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Doom3 SP.....thing.
Since Vorelord was too lazy to make it news...

I guess you might call it a DooM3 SP map, you don't get to kill anything, or even fire your weapon, although one of your party does fire his weapon, several times you'll see. It can be confusing, basically if you see something that glows click it. After you extract the zip to your DooM3 folder, you'll have to rename the zip inside that folder to .pk4. Download at your own risk, remember it's not SP as such, you don't kill or even shoot. You may be better off giving it a miss, but if you are curious, and have a little spare time, it's only small in both file size and time required to run through, so . . . . . .


like i said in the GA thread, i like this map. i think this type of thing could be really cool, and a good introduction to a regular 'proper' d3sp. it's all about getting the player involved in the world, and this map does a pretty good job at it.

admittedly, the grammer is slightly off, and i'm guessing, english isn't the author's first language, but it's only distracting some of the time.

however, another worse problem is that it shows just how badly d3 needs new voice acting to keep everything interesting. the reuse of old voice files from the original game was fine, but i could clearly tell what was from where and that tended to detract from the experience.

still, over all, good work for a first time experiemental map. 
I Enjoyed It Too 
worth the d/l more than trite breeding facility imho. 
that was it? horrible lighting design, in consistant architecture and aestetics, completely fucking boring... can anyone tell me what the fuck is the point of releasing some scripting test like this? the fart gags were the only interesting bit. 
Fart Gags?!! 
Lazy !! 
Sorry Shambler, I meant to reply, I just didn't think it was worthy of a news posting. Although I thought there was some intersting things in it, it was nothing groundbreaking or that hasn't been seen before. Plus I have a great fear of rejection.

at least you could have reworded it, instead of posting my incoherent bable

Voice acting, I am of the opinion that If you are going to use it, it would be much better, almost a necessity to use original stuff, as the reused stuff does seems to detract, it seems a little cheap I guess, with which brings with it the extra step of creating yourself or finding people to do it for you. Although it could be reused in small doses. 
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