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alternate color, or bold, is one of the things on my list. In fact i was just working on it five minutes ago and then i read your post :)

re: logging in -- what happens if you log in once, and then on the next page, refresh it? 
yes, i should block double posts somehow. (ironically, this is not the first time someone has suggested that, and i said i would.) 
Yey Colour! 
log in suggestion does'nt work for me, but like I said it's no biggie once you know the trick. And I'm sure you've got other probmem solving things spinning in your mind right now. 
Posting Suggestion 
I think new posts should be at the top.

I can only wonder how many others have suggested this? 
Wonder No More: 
zero others. 
Posting Suggestion 
it's a bother having to scroll down just to read the latest. 
Posting Suggestion 
even if there is an "end" key... :P 
if you're logged in, the board keeps track of what posts you've seen. Then, when you come back later, there is a "new" link next to each thread, and if you click on that link, it will take you to a page containing just those posts that you haven't seen. 
New posts at the top is just plain wierd. (Why the hell would I want to start at the bottom and read my way up?). 
i dont mind which way but sometimes in other forums i get confused...its ok as it is. oh, you could have the links (people forum etc) also at the bottom for folks who dont like the home key (weirdos...:-P) 
Will Threads/posts Be Archived... 
when they get fricken huge and lengthy? 
There's A Character Limit 
the limit is 5000 on both. 
Doesnt Answer My Question Though 
:P archiving i.e. (i think) 
there is a limit, there for posts and threads won't be "fricken huge and lengthy."

but i guess i don't understand what you mean by archiving. Haven't you seen the "view all threads" and "news archive" links on the forum page? 
there for = therefore 
say a thread, instead of being one long page, could be broken into extra pages instead of a somewhat lengthy wait for the entire page to load. I'm merely wondering moreso on the forum's benefit as a whole - it will get to a point where there will be so many posts and threads that viewing any particular thread will take awhile - when it could be archived for quicker retrieval and wouldn't bloat the particular thread it's relative to... 
it shows the latest 25 or so posts, or whatever posts you haven't read yet. 
I'll drop it :P 
maybe phait asked cause some massive forums (q3w for example) just delete older threads 
The last 25 posts thing is handy, but the General Abuse thread can get quite lengthy, and it can be a trick to go back more than 25 posts. You can, however, do this:
Visit the 25 last posts in the thread, and get the url at the top of your browser (or copy shortcut). Then edit the start=# part to a lower number, where you're guessing the intended post is. 
i know what you mean now. I plan to support "paging" through posts at some point, so you can have links like "next 25" "previous 25" or whatever. Sort of the way search engine results are listed. No idea when this will happen, though. 
Random Header Image... 
Member URL 
I realize the URL's are on their profile (if they have one) but I think it'd be convenient to also have it below their name on their posts maybe? As a text link or just a simple icon next to the name.. 
Bugger random head images, the less images the better (imo). 
That should of course be 'random header images' 
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