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New Q3 Map Pak
New map mak for Q3 is available. It has two maps in it:

Space Battleground Pro
screen -

The Oblivion
screen -

Download -
While I'm not able to play Q3 on PC, here are my comments about the screenshots, IMHO:

- Space Battleground Pro: it looks rather simple, architecture and lightning effect can be improved

- The Oblivion: this one looks better. I love the wall textures, and the "sword-like" window are really cool. Lightning effects can be improved like the first level..

Well, sure Func_ players will give you more feedback about gameplay... 
a small and friendly english tip for you:

its "lighting", not "lightning".

thankyou and goodnight. :) 
oh yea, and don't don't judge maps from screenies. think about it....your comments in #1 are pretty worthless. 
As I said, I'm not able to play Q3 on my PC, so I just can "judge" the work with the screenies...
Relating to english tips: it was a typo error, sorry...
Furthermore, I apologize thousands times if some of you are hurted by my comments... but that's the way I feel it. It's not against you guy, it's just my humble opnion, which have not to be taken as a "divine speach"... 
You Just Judge Away From Screenies All You Like Jpl 
oh yea, and don't don't judge maps from screenies

I have seen many times here and at other sites, where people who post a map for download, but without any accompanying screenshots, are chastised for not providing screenies. So people obviously, to some extent, judge maps purely by screenshot. At least as to whether or not they will download the map. And if they don't download the map because of the screenshot, well thats the ultimate judgement. So if you are one of these people who must see a screenshot of a map prior to download, ..................
think about it....your comments in #3 are pretty hypocritical.

only my opinion of course 
Not Bad 
I enjoyed playing the maps, just had a quick play through. I like the wide openess of dm2 (the non space one), although I thought it could use more detail, and that there was a lot of use of the same texture throughout. dm1, the space map, was very reminiscent of q3dm17, will be giving them some more play time over the next few days when time allows. 
That was me ^ ^, I hate sharing my PC :( 
The original Space Battleground is a map I played a lot a while back, vs one bloke in particular down at the local net cafe. It's a great 'variant' of the q3dm17 type space map. This is the first I've seen of the pro version, though I notice it's already been released and reviewed on ..::LvL
It definately improves on the original, particularly the increase in surface area around the RL plats. I think the YA trajectories for the double accelerator pads are set a little low though.

The Oblivion is a cool piece of gothic blocks large-scale layout. Probably the largest and most convoluted FFA map I can remember. It definately suffers from needless repitition of the same grayish gothic blocks texture on floors, ceilings and even arch interiors as well as the walls. There is so much more you could have done for this map by delving deep into the gothic wad.
The number of powerups feels excessive, even if it is a map that can carry a double-figure population, especially since the availability of reciprocal teleporters allows all three to be run in a matter of seconds. By comparison, the quantity of lesser items - health and ammo - is noticeably sparse.
Still, I havent' really played the map properly yet. Maybe these comments are my SP sensibilities coming out. I'd just really liked to have seen this map given the full works. 
I'd just really liked to have seen this map given the full works. I totally agree with this.

Plasma Gun :( 
the best 
You Have To Try Really Hard 
If that doesn't work, try stabbing yourself in the groin. 
Hell, just try stabbing yourself in the groin whether it works or not 

It's members only. To become a member you need to practice intra-urethral glass rod insertion.

I found that out through trial-and-error. 
The Best Map 
the only world wen i play perfect 
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