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A Bit Of Space At ..::LvL
Almost all space maps today at ..::LvL. Top map in this update would be 'Dumb All Over' by unitool, followed by psion's 'The Soremill v2'.

* Dumb All Over by unitool (Space CPM/DM/Tourney 2-4 player)
* The Soremill v2 by psion (DM 4-8 player)
* Q3skOreCTF7 by skOre (Space CTF 4-8 player)
* King of the Castle by W01f (Space CTF 4-6 player)
* The Nucleus by WhiteLegion (Space DM/Tourney 2-4 player)
* The Rail Pit by Nickliff (Experimental/DM 2-7 player)

In other news, our baby is now overdue. Its a bit like waiting for Christmas without knowing what day it is :]

Id Rather... 
piss on my own hard drive than load Quake3 again... there, I've said it :) 
Q3 Rox. 
Id Rather... 
you not post if you've nothing to add besides an off topic troll... there, I've said it :) 
#2 Ditto 
I'd rather piss on your hard drive than, ......... , well, I'd just like to piss on your hard drive. 
... I just took a look at the screenies, so here what I think....

- Dumb All Over: Cool layout, and I love vertical DM map !! Looks cool...

- The Soremill v2: It reminds me some old FarWest mine... great..

- Q3skOreCTF7: this screenshot sucks... I hope the gameplay is better...

- King of the Castle: Amazing old Gothik-like Castle.. great work...

- The Nucleus: Wow, it seems to be tricky to play with many jumps !!

- The Rail: Errrr..What's this screenshot ??? 
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