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WH40K: Dawn Of War - Games Workshop Redeems Itself??
Saw a few comments on GA and thought it might be worth it's own thread as this could be the saviour of Games Workshop's otherwise deeply unsatisfactory record at failing to combine the rich atmospheric and action-orientated depth of it's table-top gaming universes with anything that approaches a truly impressive and contemporary game.

Since the demo has been out a few days - what do people think?? Is it just the same old tedious RTS bolleaux that is desperately and transparently relying on the table-top gaming connection both for sales and to cover up for the fundamental lack of gaming substance....or not??


Download Demo:
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and shambler, how did u paint that figures? with aerograph or brush? or whatever?

With inverted praxinoscope and compressed paint tube feed.

P.S. Von, cool, glad you like the full! We need to organise a few MP games with Zwiffle, Daz, Killes, Pope, and maybe others... 
Where Am I? 
Where do I live? 
A hole in the ground, obviously. 
Full Game 
My impressions of the full game are mixed. I have only tried Space Marines and Orks, but I see that they are indeed quite different, despite some necessary similarities. I have not tried Eldar or Chaos yet, and I doubt I will for sometime.

My focus so far has been on multiplay, from which I can say that the game is indeed fun. My problem is with GameSpy. It makes the game unreliable sometimes - several games the other player has disconnected (or so it said.) It also keeps the wrong record for my games. I have played mostly ladder games, and won most of them, but my record for ladder is only 1 win, 1 loss, and 7 disconnects or so. This is very wrong.

There are also several bugs, but I hear that Relic is working hard to get those solved. Also, in case anyone hasn't seen this link, you can go to for expert-level replays, at least when they get the replay system working.

If they could get the multiplayer to work better, I would give this game a whopping 17 burger-points, but since they don't currently, I only give it a monkey-ball and a smiley face, which is still a pretty good score. 
I need some n00bs to play against =/ 
I am as nooby as it gets, I've played 1 skirmish vs computer, thats it 
I played the demo, and it seemed pretty standard Warcraft type gameplay to me. Nice graphics, but yeah, seems pretty average. 
I still need some more people to play against, will probably have to start playing Zwiffle again LOL, or just joining random online things (which I'm not so keen on, would much rather play #func pps I know). So far standing at:

vs. Zwiffle - slaughtered.
vs. Killes - defeated but after a long battle with a very silly mistake.
vs. Daz - pwnx0red him x 3.

Still haven't finished the SP game though, on mission 9 / 11. So far, pretty good although often the standard "build a huge horde, pwnx0r", i.e. most missions being a function of time rather than difficulty. From recent memory, the much fabled 6 was quite challenging but again just a matter of time; 7 was nails, the Eldar ambush from behind the base mashed through some seriously vast defences (probably a total of 40 turrets and 60 mines + LPs) and I only just made the final assault in time; 8 was easy and over relatively quickly. 
Oh Yeah 
There IS a single player part to that game, isn't there? I'm on mission 2. Hmmm. Oh well, off to more multiplayer skullbashing raar! 
Thoughts For The Day. 
1. Zwiffle fix up your connection shiznit already.

2. Useful tactical advice for non-zwiffles here: 
This game has started to wane for me. GameSPY is not that cool, and the ladder system is futzy. There are a lot of good pros from other games playing on there, but I don't think the game is quite that popular yet... and the singleplayer doesn't interest me at all. I'm sure it's too soon to think about an expansion pack cuz there's still a shitload of bugs to fix, but getting 'nids may get me back in the game. Just some comments to bump the thread. 
Went for a rummage around the Relicnews forums today to see if there was any sign of decent custom maps yet. I hadn't bothered looking for months as without exception the earlier releases were the RTS equivalent of fullbright boxes with a small cache of overpowered weapons in each corner.

Things seem to be looking up... There's still plenty of crap but also quite a few threads now with maps that look entirely competent. I downloaded a few, I may pass on some recommendations if I like any of them.

Didn't notice any proper singleplayer maps though, just MP - has anyone come across any? 
DOW Expansion Pack 
Dunno how I missed this before, but "yay!": 
I know how I missed it before. It was only announced yesterday, LOL.

Shambler with the HOT NEWS, folx! :P 
Its hot news alright! But Imperial Guard, BAH TO THAT! They already exist in the original DOW, seems they are taking a slightly easy route there, and no Tyranids ffs FUCK U!!! :D

I'll still buy it tho ;) 
Imperial Guard 
Gay. :( Tyranids would've been the best choice, probably followed by Dark Eldar. (I don't care if they're gay, they're awesome.) 
Ditto on the "Only one new race and not an especially interesting one" thing.

I'll still buy it though. 
In mozilla, the title bar tab of that article says "THQ returns to war with Winter Ass"

Er, anyway. If they're going to include a new race it should be one of the awesome ones, like the Tyranids or the Tau.*

I guess they're skipping both to avoid any kind of rabid fanboy accusations of zerg/protoss ripoffery, even though it's my understanding Starcraft was the one to borrow significantly from WH40K originally.

Although, I was just playing this last night thinking "a snowy map would be awesome," and was almost tempted to research how to make one.

*I'll still buy it. 
IG Are Cool. 
It's good to have them for sure. Baneblades and all, w3rd.

But they should have had Tyranids too, would have been the perfect combination/addition having both of them. Fingers crossed eh. 
I still need some more people to play against, will probably have to start playing Zwiffle again LOL, or just joining random online things (which I'm not so keen on, would much rather play #func pps I know).

I'm game. 
Imperial Guard 
are so fun tho... so many units... blaaaaargh *drooling*

...i wonder if they'll be allowed a few squats...i miss those dwarfies 
Imperial Guard 
/me approves 
Lunaran's Tarsis 
So I played Tarsis in team with a friend this weekend. We both played the Space Marines since we haven't quite figured out the other races yet... As opponents we had a 2 player team of Imperials controlled by the pc. Skill settings was "Hard" (the medium one :> ).

We both played the map for the first time and thus had some trouble not getting lost. The beginning was hard as it always is with the fucking Imperials, heh. But when we finally had our artillery we had an rather easy win. One rush with everything we had gotten and both Imperial bases were down.

What I liked most were the ice passages on the outer limits of the map (ugh, know what I mean?). And since the map is great for artillery and I love artillery... ;) It was a bit big for us 2+2 though, not too big but it could have been smaller.

I'm looking forward to play Coriolis Force.

Do you guys have any recommendations on good 2-4 player custom maps? 
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