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This is the forum to ask questions about this website, report things that are broken, request features, etc.

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See My Nick For Details 
The board doesn't tell me the number of new posts in a thread - it always says "0 new". 
Same Hre 
sane here
smahe hree

No Wait... 
we need a spell check too!!! 
Feature Request 
I'd prefer to be taken back to the forum page after submitting a post, with the thread I just posted in marked as read (see Maybe make that a per-user option? 
what if you want to reply to more than one thing / post more than one thing in a thread? I know i've done that sometimes on the old qmap. I do remember that qmap had little radio buttons for "come back here" and "return to the forum." Maybe i will make it a user preference on the account page. 
That would be cool. Also, a reply feature like that on would come in handy. 
sadly, i can't get into the forum there. on the main page i get errors, and it says i must be new to the board or my account was deleted. So i click on "recreate my cookie" but that doesn't work -- after submitting my email i get more errors. 
I know about that error, but I'm still unable to reproduce it. My best guess is: Delete all cookies in your browser. 
just to say if in the html layout, you could include some of the basic code for links and mailto like in old qmap.

i know its basic but sometimes i get a link wrong just because i miss a space in the line

Valid Code: bold italic quote

Advanced Code Usage

^^^from peej 
yes, i should do that. 
Please use standard html tags for that stuff. Avoids confusion =). 
i still have to explain what tags are allowed. And anyway, what is the standard html for a quote? 
Quote Tag 
blockquotes aren't inline. Perhaps i could force them to be using CSS? But then they would no longer be what people would expect from something called 'blockquote.' Hmm... 
Is Quote: 
< quote > or < q > atm?

i'd just leave it as < q > (if it is, or change it if it isn't) as it's faster... 
It's <q> 
just like qmap. 
just like qmap.

right on! 
You Might Have Noticed This But... 
On the people page, when you click on the web site (for example Ziffons) it links you to instead of the normal pq addy 
I Have Noticed. 
That's becuase some people left off the "http://" part of their url. 
Edit Button 
metlslime you have done a great job!.....also is there any reason why we cant have the choice of editing our posts, or failing that, at least a preview button.

Most forums have these functions... 
This Isn't Most Forums. 
but seriously, take my wife. Please.

but seriously, i plan to have a preview button. 
underline and bold please. 
How About... 
a feature to block double posts (so we save the self-embarassment after doing it by mistake). if it's rocket science then leave it. if it's easy enough to monitor whether the words are all the same then i hope it might be useful. dont pay me royalties. i already got 6 ferraris and 10 bugattis (i whish...) 
It would be easyer to spot any new posts if it showed in an other colour than white.

And also, when logging in I have to: log in, change page go back and log in again to get it to work. (no biggie but so you know) 
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