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Ostentatiously Organometallic Released
Strategically positioned to steal headlines from Doom 3, I've chosen today as the release date for my latest Q3 map, Ostentatiously Organometallic.


Uh Huh 
Downloaded it, looked at it, nearly jizzed my pants.

Seriously, it's a nice abstract thingy. Cool lighting. .bsp skybox or whatever that is fit in well. I'm well impressed.

No comments on the gameplay. Although falling way way down and not getting hurt took me by surprise. Probably a good decision in such a tall map, though. 
The ceiling is pretty cool. The no fall damage and not getting under the lift felt weird though. I had to rj to convince myself I could still take damage. 
Firs Impression About Gameplay 
was wrong.

Despite the abstract layout/flow, this is an absolute balst in FFA. TH eno fall damage creates some very interesting fights. The RG should have been left out though, it's a bit of a railfest ATM as it's clearly the weapon of choice in such open space.

Looks wise, I can only repeat my comment about this being phenomenal brushwork, inspiring stuff! In relation to my comments about lighting/texturing that I brought up in the q3w beta thread and never really got to address properly, the lighting grows on you. I would have preferred even more moody/darker lighting but maybe that wouldnt have gelled with the current texture scheme.

You were right about trying to add detail to the current textures, the concrete type look does not really work. I would have gone for something like ikbase or ik3dm2 textures here.

Anyway, really cool map! 
Thanks for the comments. 2v2 TDM is also a hell of a lot of fun. When you have to fight for control of the railgun, it becomes quite a different experience. 
super map! i always liked laerth's minimalistic approach to design.
impressive brushwork and lighting! i liked vertical layout also. 
I just took a look to the screenies, cause I'm not able to play Q3 on PC, just PS2.. grrrr... Well, cool vertical architecture, metallic brush design rocks, and impressive lightning effects as well... Good work !! 
learth is my hero! every map he makes is great and this one is no exception. 
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