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Small Quake1 Level
Old School level for Quake1.
If you want to have a good laugh at the old days..,or just waisted playing the brand new ones. Try another Borg Cube.

I Nicked This One 
a while ago from your site and apart from your typical mapping style Purple Maze, there were one good thing and two really bad.

The good one was the inclusion of more weapons, especially the DBS early on. This makes the map at lot more interesting in gameplay.

The first bad thing was the inclusion of a completely pointless maze (apart from the usual maze-like layout) and the decision to force the player to experience this maze over and over again until the serene noclip condition is reached ...

The second issue was the cage ride over lava which wouldn't have been so bad if it didn't take several minutes to complete the circle. This means that if you miss the ride, you'll have to wait very patiently until it comes back. 
Less complexity, more quality. I dunno what your addiction to hugely convoluted levels is all about, but you really need to focus on pure quality first, then the trippy layouts after, okay?? 
...a Good Laugh 
thanks for your statement, aguiRe.

I must admit my maps are quiet incoherent, as for the gameplay is. The fact is that these maps were the outcome of my beginnersperiod.
Nowadays I surely would make them otherwise, but also my computer has changed, received more knowhow through the func_msg board.

I understand your concern for the lack of gameplay, but I don't mind exploring a level from begin to end. Others might,but then they shouldn't play it.

The cage ride had my attention, but I couldn't make them with two lifts, as they would crossover eachother. So I made the lift wait longer, before it starts.

I converted this level and Quatrotski to a singleplayer event. As they actually are bound in a sequel, I had to take care the succession
of the levels was interrupted, by means of enough weapons etc. 
I Dunno 
There were homs and zfighting, the brush work left something to be desired and the texture choices were questionable at best. But I enjoyed it anyways. 
Zfighting In Q1? 
that's unpossible! 
Check e1m1.bsp for a prime example of z-fighting. 
notice the "unpossible" part? :P 
It's unpossible for me to notice spelling errors and sarcasm! 
I played Xquest for a long time, never have counceled its opponent in Quake1...

I experienced no hom-effects, for as far my knowledge tends. Never heard of z-fighting, please explain.
The textures had my attention, I asked in the mapping help toppic. 
Z-Fighting Aka Zebraing Aka Badthing

I can't be bothered to take a shot from your map. Most of the walls looked the same anyways. :) 
ID Won't Mind Screening "my" Map...I Think 
Now I understand, what is ment by z-fighting.
I could find only one place, where it happened.
At the end of the tower-staircase with the secret door.
But if I change it, it won't be a secret anymore. Could try a normal door.

I play Quake original, without other engines.
Then the effect isn't hardly seen.
And this map is satiated, I can't add anything
or it will collapse.

Thanks for your explanation! 
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