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Maintenance Dept D3SP Map Released
Eric Stenborg has released a d3sp that actually looks very nice and polished.

Info / Screenshots:
Pretty Good 
There are some nice moments, though nothing that you don't expect or that hasn't been done by id already. Combat is decent, layout is decent, pacing is decent, etc etc. The map is good, but definitely not spectacular, and the end I thought was unfair. But I won't ruin it by saying what happens. Short, but worth a download imo. 
Agree With Above ^^ 
except for the end being unfair, it's easily survivable. A good effort for the authors, "first real shot at a full map" 
Any Rumours... 
...of a proper DooM3 SP review site opening up? One with credible reviews and meaningful recommendations? I've been grabbing D3 SP maps mentioned here for the day when I can run it. 
I stopped at the "little red room with buzzing alarm" tele-ambush. 
This was very good, I think. It was alittle unbalanced in armor/health. I always had plenty (around 100) armor, but very low health. Died twice, and survived the last battle with only 2 health left.

Nothing we haven't seen before in the id levels, but it's still good fun imho. 
Not Enough Bullets 
Especially at the start. I like spraying ammo everywhere in a wasteful fashion. Most commercial game levels let me indulge this simple pleasure, very few custom maps do. So far I've found most custom maps for D3 particularly bad for this. I stick to the principle it's OK to limit one type of ammo, but the player should have plenty of one type at least.

Also, what Lunaran said. 
Not bad, well made, some atmospheric bits and good use of sound. Bit of a glitch at the siren room as the other tentacle dood took a while to spawn.

Ending was bad and relied on having tried it before rather than giving a chance first time. I quite liked the "take care with ammo aspect".

Architecture was okay but could have been a lot more impressive and stronger themed. Close-up details were good tho. 
Not So Themed 
This map was okay, but it seemed like the author chose to use every decal, sound effect, texture, and monster available to him in a very short time span...

Much more restraints have to be self-imposed when you make Doom3 maps, otherwise they'll end up like a mishmash of the themed sections from the original game. Not good.

I survived the ending on first try, though :) 
... there is some talk of doing Doom 3 map reviews on forums, not too sure what the status of that is atm though as there are a couple of 'hot' things in the works. 
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