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Other PC Games Thread.
So with the film and music threads still going and being discussed... why don't we get some discussion going on something on topic to the board? What other games are you playing now?
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I, Yes I 
am playing Tribes Vengeance Multiplayer Beta, soon official Multiplayer Demo
Wh40K:DoW which is just fantastic
a dash of Dungeon Keeper 2
and ive got games of Fallout 2, Dungeon Siege, Freespace 2, morrowind and SShock2 one the cooker (started too many cant focus on 1) 
V8 Supercars 2, and GTR Press Demo. GTR should be the nuts when finished, if they don't stuff it up. Grand Prix 4.

Waiting for Richard Burns Rally to show up 'cause Colin Mcrae sucks it big time :( 
- farcry FFA or Teamplay DM has been played weekly by myself since it came out. Now that the game has been out a while players are learning that camping away in the mountains never fares well, and so matches are alot more fun.

- Nethack awww yeah

- Soul Calibur 2 has also been getting a healthy dose of button mashing lately. Maxi vs Taki, 200% health, 4 rounds to win, standard weapons only. It's the trash talk between me n my friend come up with that just makes it so much fun. 
I'm looknig forward to both RBR and GTR. I've been liking the Colin demos but once I realised they are a balance between accessible arcade and sim, the allure isn't as much. Can still be fun though, I've been recording and uploading videos of runs and crashes. For some reason though in any series Colin demos the control feels different than it did a week or more ago.. I wonder if it's cause of GTR's realism warping my senses/reflexes or if my controller is giving out (the brake paddle has a weird feeling now). 
Besides Doom3 
q2 DM at work, civ2 when Im really bored at home

but lately I prefer clubbing and socialising to gaming, barely have time for doom3 
Still Diablo 1 
I rented Burnout3 over the past weekend and could not put it down. I felt like a kid playing it. The Road Rage mode I thought was the most fun. Just trying to crash other vechiles was good times. And like someone mentioned it has a great sense of speed.

Besides that I've been playing the Sims 2 like mad as well. While it is good fun, I wish there were more objects to interact with. Currently I'm trying to make every sim Bisexual and sleep with one another, it's fun to see everyone get pissed at each other by breaking each others hearts. It's like a daytime soap, only with that guy from the Real World Chicago to ruin it.

I also downloaded the demo of Tribes Ven, and I can't say that I'm impressed yet. The user interface for the stations is ugly and clunky and just doesn't do it for me. Graphically it's great I guess, but with the PixelShader 2.0 stuff turned out, the blurness that is supposed to look like a perspective thing just kind of blends everything together. It doesn't feel like either of the Tribes games. Which I guess is fair, 2 never felt like 1 either. I need to play it a bit more. As a side note, the demo ships with 3 or 5 of the 11 TOTAL MAPS... That just isn't cool.

I tried the Rome Total War demo too, it was cool to see the epic battles played out in front of me, but at the same time I wish the character animation was a little more varied. I only played through it a few times so gameplay wise I can't see much about it. Worth a try if you looking for a demo to play around with.

I also am beta testing The Matrix Online right now with Monolith. I obviously can't say what it's like but a recent new patch really overhauled part of it, and actually makes the game fun... it wasn't before. I'm hoping if I test this and what not, maybe I'll call Jason Hall and be like "Hey remember that kid in Michigan you wanted to hire years back, well I want a job now".

With my roommates I've playing Mario Kart 64 and Mario Tennis pretty religiously. Also on my emulator for DC we've gotten back into Dr.Mario and Bomberman II. 
Hey Vorelord... 
Burnout 3 
My brother is playing that right now and the music is atrocious. It's making me live under my headphones.

Speaking of music, here's the latest and greatest illegal hiphop mashup:
Think Grey Album but good. 
Oh, I Forgot 
The other game I'm playing right now is texas hold 'em poker. Lots of it, and for money. I'm not kidding. 
Thank You, I hope it is as good as they say. 
I just tried it.

Yes, it's rather challenging, but you get used to having to be more aware. The physics are pretty nice, a tad over-the-top with the rolling/flipping it seems. You may notice the windshield never seems to crack, someone at a RBR forum mentioned I probably don't have the damage set to real, because if I do - the windshield does crack. I couldn't find it in the demo, it might be in one of the INI files, or maybe they just opted it out for the demo. I'm a bit upset that they claim it's a simulation, yet the interior is rather bland. I know the actual cars don't resemble the production cars as far as interior, but they could have at least had a HUD in front of the wheel area. And I was a little annoyed by the slight off-hue blue of the Impreza, should've been darker (yeah I'm an Impreza WRC fanboy). I guess you should note that it is, after all, a "Quicky Rally" mode, so there is no setup screen, and maybe some things are just toned down a bit. There is a mod to place the gear number ahead of the steering wheel, I tried it (check ) but didn't like it - for one my door was missing. Anyway, with patience, RBR can be fun, I'll buy it. 
That will do nicely. Feels much, much better than CM, looks pretty nice to. I only wish they would make the stages longer, like in Rally Championship 2000, most of the stages were 15, 20 up to 30 minutes long. (wish I never got rid of it now) But RBR will most likely surpass RC2000 in everything except for the stage length. Supposed to be released here today, 1/10/04, will go down and check in the morning.

I don't really ever see the interiors, I only use the views where you just see the bonnet, or the road (bumper view?). And I haven't experienced rolling/flipping yet, I try to stay on all fours ;) but I'm sure I will.

Oh, something else I didn't like that much was the sound, engine sound, but maybe it will grow on me, or maybe just needs to be mixed in with the other sounds differently, have to experiment. 
I just finished Katamari Damacy's storyline the other night. Still a bunch of challenges to do, like finding hidden packages, getting better times on levels to unlock the 'eternal' stages, getting better results on the various constallation side areas, and filling out the 'objects rolled up' thing which is totally cool and gives descriptions of all the things you've picked up in the game. I totally recommend this game to anyone with a PS2. and speaking of music, the game has the best soundtrack ever made for a game. A mix of J-pop, jazz, lounge, and light electronic. Great stuff, hope they make a CD availible.

Now I'm looking for a recommendation... Anyone played Gradius V? I loved Gradius 3 on SNES, and the V looks to be awesome. I'm thinking of getting Burnout 3 too, but everyone's already been talking about that. 
RBR has some utilities out there for editing - one you can extract all the audio.dat files and repack them: 
I see what you mean about the interior, you couldn't get much more plain than that dash :)

Rolling and flipping, yes, it may be a little over the top, but not to bad. You ever play VRally back in the day, now that was over the top, but still fun back then. 
Since I haven't owned a console for a couple of years, I wonder has anyone played the game 'Manhunt', PS2, XBox. I just came across this,
The Australian Office of Film and Literature Classification has sent through notice that Manhunt, the controversial console title from Rockstar Games, has now been Refused Classification:

This means the game, which has been freely available on the Australian Market since Late 2003, has now been banned and "cannot be legally sold, hired, advertised or exhibited in Australia. Any existing stocks of this game held by retailers must be removed from shelves immediately

Just wondering what all the fuss is about, and if it is any good. If it is any good I'd go out and buy a PS2 or XBox to have a gander 
Manhunt == Crap 
Yeah, bloody, gruesome and goory as hell, but without any substance whatsoever 
Thank You, you haved saved me some money. I also see it is for PC, so may try demo if/when available. 
Re: Manhunt 
I've only played slightly past the first level. It can be kind of tense, but I haven't gotten far enough into it to really know. Some of the kill scenes make me feel downright guilty, but what can you expect from the concept? Not bad from what I've played, but I wouldn't go by that.

Other people have said that it's good up until you get guns, then it becomes just a regular shoot 'em up kinda game. 
I Look Forward.. 
to Paper Mario 2
and oddly enough, Def Jam fight for NewYork
I seems like it would be a fun party kinda game. Get together 3 of my whitest friends and kick eachothers asses to the gritty rythms of the ghetto. 
Alien Hominid 
m'oh yeah 
More Other Games 
I just ordered my copy of Katamari Damacy. I was also playing the Rogue expansion for Quake until I realized that it was sucking and wasn't going to get any better. 
Currently Eagerly Waiting For... 
Tony Hawk's Underground 2, Need for Speed Underground 2, Prince of Persia 2 (the sequel to Sands of Time), and GTA: San Andreas (obviously). All for PS2, which, I think, says plenty about my gaming habits. Hopefully will get a new PC 'soon'.

At the moment however, I'm trying to decide whether or not I should buy Burnout 3: Takedown, and am currently finishing Hitman: Contracts and Need for Speed Underground.

And if I do get that new PC... I'll go ahead and admit it: I'm a heretic, a pagan, a traitor. I'm not nearly as excited about Doom3 or HL2 as I am about Rome: Total War and even WH40k: Dawn of War. Especially the former seems really, really cool and worth playing.

Yeah, blasting away some freaks from Xen/Hell is nice enough, but to command the might of Rome on epic battlefields! To defeat Hannibal before he reach the gates of the great Roman cities, the last beacons of light and civilization for humankind! To crush the Greek phalanges as they try to stop my legionnaires. To plunder, pillage and burn Carthage for the second time, sprinkling salt over the ruins! To rule over all Mediterranean!

That's what I'm waiting for. 
It's starting to piss me off that I don't have a ps2 - seemingly so many cool (and exclusive) games are coming out for the damn thing. I'm still holding back on consoles because of the whole region lockout thing. It's ok with DVDs because you can easily get a good multi region player, but you can't do shit with a console, unless you want to get it chipped by some dodgy bloke on the market or something.

Fucking Gamecube. It has plenty of great exclusive titles, but they are mostly Nintendo's own stuff, which, let's face it, we already played when we had a snes or N64. I'm not saying their GC games are bad, but they really do follow a formula, which does piss me off after a while.

Damacy should be on the GC ffs. Gradius IV should too. I'm going to have to wait half a fucking year for GTA: San Andreas on PC. Unless.... 
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