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WH40K: Dawn Of War - Games Workshop Redeems Itself??
Saw a few comments on GA and thought it might be worth it's own thread as this could be the saviour of Games Workshop's otherwise deeply unsatisfactory record at failing to combine the rich atmospheric and action-orientated depth of it's table-top gaming universes with anything that approaches a truly impressive and contemporary game.

Since the demo has been out a few days - what do people think?? Is it just the same old tedious RTS bolleaux that is desperately and transparently relying on the table-top gaming connection both for sales and to cover up for the fundamental lack of gaming substance....or not??


Download Demo:
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"mech things" = "dreadnoughts" =) 
Oh Now What Zwiffle... 
I don't plan on playing many skirmish maps anyway

Was the game now not designed with skirmish play in mind so you won't sour yourself on it? 
Generally skirmish in RTS games is reserved for a simulated multiplayer match against a computer. In that respect I won't be playing skirmish (my mistake, when I said skirmish 'maps' I meant skirmish 'mode'.) I do plan on playing multiplayer, just not against the CPU. 
I'm Scared Of Multiplayer... 
I think I'd get spank0red. But still, might give it a go. Will be playing skirmish for sure yo. 
Well, at first, everybody will lose until they get a good feel for how all the races match up. Some people will just be naturally faster/more precise than others, but right at the beginning everyone starts off at equal knowledge. Of course, if you feel really really bad about it you could always make "1v1 No Rush 30 minutes!!" games. 
...maybe Wrong Place To Put This.. 
but here is the intro video for those who are debating on trying out the demo....

"but why would a video entice me to get this?"
you ask. Easy, it fucking rules

*goes to watch it again* 
<- Sergeant Of The Crimson Fists 
Blackpope, I have never loved as I love thee now.

For The Emperor. 
Finally found my old page with some figure pictures on it...

I average out painting 1-2 figures a year at the moment. Hoping that will change this winter...although most likely I will be playing D0W instead. 
If ever we would meet, let me know in advance so I can ready my Dark Eldar to whoop the poo out of whatever wussy army you've got. 
I don't play any more, since about 5 years ago. 
Technically, I've never played. So it'd be about even then. 
I Can Only Imagine 
how that would turn out..

zwiff: "I don't know the rules"
shambler: "I know the old ones...sorta"
zwiff: "I declare charge!"
shambler: "it's the first turn!"
zwiff: "YAaaaaaaaaaaaaargh"
shambler punches zwiff in the stomach. 
Why does bler punch ME in the stomach? It should be the other way around. I'm not a dainty Brit, after all, I'm a rugged American.

And you CAN charge on the first turn if your unit is close enough... 
one would hope you've set up your figures far enough away. 
Im thoroughly enjoying the demo myself, cant wait for the final. As for tactics in the game i agree for marine vs marine cpu skirmishes there is just this one way to go about, but after unlocking the orks in the demo i see there is some variety in how the different races resources are managed, as in building waaargh banners that can be destroyed for ork resource, making these banners an important strategic point as to the size and power of your army. I can only hope there are variations such as these for the two other races.
I think its too early to talk about tactics only having marine vs marine cpu skirmishes as a default, wait for multiplayer with the 4 races, alliances, more diverse skirmish maps and so to tell, and i believe the SP will be scripted or "set up" so as to call on more strategy than the plain marine vs marine skirmish.
Oh and i see over in forums the w40k community has already started on modding in tons of other races from the w40k world, so rawk :P 
Da Orks 
Thx for the hack, bler. The Orks are definetely cool. Mobs and mobs of Orks, very fun to play. Didn't know how to increase my population at first though, which became troublesome, and I eventually lost my first skirmish. After that, though, it was a peace of cake. They're A LOT easier to play as than the marines imo. Cheap,fast reinforcements, huge mob sizes. Almost able to build a Squiggoth, but won by map control victory before I could get enough energy. Maybe next time. Good stuff though. 
Thx for the hack, Killes. Works a treat. Yeah I like the orks, very characterful. Took me a while to get the hang of them - won my first skirmish but it took a long, long time. Basically piling them into the meat grinder. There's gotta be a knack to them.

I like them telling you to "SOD OFF" =) 
Nice painted figures! 
Shambler, the texturing is ok but try to add some more trim around the lower areas, maybe some more contrast in the lighting would bring out some more details... Anyway looks good, am looking forward to the beta...

mad skills, I never could paint that good, my hands are too jittery... :( 
...unfortunately the layout needs tweaking as the gameplay is lame at the moment =). 
Much respect to Shambler's painting skills. 
GW Wh40k 12"

not DoW specific, hell the only connection it has with wh40k I think is the cover art :D

Tho I am a fan of Ascii Disko 
.. it seems to be a huge white web page without nothing than snow... :(
What are we supposed to view here ?? 
enable flash 
The most interesting thing on that page was the link to GW's policy on IP. Good to see a company with such a clear and helpful statement on the matter.

btw, haven't you ever heard of BoltThrower?!?! 
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