dont work, run combofix as a last resort. 
there are no ads on func, must be you have some spyware or ISP proxy or something like that which inserts ads. 
testing new spam protection... 
czg 1105 
I can't seem to be able to login to func_ and change my profile. Got a new blog up at and want to add it. 
if you forgot your password, does the "email me" feature work for you? 
I don't have that e-mail anymore. If you could hook me up at it would be righteous. 
Seriously, the IP display is scary. Couldn't you replace it with some simple hashes? That way one could still notice when someone fakes or comes back but it would not be such a privacy issue. 
Or Make Them Moderator/admin Only 
as most forums do

(not that it bothers me, like) 
Well... I guess it's there as a deterrent. Since anonymous abusers are not moderators, they won't see the display if it's moderator-only, which means there is no deterrent. If it's a hash they may not understand what it is -- therefore it's not a deterrent.

However, we could perhaps hide the IP on posts from logged-in users. That would solve the issue for regular users.

What are you afraid of, though? Being targetted for a DoS attack or something? 
Where Is My Tinfoil Hat 
I am not sure, I just feel uneasy. The IP makes it impossible to be truly pseudonymous in theory. In Germany you must not store IP addresses for privacy reasons. 
+1 To Keep IP Addresses. 
One new feature i'd like is a verbatim markup, but otherwise ... func's format is a big plus for me. 
It's A Legal Thing. 
Also, IP addresses have no benefit over hashes at all. 
though the legal specifcs appear to be unsettled, i think it might be safer just to disable IPs for now and wait a while and see if any court decisions clarify what is and isn't allowed. While IP addresses theoretically deter abuse, we don't see a huge amount of that type of abuse (anonymous posters pretending to be multiple people.) 
Plus, those ppl can easily be identified with hashes. 
or only show a part of it: metlslime [67.188.*.*] 
Spam On Definitive WAD Collection Thread 
Spam protection still aint working propper :S 
Another Now On The Quake Expo '08 Thread 
(looks like same URL) 
For Quaddicted 
in the monsters section for the rottfish; it says its attack is to "nipples" on your fat.

... did i miss a joke or somfin? 
What A Bug 
This Chrome addon has no effect on func. 
It Shows Up On The Links Page Though 
the hell? :D 
now i want a crate for christmas ;/ 
this is kind of goofy, but it's been bugging me for a long long time...

one of the things i really missed from qmap was those randomly chosen post titles if you didn't type anything yourself.

'necros is still thinking of a title...' and such.

i just thought they were kind of funny. :) 
That Would Be An Amusing Feature 
Necros's title got pwned by a feind.

Necros's title got transmitted to #terrafusion by mistake and never came back

Necros sold the title of this post for crack.

And occasionally:

Necros is a failure

Necros just had sex with Meg Fox.

Also I Never Got To See QMap It Was Before My Time 
So I have no idea what he's talking about TBF. 
was func_msgboard before func_msgboard existed =) 
Icon Rendering Update 
I just updated the way icons are rendered to reduce load times by having fewer http requests. (I'm now using a single image to store all icons.)

Let me know if you see any visual glitches from this change. There were some earlier tonight when I first uploaded, but they should be fixed now. 
I like how the stretched icons in the thread title are pixelated as before, and no longer blurred by Chrome.

The icon seems to be stuck at default in post preview, though. 
The icon seems to be stuck at default in post preview, though.

Ah, I guess i missed that one. Thanks. 
yeee the czg image still live!

:) look much more clean 
I like how the stretched icons in the thread title are pixelated as before, and no longer blurred by Chrome.

Oh yeah, that was a side effect of this change, i'm happy about it too. 
Preview Page Icon Fixed 
Site Running Slow 
I've had a few instances of the site running really slow over the last few days, sometimes failing to load. Something known? 
i just saw the same thing but only in the last few hours. Seems to be fixed now, maybe SleewalkR knows what happened... 
I haven't noticed anything, nor have I changed anything on the server. Please keep an eye out and let me know if it happens again. 
site was completely unavailable for me (canada, ontario) but it cleared up maybe 3 hours ago? 
Same Here was also slow to respond at the same time, so i assumed it was a server-wide problem. 
Same Here 

Same Here 
northeast usa 
It was night time here so I didn't check. But the site was never slow for me. Keep posting if it happens again and I'll investigate. 
site was off last night also in 3� world Portugal :) 
No Access For Me 
South America. 
(It Was) 
Text Box Size 
it's probably firefox4 doing this: text box for messages are resizable? 
Another thing they stole from Chrome! 
I never noticed that.. 
Oh Yeah! 
So it is! Im usin' chrome..... 
That's not chrome, that's Webkit. All browser based on that have had resizable text boxes for years. 
Brix Were Shat. 
I never noticed that those little handles in the corner meant something. 
Maybe moderators should be given the ability to flag posts as spam. 
It's on my todo list... Right now I have to edit the database which is dumb and I can't do it on vacation. Will take care of it when I get back. 
Front Page News 
I'll be making a release for Duke3D fairly soon, is it suitable for me to make a news post about it here when that time comes? I thought I'd make sure being a Quake site and such, but I've seen a few HL related stuff before. 
I'm kind of surprised we don't have a radioactive icon, even though we have Unreal, HalfLife, Doom, Serious Sam, Sauerbraten/Cube and Daikatana icons. 
i never noticed about the lack of duke3d icon but now you mention it, yeah. duke3d was pretty ground breaking when it came out, even if it wasn't fully 3d. that whole super-interactive world thing for one. 
also, in reply to the actual question, yeah, a news post is fine. can't hurt! 
Chuck it onto the end of that silly duke thread I made. It'll be a nice counterpoint... 
Quakis: I Think It's Cool. 
Posted it up (atleast I hope so) and I guess its waiting in moderation right now. 
Can't remember if I requested this before, but I'd love it if the "people currently browsing" feature was in a more exposed place than the FAQ section. It'd be cool if it was maybe at the top or bottom on the main forums page. 
didn't even know about that feature. :P 
I've often thought it should maybe be on the "people" page, actually... 
Speaking Of The FAQ Page... 
an interesting statistic

...and 797 news threads, and 797 registered users. 
could you make long links break in the middle instead of at the end? eg 
Oh Func... 
Actually, Use CSS3 
word-wrap: break-word; 
Good ideas. Some of these are on my todo list already. I didn't know about word-wrap: break-word; but i'll look into it. 
Could you include the abandoned workshops in the Quake Review Links list? 
And While You Are At It 
Updating DNS Nameservers 
I just updated to use new DNS nameservers. I am now using instead of (which stopped being free.) It should be seamless for everyone, please let me know if something goes wrong. 
Ah okay, that explains why it redirected me to earlier and I freaked out like "omg wtf happened to func???" 
Escaping Italics 
seen on the view source is very strange, the in the commend is closed, but there's another one containing all the other posts? 
Argh, Was Aiming For Preview... 
... the < i > in the comment ... 
I recently changed the posts to use <div> instead of <table> tags. I think this enabled unclosed < i > tags to travel farther... seems that when inside a table cell, the damage is limited. But inside a div, it's not. 
Only Allow Matching Tags? 
I Like The Way I Accidentally Demonstrated The Breakage 
Unclosed Tag Bug Seems To Be Fixed.... 
Here's a test.

quote bold italic strikethrough underline

quote bold italic strikethrough underline
And Part Two Of The Test 
Part two of the test? Part two of the test. 
Seems Like It Worked! 
Did it jus't double a single quote? 
This Is Not Quaddicted 
On the Account page, when the passwords don't match, the popup says Both passwords must mat... 
Looks Fine To Me 
unless metl just fixed it. :P (firefox 8) 
Go fix already! 
I have no idea what happened to the DNS servers, but since I am on vacation I couldn't log into Luckily I remembered my registrar password so I switched to a new DNS server. Should refresh "soon" for everyone, or they can clear their DNS cache on their local machine. (run "ipconfig /flushdns" on windows machines.)

Sorry about that! 
Thanks Metl 
And have a nice vacation! 
Yay... Except it seems that www. still doesn't work... Will have to work o that when I get home. 
Yay Thanks 
I don't know a *lot* about DNS, but it looked like decided it wasn't authoritative for any more. is now fixed.

Still never figured out what happened with mybind (i logged in just now and everything looks the same as it always looked) but the new DNS provider seems to be working so i won't worry about it. 
So I Think It Was Qmap 
that had a list of all users currently online at the bottom of the page. Possible? and I consider it a privacy problem. 
I Wonder Why You Need That Feature 
But I also wonder why everyone is such a privacy hypochondriac nowadays. OMG someone can see that I was using the internet! THE IMPLICATIONS!

Yeah I realize that privacy is important. Just not everywhere. 
Preview Function 
The preview function is great but when I'm previewing a post, there doesn't seem to be a way to verify which thread I'm currently posting in!?

The thread title could be displayed somewhere on the preview page. 
for the preview, it would be nice if the previewed post appeared exactly the way it would look if you had posted, so if there were 4 previous posts above and you preview a post, it'd show those 4 plus your own. 
dont need it, was just cool IMHO.

And I dont really see the privacy issue. But its not a big deal. 
I keep detailed records with my detail equipment. 
Hey Uhhh 
What about a "mark all threads read" button for registered users? 
good idea... you getting behind on your reading? 
Always Getting Logged Out. 
Is there anything you can do to stop me getting logged out? I use lots of computers at home and work and at home I switch between a bunch of OSs too, so I am always getting logged out. Is there any way to keep the cookie or whatever valid on all machines or do I have to save password for this site? (I have that disabled normally so it only just occured to me) 
sounds like your browser are configured to delete the cookie. 
In This Sense 
Isn't the FAQ wrong? Func doesn't need the referer, it's only looking for the cookie. 
yeah, i stopped needing the http_referer a while ago. forgot to update the FAQ.

regarding getting logged out, the cookie should last for about 2 weeks* from your last visit. So as long as you visit every 2 weeks with a specific device, you will stay logged in on that device.

*can't remember if it's exactly 2 weeks, but it's something like that 
Shouldn't logging out lead you to the main forum index instead of a blank page? 
logging in/out should just keep you on the same page (but it refreshes to indicate the new login state.)

I guess that feature does rely on the referrer, so if it's blank you won't go anywhere. 
I Cannot Login 
With either Firefox or Opera. Just redirects me to the main site, cookie is set. 
FireFox works for me. Just FYI... 
Use A Proper Browser. 
Like internet explorer.

Anyway, Metl, is there anyway to stop these spam news submissions?? I'm having to reject them daily.

They're all signed with linseo34563blog (with varying numbers) so could you auto-reject linseo*****blog? 
How About 
a simple captcha? 
There's one captcha that just asks you a simple math question to prove that you're human (like, what's 8 + 3?). Those are WAY less annoying than the impossible to read text based ones, IMO. 
Bots might learn to decode a captcha, but never a "8 + 3" question. 
the math captchas are nice, or some simple Quake-related questions. 
"How Many Eyes Does The Fiend Have?" 
Captchas might not prevent this kind of spam, humans are cheap to rent over the internet. 
Well, humans won't be stopped no matter what so there's no point worrying about that. But if you can give the bots a few stumbling blocks it would seem worth it. 
if the question is Quake specific, I doubt that hired humans will be able to answer correctly. 
i might see if i can do a better job of blocking bots, but my guiding principle has been to make it easier for users, even though it makes it harder for moderators. So a captcha would make moderation easier but posting a news thread for users less easy.

Right now there's some simple javascript that you need to run in your browser to post, the original idea was that bots wouldn't execute it. If these are posted by bots, it must mean the bots are evaluating the javascript. So maybe i need to make it more complicated than just simple javascript. 
Tronyn Reviews 
The link to Tronyn's reviews at Quaddicted is wrong, it should be 
opening italics in post #5894, closing in #10778 in General Abuse 
3 Spams Already Today. 
Not sure if the other moderators have dealt with any. It's the same linseo****blog bollox, I think that should be blocked. 
i'll look at it tonight, if it's all one IP it should be easy to block. 
Re: #1564 
thanks for the report, it appears the problem is unclosed uppercase tags don't get closed correctly (my code was only scanning for unclosed lowercase tags.) Will fix soon. 
RSS Feed Down? 
I can't get the RSS feed to load, is it down for everyone or is it something with just my machine? 
seems like there is a problem with the (R) symbol in the second news story (fruitz of dojo post.) I wonder if i need to do something to correctly HTML-encode symbols like that. 
Sticky Posts 
Recently I started Q1 modelling and found it hard work trying to track down all the resources for my project. I read through the modelling thread here which was full of really cool information but it could have been summarized into a sticky top post.

Is there any plans of implementing a knowledge thread about certain core subjects? (qc, coding, skins, modelling, entities etc) Like they only contains core stuff and not the pages of fluff that often is the case with some of the threads here. 
if i understand correctly, you're talking about how at the top of a thread, there is a regularly-updated "super-post" that contains all of the best info from all the other posts in the thread?

I'm not sure about that since it requires a lot of human labor, but it might be a good idea to be able to flag posts as "informative" and then have a filter view where you see only the informative posts from the thread. 
would certainly be a good idea because there is some awesome information already in the threads, just they are buried. If you can flag good content then at least it would make a super post of information. 
There Realy Is No Search Function.. 
here, or i'm just to dumb to find?
Would save some questions ^^ 
google does a pretty decent job tbh. never really missed having a search here. 
quaddicted is partially a wiki nowadays, pages like that would be very welcome. put them into /tools/ I guess.

What you want is a wiki. 
Yeah, just add to your search term and there you go. Of course you can also open the whole thread and do a browser search if it's in Mapping Help, for example. 
nice tipp negke, thx!

A general wiki about Quake (1-3A) editing would be nais.
Much information about such stuff (advanced compilers & their switches, editors, entities) is scattered throughout the net, imo it would make sense to collect it in such a place. 
Never Wikia 
A Company Wants To Make Money!? 
haven't checked it out though. If its a genuinely bad layout and awkward to use people will prefer a better one.

The reasoning laid out sounds more like a personal fued. Which is fine, although the reasoning sounds a bit naive. 
Fuck Wikia 
why would you let a company make money off your work? 
DoomWiki Moved Away Too 
To Host It For Free? 
But it's a fine line, and I haven't investigated the thing. 
Func is free!
Quaddicted is free!
Oh wait, you are all being sold!

Your mod will be free right?
All those hours.

If one cares, one invests time and money into providing something to others for free. 
And often you yourself get a benefit off it too. God, I hated having to use Fileplanet and other "login and wait 2 minutes" money-makers for map downloads...

Oh look, all the ad-supported hosted sites on were deleted. Oops! Who tells you Wikia gives a fuck about your content if it is not profitable?

Disclaimer: I am one of those Archiveteam zealots. 
How about an approval process for discussion threads, just as there is for news threads? 
That's A Good Idea 
as well as getting rid of spam threads, it means we hopefully won't get any shitstorms like that fiend mod/cyst popping palava. Considering how strict the rules supposedly are for discussion threads, it seems odd that there is literally no restrictions on posting them. 
That's A Bad Idea 
What kind of forum would that be...

The moderators simply need more power - an option to mark posts as spam and delete (or hide) threads. This shouldn't be hard to implement. 
What kind of forum would that be...

One without (X) Deleted threads! 
Moderated new threads with options to Publish / Reject into Thread X/y/z / Reject as spam, would seem sensible to me. It would mean a slight delay to threads but since they are supposed to be long term discussion threads I think that would be okay? 
Up the number of sticky threads to be a nice round 10? To have some more useful stickies so that people can get their questions answered more readily...

How about:

Modding/coding help.
Custom engine help.
Modelling help/screenshots/etc.

Potentially, it would reduce the incentive to create a discussion thread even more. The "slight" delay may easily be several hours, judging from how the approval of news threads works at the moment (either in the morning or the evening func-time, rarely in between).

The current amount of spam certainly doesn't justify such drastic measures, in my view. 
- coding help
- modelling help
- "other games"

Note: I still think the current separation of "other PC games" from "other console games" is retarded considering that most of the games talked about in the PC thread are just bloody console ports anyway. 
I think my first step will be adding moderator powers, without requiring approval (so threads are instantly live, but moderators can close them.) 
That Sounds 
The most reasonable. 
I Agree. 
Only reason I gave up moderation power was because I couldn't delete all of Shambler's threads and posts, so I agree. 
moderators have a couple of new powers now.

1. when editing a thread, you can change status between three choices: "normal", "closed", and "censored". Closed threads are still visible to the public but don't accept new posts. Censored threads are completely hidden (but not deleted from the database.)

Our policy should be to censor spam threads (i.e. spambots posting google bait) and to censor duplicate threads (e.g. user posted identical info into two threads by accident, or created both a news and a discission thread because they were uncertain.) If a thread is not spam or dupe, but just misguided (e.g. it should have been posted to mapping help,) then we should post a non-snarky explanation of why, and close it, so they (and others) can learn from their mistake. We shouldn't be deleting title/body of the thread when closing it, because that confuses people, since they won't know which thread it is anymore.

2. When viewing posts, there is now a tiny link next to the byline of each post that says "spam" -- if you click it it will flag it as spam, and then there will be a link that says "unflag" in case you made a mistake. These links us AJAX to update the page without reloading it, it has worked for me for several months but let me know if you find bugs with this feature.

Policy: only flag posts that are really spam, not just because they are annoying. 
Makes sense, will use carefully. 
Is My Screen Fucked 
or did you change the background color? 
no change to the background, must be something on your end 
reboot did the trick 
don't forget to change spam threads to "censored" instead of "closed" -- closed threads are still visible. 
That Was Me 
will do it right from now on. 
Was trying for this:

No support for Japanese (?) characters?

Mark the above posts as spam please ;) 
i don't really have a very good system for handling charsets... i think the server is set to Western European or something, the html don't include a charset, there's occasional bugs with weird characters breaking the RSS feed (em dash, copyright symbol, trademark symbol, zertstorer O with the umlaut on it. These don't seem to be causing much of a problem for us so I haven't really investigated what I would need to do to encode everything correctly. 
you are using htmlspecialcharacters after htmlentities I guess. 
Ban / auto-reject anything from linseo****blog 
It's really getting to be annoying. 
I think the time has come, because now they keep spamming the news threads (thus fucking up their order). 
unflagging ijed's spam posts because there's code that blocks any IP from posting that was once the source of a spam post... 
i'm working on a feature to flag spam accounts, which will help because the current wave of spam is all from registered users (all the linseoblog guys.) I have already flagged the accounts in the database, now i will need to add code to block a new post/thread if it is coming through a spam account. Should be comming soon. 
That will definitely help as 90% of it seems to be that linseobollox. 
News and discussion threads in the full lists are ordered by date of creation. Only the "last 10 threads" are affected by (spam) bumping. 
That's where it annoys me the most, since I never visit the full lists or news page. 
this should work 
accounts flagged as spam accounts are now blocked from creating posts/threads. This is only effective if the spammer is logged in and I have flagged the account. Lineseoblog accounts have all been flagged. Let's see what happens. 
Thanks Metl 
I Failed... 
I just tried to replace my name by 'Lineseoblog'.. that does not work :P

failed ?? 
if not logged he can post: maybe the IP address could be alos flag as spammer... Can it work this way too ? 
IP flagging was already a feature. 
Fair Enough... 
Feature Request 
Allow "sort by last post" on the archive pages. 
How to save to pc these "angry" and "neutral" icons? every time i got an empty files clear.gif 
Icons are all tiled together into a single image, view source and you'll see it. 
i see,

not my way though 
metl, I'm assuming you wrote all the php for the board? 
yeah, it's all custom code i wrote back in 2002 (with some tweaks over the years.) 
Sorry Metl 
Somehow I managed to post with unclosed html tags:

Not sure how, the last word is missing the </i> 
weird, i thought i fixed this bug for good last time... I'll look into it. 
Nope You Definitely Broke It. 
Xmas Crate! 
Looks Like 
Hitting refresh now causes a double post... 
Looks Like 
Hitting refresh now causes a double post... 
whoa really? 
doesn't seem to do so on Firefox 
Chrome then.. 
Making a post that is. 
Just Checking About The Refresh Thing 
on firefox 19 
could you make the "All XXXX, Last 25, New XX" bit not get split up by text wrapping? 
Yeah, Opera Rocks 
All the recent double posts make me wonder if some browser stopped warning on resending post data on a refresh.

Opera does not seem to resend at all which of course is desirable.

Let's see: 
I am a good browser, I prompt. 
I behave like Opera, not resending, not prompting. 
And This Concludes Our Scientific Experiment 
The conclusion is that people are using Internet Explorer 4.0

Weird. Make gamma rays or moon phases? 
As I stated before, Chrome. 
that was chrome, but it prompted first. don't know why i clicked yes 
Feature Request 
metl, could you make an anchor in view_thread.php right after the top-most pagination before the first rendered post? And then point to that in "New X" links.

Would save at least 42 milliseconds of scrolling whenever one visits posts with long main posts. ;) 
Test In Chrome 
Test in Chrome 
So Firefox (and every other browser once upon a time) lets you refresh without posting, Chrome offers to resubmit the form. I'm not sure why it offers that, since i use a redirect to help clear out the form data (so that people can refresh the page without worries.) Chrome is just too clever; I guess i'll need to find another way. 
It's amazing and sad how many people seem to click yes without thinking though. I hope they don't do that for java applets. 
One Common Solution 
Is to store a magic value in the session and in a hidden form field. On submit, the session value is removed. If the session value is missing, nothing gets posted. 
Missing Or A Mismatch 
That is. 
Or manually kill the $POST vars after submission maybe.... ? 
It's amazing and sad how many people seem to click yes without thinking though. I hope they don't do that for java applets.
To be fair, that's what happens when too many things ask too many stupid questions. You condition people to click YES out of reflex. 
You may already have tried this, or already have this. But, try putting "exit;" after your header("Location: ") redirect. 
Error No 42 
Can't post anywhere 
But Here! 
not sure why it can happen, but this means you loaded the page with one IP address, but when you submitted your post you had a different IP.

Maybe it happens on mobile phones more because they can change networks frequently? (edge <-> 3g <-> wifi) 
I understand. I'm at home where I'm in my wifi, but sometimes it switches to mobile broadband for some reason. Thanks! 
i can see how that might help, as my php still generates the entire page after you post.

I wonder if chrome is ignoring the redirect because it's the same URL? In that case i could use a second URL as the post target and then redirect back to view_thread.php. 
Good Guess 
Ah Good... 
i'll just do nothing then :)

(though adding an "exit" to my php after the redirect still sounds like a good idea to save server resources) 
Although it's a bug and that it's being addressed, it's still too late.

Not many people will bother to upgrade their Chrome to latest version--we've seen that habit with IE users.

Simply adding several lines of javascript, and you'll be able to convert your "Post A Reply" < form > to use Ajax.

By looking at your HTML code, I can see that you are using javascript without any libraries such as mootools, jquery, etc. -- which is fine, you can still do ajax with plain javascript.


Just adjust your HTML slightly by adding an ID to the <td> that holds the "Post A Reply" form html.
Currently it is:
< td bgcolor="#333333" width="500" valign="top" >
< span class="header2">Post A Reply:</span >
< /td >

Change the < td > to have id="post-a-reply"
So, you then have < td bgcolor="#333333" width="500" valign="top" id="post-a-reply" >

Then, the javascript would be:

On submit:

var xmlhttp;
if (window.XMLHttpRequest) { // code for IE7+, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari
xmlhttp=new XMLHttpRequest();
else { // code for IE6, IE5
xmlhttp=new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP");
xmlhttp.onreadystatechange = function() {
if (xmlhttp.readyState==4 && xmlhttp.status==200) {
document.getElementById("post-a-reply").innerHTML = xmlhttp.responseText;


Notice I added another parameter "&ajax=1" to the submit URL, and you can use that in PHP to spit out a specific response for the update to the < td >, rather spit the entire page as if there was no ajax.

Obviously the "id=2&start=1676" part is dynamic, of course. 
Hmm, that one line got garbled. It changed my quotation character to "&quo..." Let's try again:"POST", "" ,true);

Ahhh, whatever. 
Chrome updates automatically. 
Deqer, this is a veey change-averse group ;-) 
Still doesn't hurt to add some ajax to the site. Ajax has been available and supported for 10+ years now. Saves on resources, too.

It's 2013. Get with it. 
Please don't. Javascript is bloody annoying. 
Please don't, and it's not necessary at all. You can protect against double posts entirely on the server. 
Please don't. Javascript is bloody annoying.

uhm.. javascript is used already? 
I do have plans for ajax, in fact it's already used for the "flag spam" feature that moderators have. But this site is not my active project right now (aside from necessary maintenance.)And don't worry, I would only use it for enhancements that make sense for the design of the site. 
Yeah, better not let a stranger like me tell you how to improve your outdated website. Best you figure it out on your own. Maybe another 10 years, and you'll come around. 
Yo Deqer 
if you are not listening to the many people who give you helpful advice, then why should they listen to you. 
He's gone critical! He's gonna blow!

I knew it wouldn't last. Awesome. 
Welcome to the OLD SKOOL!!! 
Also Deqer 
Thanks for the lesson in AJAX btw. Seriously. That looks like useful info for a cat like me (deadly serious), please re-post the truncated line again, just add a space after . 
If you could use some fancy javascript/ajax/jibberty-jello magic to make it so Deqer's posts are ignored that would be great thanks :) 
Or just install vBulletin.

So I Heard U Likes JQuery? 
Feature Suggestion 
A link to display all posts from within a thread. I know it can be done by clicking on the title, but it's not very transparent and, well, I keep forgetting. Would fit well with the current navigation: All | First | Previous | Next | Last
Don't Go 
For the crown Kinn. 
test test 
test test 
repro on double posting in Firefox:

Write post.

Press Preview.

Hit submit rapidly on the preview page. 
Random Request: OpenID? 
@metlslime: how hard do you think it might be to make func an OpenID provider, so that we could use our func_msgboard accounts to log into other sites? Then people could use their func personas to post comments on my site (instead of creating a local login) or possibly could hook into it as well? 
I don't know, I actually have never looked into it. 
ERROR: Error message number 42
when i tried to submit a post? 
Your IP Number Changed 
Usually happens on smartphones when they switch from Wifi to Cellular or vice versa. 
ah ok, i was at work. :)
if it's caused by that, shouldn't the error just say that instead? error 42 is very cryptic. 
It's The Answer! 
It's A Nerd Thing 
from Hitchhiker's Guide. 
It's Broken Again! :p 
Looks like the Lvl post broke the RSS feed. :D 
looks like the accented characters did it again:

* Under Water by T-k�l�k

I probably need to escape these chars or use the correct Character encoding in the xml or something. 
I Used 

Im my PHP CMS. 
Dearest Mods

Please unflag that post, I believe it banned my ip from posting (posting from 
At Least 
I am assuming that is why I keep getting 'Error 71' every time I attempt to post, logged in or not, and why I CAN post from a proxy. 

I can't remember for sure but i think if a registered account is associated with a flagged post, it blocks that account from posting. 
maybe it is IP-based. Can't remember and i don't have the source code in front of me right now. 
Test Test 
Btw Metl 
I emailed you last night regarding this since I hadn't thought of anonymous proxy browsing to post, and hadn't thought that SOMEONEbler may have flagged one of my posts. So you can ignore that email (assuming the email you have posted all over the site is still valid for you) 
Please Reban Him 
That's all. 
my english just awful

Can We Ban Deqer Please? 
Or at least can I flag his trolls as spam?

Having successfully lured sock into making awesome Q1 SP maps, it's unpleasant that his patience and professionalism is being tested by some puerile little twat who needs a good dose of STFU... 
I don't want to use spam tools to fight trolls. We can just argue with or ignore trolls like we always have. 
Func was down for about a day just now...this was due to SleepwalkR moving to a new server. I have now updated the DNS and SleepwalkR fixed a configuration issue and it appears everything is back to normal. 
All good for me, DNS was down yesterday.

A few messages weren't marked as read but that was from the previous site. 
Nice One Metl And Sleepy 
have you considered using captcha for anonymous posts? Don't use it for register users, just anyone who posts without an account. I don't think there is much harm to free discussion and offers at least a little protection from spam 
i think we (moderators) are doing a pretty good job of flagging spam as it appears. The only thing that still bothers me is that spam posts are counted as "new posts" so you might visit a thread marked "new 1" and not find any legit new posts. And the other issue is that the spam posts are still displayed in the thread view isntead of completely hidden.

I don't want to fix the second problem without fixing the first (otherwise it would be really confusing to see "new 1" and then click and see zero posts.) 
On That Note 
can I be a mod again? 
Borg Reputed 
Post title capitalization does not work when symbols are before characters, eg a quote. I'd vote for leaving titles alone in any case though. 
could someone please delete my recent posts in the general abuse thread? XD

sorry for that 
your inanities will be visible to others throughout the ages. 
Any Thoughts On Why This Is? 
[16:10] <ShamblR> wtf is up with func?
[16:10] <ShamblR> i've cleared my cache and cookies and flushed dns
[16:10] <ShamblR> still same message
[16:11] <@Scampie> ShamblR: Daz was saying he still had it a few days ago
[16:11] <@Scampie> my dns was updated right off
[16:12] <ShamblR> weird
[16:12] <Daz_> func_ is fine for me atm, but occasionally it will go back to the "old" func
[16:12] <ShamblR> it updated on my laptop but not on my desktop
[16:13] <ShamblR> anything else i can do to refresh it? 
in case it wasn't clear, they get the message about servers moving and DNS 
for blambler maybe the hosts file? 
Can't offer an explanation, but something that might be worth testing: try using as your DNS server (it's the google DNS) when it occurs, and see if that helps. 
I had the old ip in my local hosts file due to some ancient stuff up so other people might have done that too? 
might have been when the dns was busted the time before. i recall someone had said to just access the board with the ip address. 
Clicking Submit Twice Posts Twice. 
I'm unable to access the full users list. The nofilter=1 thing seems broken in FF24. 
seems broken in chrome 30 as well 
weird, i'll check it out 
Sometime in recent history, "register_globals" was set to false in the server configuration. This is a good thing because it's more secure now, but the side effect is it broke some code on the people page. Code has been fixed. 
Thought so. The setting was changed when we moved to the new server. 
It might be worth highlight new records in a different color? 
actually i had some vague plans to highlight those links more, eventually. 
How about fields under the title? With a couple of other quantity options - people have mentioned those in the past. 
Basically proposing to make the vertical scroll distance double :P 
Single rows are much easier to scan over. 
How About 
actually that's close to what i was picturing, yeah. 
Go Go Go !! 
Another feature request: it'd be nice to have a button 'last 25' inside the normal thread view as well.

Normally I click the 'new X' button, ready the new comments, don't know what they're talking about or want to clarify a point, so have to go back out, click last 25 and return to thread.

Having the button inside the thread as well would close that loop. 
I Mean 
It would probably look like:

First Previous Next Last Last 25

At the end of each thread. 
yeah, that would be nice. currently, i just edit the url to point 10 or 20 back. 
Backslash Strangeness 
When you preview a post containing backslashes, the backslashes get stripped. Doubling up a backslash means a single backslash appears in the preview (and the submission text). Submitting a post with doubled-up backslashes creates a post with doubled-up backslashes. Seems like something odd is going on with the previewer? 
Got This Again 
Error 1: Can't connect to database.
Error 2: SQL error 1040 on line 98 of _user.php.
This problem usually goes away if you refresh the page (but feel free to tell metlslime about the specific error you just got, since I'm curious about why this happens.

And it's slow to load pages just now. 
And It's Back To Normal... 
Ahh... SQL error 1040 is "too many connections" so I guess it was just too busy. 
There was a DoS. 
Metl, I R Dum 
Could you put a link in the sticky OP on how to do things like making working links and such? A quick search didn't do me any good. 
it's in the FAQ but I could make it more prominent I guess 
All the images in /levels/rubicon2/ are broken. 
Thanks, this is fixed now. It was another place in my code where I was relying on the "register_globals" setting. 
Time To Update The Links? 
QuakeDev is gone, PQ hasn't been updated since August 2012, and Besmella redirects to Also, a link to would be nice. 

Testing long words -- instead of chopping them and adding a "..." at the end, i now set the CSS property overflow=auto to add a scroll bar. 
man that is ugly.

but at least people can read long strings. 
Can't You Just Split The String And Add A Newline Between Splits? 
would be better than that scroll bar 
You Could 
make shortened words clickable, and a click on them expands them, showing the scrollbar. Because yeah: ugly. 
I'll try to come up with something better, when i have more time to work on it.

Usually long strings with no spaces are things like source code, urls, etc. where adding a space could invalidate the content. So i have to keep that in mind. 
Word Up G 
the html on the front page atm seems borked. Giant black segment running down the side that seems to be caused by links in a news item. 
i don't see it, what browser are you using? 
Happens On Safari 
I Saw This Earlier 
on my phone. But only when I logged in on my pc did I realise what this meant, this is hella ugly having a giant scroll bar. The Rage thread is fucked on my pc. 
I would rather just extend the long words to break out of the layout. looks like ass too but is much more user friendly imo, especially on small screens.

but isn't there some css3 stuff that might allow hard hyphenation? been a while since I looked. 
latest version of chrome on windows. 
CSS Stuff 
looks like setting "word-wrap:break-word;" might do the trick. It does word wrapping like normal, but also breaks single words that are too long to fit on a line. 
followed ericw's suggestion and I am now using word-wrap:break-word; ... seems to work! 
Not Always 
Yeah, I get the same breakage on in chrome 32 and safari 7.

I played around with the browsers a bit, and adding "word-break: break-word;" in addition to the word-wrap setting seems to fix chrome/safari, and not mess up firefox. That seems to be a nonstandard/undocumented value for "word-break" though, whereas the "word-wrap" setting is at least documented in :-/ 
Okay, seems I'll need to add word break and over flow wrap to cover all browsers and all versions of the standard. 
added "word-break: break-word;" -- tested on my iPad and it seems to solve the problem. 
Weird Links 
Some links on the site will redirect me to this other website with a chrome warning :o

In Digs post here his link sends me to

You're infected, bro. 
is that the hosting company that hosts (and therefore server? 
Just To Be Sure 
Is there a thread about Worldcraft 3.3 or for the Quake adapter that Baker made, in Func? I think i saw it, but can't find it after manual and automatic searchs 
i didn't find any either. i know there was a guide at one point but i have no idea even on who made it. 
That's probably the one. Thanks.

Maybe the title should be changed ... but there is more than just Quake adapter in that thread. 
Heartbleed Bug 
There's this SSL bug security flaw thing the web is freaking out about. Does it apply to this site in any way? Cause I've been getting messages to change my passwords everywhere. :| 
Thats Easy 
just don�t use passwords! 
Re: 1798 
Nothing to worry about here, this site doesn't use SSL at all and your passwords are sent as plaintext whenever you first log in :)

(after that they are sent as MD5 hashes for each page request) 
#1754 is in! 
Not Intrusive Enough 
Can You Make It Flash? 
Like, visually flashing, not coded in flash. 
it's a bit much... instead? 
Now More Important Than Ever 
Can we please have a "mark all threads as read" option? 
i will try toning it down soon. I agree it went from too subtle to too eye-catching. 
Greedy Feature Request 
Could we get a "permalink" style feature, where the # mark next to the post number links to that post in isolation like #. Or is that secretly google indexing poison? 
Adding To The Above 
Why not make all strings beginning with a # into links leading to said post? Like how linking to issues on Github works. 
Great ideas! Only numbers, not strings of course. Maybe some special syntax to denote start AND end would be needed though. Simply "#12-34"?

Func could use some SEO I think. How about using a noindex meta tag on all thread pages that are not using a start index divisible by 25 (or what the pagination post count is for visitors)? And a ref nofollow on those internal links within post bodies. 
How Do You Put Tags On Links? 
the one here:

seems a bit confusing to me. 
Disregard The Above. 
Already figured it out. 
'\' Is Stripped When Using Preview 
When you preview a post with '\' characters, they are stripped, but you can submit them just fine. 
hey cool, the [New #] links disappear when you hit back! 
They shouldn't unless the page gets refreshed. Normally when you hit back a cached version gets displayed. 
They disappear for me too. Not sure what the reason is but I like it. 
using Firefox 31 
A Request 
I would love to get the

"News | Forum | People | FAQ | Links | Account | Log out"

at the bottom of the page as well. It kinda sucks to have to scroll all the way back up a long thread to navigate back to the forums.

Apologies if someone has asked for this before and it's been shot down. 
ctrl+home since forever 
alt + left arrow is "back" in most browsers (or apple + left arrow on macintosh) 
...which doesn't mean i won't do it, just, this is just a request for a hyperlink to go back, right? 
backspace also goes back! 
Although after posting, you're placed at the bottom of a forum thread after a page you probably don't want to back up over (the one with the post you just made typed out in the box). 
wait, not all people use mouse side buttons for back/forward? 
Seriously, what else are those side buttons for? 
For playing Diablo 3, as Jay Wilson said in 2008! 
Oh, yeah, those too. but backspace when it's touchpad time. 
basically what we're all saying is you have options 
Having The Buttons At The Bottom 
Would help when on other devices, not PC. 
wait, not all people use mouse side buttons for back/forward?

I specifically have those keys set to do nothing in web browsers because I use them as push to talk keys in VOIP programs, and it's annoying as fuck to keep changing webpage while I'm talking to someone.

But that's a bit off topic.

Just because a shortcut exists doesn't mean you should not put links where they will be most useful. When I get to the bottom of the page is when I am likely to want links to other parts of the site. I don't think it would make the site's design look awful either. 
It's "a" shortcut ... there's, like, 8. 
No, not just a request for a link back. Most forums have some kind of way to navigate around the site at the bottom of the page since you're generally reading top to bottom. It's a usability thing.

Again, not a *huge* deal but it would be a nice thing to have if it's not a huge undertaking to implement it. 
Where can I read about the forum codes used here? Like how to do text urls, like I see everyone but me do. 
How do I find stuff on this forum? Also there's no pm system or a way to look back at your own posts and stuff? 
Ctrl+F inurl:board 
Thread Info Gets Split If Too Long 
Could look nicer if it were all moved onto a new line in such case. 
Dare I imply that the real problem is that func_msgboard is only 512 pixels wide? 
Thank God For That 
Why is 512 desirable? As opposed to, say, 768? 
It's easier to read short lines of text, the reason magazines and newspapers divide their text into columns.

Nowadays you can use css media queries to blow up the font and width when the window is beyond a certain res. Resolutions keep going up and all... 
it was designed 12 years ago and only slightly modified since. 
Clearly because it is a power of 2. 
Could "All 0" be highlighted to make new threads more visible? 
I have a similar idea, i would just have "New" appear without a number, if you've never seen the thread before.

I just need to figure out a way to distinguish the two in data, which i have an idea for. 
In This Sense 
Semi-annual feature request reminder: "Mark all posts as read" link. 
I came here to say that the [New] buttons look different, and I got surprised by new typefaces! 
Seems like it's just Chrome... 
looks like whatever firefox thing was making the new labels disappear with the back button is gone now and the labels stay until you refresh........ 
I think a majority of double posts could be prevented if there was a slow cooldown (i.e. 30 seconds) on the submit function. 
Backslashes Are Handled Weirdly On The Preview Page 
Going from post page to submit keeps backslashes as usual, but on the preview page they are treated as escape characters and one layer is stripped away.

It's cool tho, I can dig it. 
Welxcome Back From Ur Hiatus, Scamp :-) 
Last 10 News Threads 
rename it to "Last 10 necroed 2008 threads" please? :D 
Preach Broke The Link Parser 
ah... you're right. 
display: inline-block; on New items link? The map jam 4 thread has the anchor element split onto a new line which looks weird since it has a background colour. 
I think what evey site needs is a button "top" on the left of the screen onec you have scrolled down a lot 
I wonder what the HOME key(left of PgUp) does! 
that would require me to take my hand off the mouse, or move my left hand wayyyy over.

and i'm a lazy bum. 
devices dont always have keyboards. 
Yeah, on iOS you have to tap the status bar at the top of the screen to return to the top of the page. 
Not On IOS 8. 
wow, good thing i didn't upgrade! 
Works For Me On IOS8 
The first tap opens the url bar, the second tap scrolls to top. 
Didn't know that, thanks. 
Using 'Preview' can sometimes mangle long urls it seems?

for example:

I pasted the same url for all 3 posts, but used 'preview' for the first 2 and my url got trashed. 
Ah, I Know This One 
Ok, so when you preview, your post is getting output into the html without any escaping. Because your url included & followed by the word "quote", the browser parses that as the html entity for a quote, breaking the post. 
Sounds Legit 
Does The Password Recovery Work? 
I forgot my password, and tried to recover it. Does the recovery form work? I didn't appear to receive any e-mail in the address I've set for my account, and yes, I did check the spam folder.

It turned out I had stored my password in my pw database, so I didn't need to recover it after all. So I'm OK.

ust asking admins to check whether the thing is operational. (It could be just that it takes a while to send the mail too. In which case you should say that on the login page, I guess.) 
Tried It 
Didn't receive an email either. I'll check whether it's a server problem. 
looks like a case of using $REQUEST_METHOD instead of $_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] 
Why Am I Seeing 
A 'trust rating' popup along the bottom of the forum now?

I'm guessing its some BS from somewhere else since AdBlock allows me to disable it, and describes it as an ad.

Celephais is 96% trustworthy. I'm glad I know that. J_J 
Check your addons or restore from an earlier backup 
I installed a dodgy mp4/avi converter that shit all over my hard drive :P 
Might be worth having a Linux install/vm around just for the luxury of ffmpeg. 
I Keep Getting Tempted 
To finally sack windows.

No way I'll be 'upgrading' to Metro, that's for sure. 
if you type c:\test, then hit preview, it gets turned into c:test
But if you just post, seems that no slashes are stripped 
What is error message #42? 
that means your IP address changed between viewing a thread and then posting a comment to it. Which a long time ago i assumed would only happen with spambots caching forms and resubmitting later, but i think nowadays happens if you are on a mobile phone and you switch networks (3G to wifi for example) 
I Sometimes Get It 
From my PC - no idea why. 
some sort of proxy or DHCP thing maybe?

I can probably remove those error checks anyway, since it doesn't seem to be stopping spam. (of course maybe it is stopping some of it and we just don't know it.) 

I typed a reply, closed my laptop, drove to work, opened it again and thought "oh" and tried to post it.

Makes sense!

No idea what ijed's doing. i blame south american internet. 
So Do I 
Since chrome gets steadily worse with each update, it now no longer recovers the posts if I press back :[ 
just added a hack to block the current wave of spams in general abuse thread. Testing to make sure anonymous posting still works :) 
So Tempted To Flag That As Spam ;) 
so it seemed to work, i haven't seen a new spam by the same person since.

The thing i just realized though, is that spam countermeasures that block posting don't leave any sort of record, so i can't even say how much they are working. I should probably have some way to log failed spam attempts so that i can see how much is NOT getting through the gate (vs. they stopped trying.) 
Question That Is Answered Just By Asking It 
I couldn't find anywhere where it says what time zone the timestamps in the posts are. I'll find it out by making a post and looking at what time it shows, so there isn't really a help question here.

Perhaps you could add the info about the timestamps to the FAQ though? 
they are the local time of the server, which is in germany.

However, i keep meaning to allow users to specify their own timezone and see the timestamps in that time zone instead. 
Deutsche Zeitzone 
ok my user profile is definitely a bit buggy, just registered this with name four times the 
4 Hearts Dude 
be careful with all these experiments, i can mark u as a spammer and u'll have troubles accessing site... 
Any chance of making this more mobile friendly? 
There Is A Chance 
Long ago i set the "device width" so that it fills the iphone screen properly, but haven't made any other changes. In my experience the main issue is links that are too small to click easily. I will eventually get to it, probably as part of converting the site to pure CSS instead of the table-based dinosaur it is now. 
Please don't force a width, it is nice to be able to zoom the text to a comfortable size. Browsers can reflow... 
it's already zoomable. Or is that broken in specific browsers or devices? 
oh it works fine here, I misread you. Not sure what it is but for most sites "mobile friendly" is a synonym for "WE MAKE OUR TEXT REALLY BIG AND DISABLE ZOOMING OUT" so I was totally triggered by that suggestion. 
ah, i get it now. Yes, that is highly irritating. 
ahhh well, i don't have anything specific in mind, except making the links at the top easier to click, as well as the last 25, new, etc...

that would implicitly mean larger text though. 
The only problem I have on my phone is hitting the links. Maybe justtext is a touch small, but not by much. 
Also I suck at typing 
The body text is actually larger than the links :P 
yeah, i agree.

I think the reason for this is i define some things in points and others in pixels. Phones typically auto-scale text that was defined in points, but leave the pixel ones alone.

I think the original reason some things were defined in pixels is that there are some HTML 1.0 font sizes that weren't representable in points, so when i converted the font stuff to CSS a long time ago i used pixels to preserve the appearance. 
Error message 42, that's the Ip thing right? 
test 1 of 2 
test 2 of 2 
Weirdness When There Is One New Post Vs More Than One New Post 
so, the browser auto-scales the text when there is only one reply, but doesn't auto-scale it when there are multiple replies? 
Get Opera, it is the only remaining android browser with usable text reflow. The others went insane. 
ummm I thought so, but then I saw this thread which had 2 new and the reply font was larger while the post body font was normal. so.. uh no clue now.

like i said, weirdness. :P 
What would be nice is a way to see all your threads/posts, and maybe replies to threads you posted in somehow. If it is already possible then I sure as hell can not find it. Maybe under the lift *goes looking* 
Not Possible Yet 
but not a bad idea 
Not Sure If Logged In... 
or not 
If It Says Logged Out, You Are Logged In 
You Weren't, Your Username Is Not Clickable 
if logged in, the menu says "account | log out"

if not logged in, the menu says "register | log in" 
The jam 666 thread has hit 666 posts. Can it now get closed like the other jam discussion threads please? The derail therein is fucking retarded. 
Created An Account, But... 
...I still can't login, I'm simply redirected to the forum homepage, no error msg, nada. No email ever arrived at my mailbox with a possible acc confirmation link either. Am I missing something metlslime? 
More Infos 
I'm using a Firefox fork called Palemoon (latest version);
Have a cookie blocker extension but "" is whitelisted;
uBlock is disabled for the domain;

Any help is appreciated :) 
Cookies Are Being Saved Properly 
...according to the following screenshot: 
well, the account was created:

Can you log in using any other browser? 

just to be clear, here is what should happen when you log in:

from any page on func, when you click "log in" you will go to a page with a username and password field. When you submit that form, it should go to the previous page you were on (e.g. forum page, or news page, or some thread) But the menu should say "account | log out" instead of "register | log in". Also, on any thread page, the "post a reply" form should have your name auto-filled in.

And in regards to registering your account, there is no confirmation email (email address is optional anyway), the account just works immediately and you should automatically be logged in after registering. I can't remember if you are supposed to get redirected to the last page you were browsing, or if you stay on the account page.

Also, your screenshot of the cookies viewer from your browser looks identical to mine except for small details like the expiration date and the username. 
Error 42 again, possibly when moving between cell towers. 
Don't Func And Drive 
What about func and rail? 
Func_train Is Acceptable 
I hope this is the right thread to ask. Is anyone willing to invite me to the Steam Group? My Steam Profile: 
God damn error 42. Can you at least remove that if you are signed in?? 
Just had it in a stupid browser and lost my post, maybe make error pages include a preview for well meaning humans?

Is the ip check even useful? 
it defends against an imagined form of spam attack, where the form is cached and then re-submitted later.

I am considering removing some of these checks since we have better spam moderation tools than we used to have, and since it occasionally hits real users. 
hrm sorry, was trying to burn the 42 error and then i got it again anyway. func is basically unusable on the move. :( 
Let's See If This Works� 
or not. 
Error Message 42 
Has now been retired (after 13 years of loyal service.) 
Bring Back Error 42!