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Ignore This Thread 2
I am also a jackass! Ignore my thread so that metlslime may close it.
FAO: Than

Posted by Flamey [] on 2004/10/03 12:37:39
FAO: Than 
Please don't close my thread. I'm just trying to get in touch with my star student from University. 
only registered users may be able to post new threads? Otherwise, what's the point of being a registered user? 
You get your own pretty color if you register!!! 
You bitch! 
To the multiple personalities of This board is not your personal messanger service. If you wanted to get is touch with someone who hangs here, a message in 'General Abuse' would suffice.

RPG and Kinn: Ignore this thread means exactly that. 
One have some way of permanently deleting such tripe?? 
That's fine by me, but could you not have told me that at first, instead of altering my post to make me call myself a jackass?

Anyway, I'll stop now. Hopefully Mr Flamey will stop by and see this thread before it dies ;)

P.S. My head looks like a mushroom. 
Just had it explained to me...

<scampie> Figurebler
<scampie> when a thread says 'ignore this thread' you do not post there
<Figurebler> eh#
<Figurebler> ?
<Figurebler> wfhat?
<scampie> Ignore my thread so that metlslime may close it.
<scampie> metlslime likes to leave threads open if people start discussing on a topic
<scampie> then we get stuck with a stupid thread
<scampie> thus, when I ask please ignore something, do exactly fucking that

Oh well. I think people should start ignoring this thread. That might be a good idea. 
Have A Fucking Delete Function 
Then you wont be bitching about people not ignoring because they obviously won't. 
your head looks like a mushroom too? 
can i ignore this thread by posting in it too?
This thread has been closed by a moderator.
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