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Skeletons In The Closet
hi guys. I was going thru my older Quake2 maps and discovered a bunch of my old, crappy maps I made and released when I was still kinda new to this mapping thing... maybe you would like to see them :D
first off in the trip down memory lane... my first released map ever... scamp2! as you can tell by this screenshot, I was already very skilled at creating ADVANCED maps, with COOL layouts, and AWESOME theme... as evidences by the overuse of colored lighting (I didnt have a 3d card at the time, and thought it would be funny to "punish" those who did), blocky random assortment of walls, and the awesome csg cut holes in the walls (obviously terrorists trying to deprive the world of my excellance). the third shot shows a bit about my skill... csg cut a hole in the floor to make space for the elevator, and fucked up, tried again, and fucked it up more :D

scamp4 and scamp6 followed this (decided to use only even numbers on my mapnames for whatever reason), both just as horrid as scamp2, but with slight advancments. scamp4 used an acual texture set and at least attempted to try and make things look nice... kind of tough when it was almost pure purple lighting and I still didnt understand that the grid size and the textures accually had something to do with each other... scamp6 remedied this, and I accually made it without csg cutting almost everything! still, without a 3d card and feeling a need for vengence, each room had its own shitty color for lighting... "unfortunatly" these 2 maps are long since lost, so no screenshots... anyone who can find them on the net somewhere for me will be rewarded with a cookie.
now armed with my knowledge of grids and textures, I made "Rockets and Rails" in a few afternoons after school. still slightly bland in the looks department, and mostly lacking in 3d action, I at least managed to stick to a sensible color scheme, altho, this may have been an overlook by my newbie mind. Altho not a big deal at this point, but all those little blue lights were csg cut into the walls... didnt figure it was that big of a problem! they looked fine! This was about when I began really LOOKING at other peoples maps, and seeing what and how other things were being done. The texture theme was inspired by Taskmasters MPQ1 map.
now that I was beginning to look at others maps, I also tried to emulate architecture and themes. "Somewhere West of Pittsburg" was inspired by ztn and headshots q2base maps. This was also the first map I made with my brand new 3dcard, so, while there is still alot of colored light, it is for the most part, well used, sourced, and not super horribly bright and ugly... but I still couldnt resist having some fun with it, so I made a "sig room" with blinking colored lights, a quad, and that cool q2 hip-hop-beat music for use with the intermission camera.

...and my skills have been on the decline since. ;P

anyway, in this thread, you guys should post some shots/stories of your first few maps. would be kinda neat to see how crappy we all once were (still are?).
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post your first carappy maps funny shots here ! 
scampie and speedy own me.


you understand, im sure. 
nice thread
/me is gonna dig something impressive too 
I have none. I've never built an embarrassing map! Never, I say!

Well, okay. But don't say I didn't warn you... 
I just searched through my quake maps but awfully couldn't find any pre-gomdm1 stuff. Well, it's not that there wasn't ugly maps before it just seems that I deleted any evidence of them.

Maybe I'll find some of my Doom or Duke3D maps for your viewing pleasure... 
what i want people to do is this:

make available for download/or email to me ANY Q1SP map with more than 20 monsters in that they made, however bad they think it is.

Then i will decide if its worth reviewing.

Simple! ;) 
it appeared that all scraps i have (just a few). all looks rather good to be screened here, sorry ;)
a pity there is no MPQ though, since there was reviewed my masterpiece titled `blood vampirism and sadism`. now, the review is gone, blame sir paul healey.

no fun for you today, kiddies 
/me blames Mr. Paul Healey 
Sir Paul Healey Indeed... 
<RPG> "When Paul the lab technician was discovered by three pupils looking at some of the most unorthodox sex the net has to offer; fistings, animals, and combinations of the two, he gave us the biggest smile Ive ever seen, as if to say "great stuff, eh?", and carried on saving the pictures onto a floppy disc. This all seemed very wrong."
<RPG> Paul Healey perhaps? ;)
<Skleros> :>
<CardO> haha
<CardO> no doubt :)
<CardO> animal fisting.. da fuk?
I Made 
DASDM1 but cant find the file. Also I think itll be good to put up all the bad dm maps on my site. So start uploading all your bad maps. 
Oh and fuck you too RPG. I mean that in a nice way. 
heck, I might release all my early maps then 
Wow, This Thread Has Gotten Quite Off Topic 
<Vondur> Paul|ZzZzZ! you rock, bastard! 
... maybe we should set up a whole thread for blaming that funky brit... 
Yes We Should! 
yes yes! 
Well Go On Then 
Whats stopping you? 
They Speak For Themselves 
l33t! leik jeff k dude ;D 
Ow, My Head... 
Those`re pretty bad.

Though, I unfortunately have to concede that some are way better than what I`ve ever done. Real sad. :)

/me regurgitates in pain and curls into a little ball, hoping Hell doesn`t over use colored light that much... 
I went looking for old maps to laugh at, but I must have deleted them at some point... oh well. 
ok, this was the first map i ever finished for quake. (finished, as in with monsters and end level trigger).
here`s a shot from near the beginning. notice that although there appears to be no theme what so ever, there are two things that are good: the carving was done on the grid, and there is one instance where i aligned a texture, and that is on the edge of that overhang.
a little further on... notice the l33t prefab bridge and the unsealed room which turned into a big level in a box. you can even see the gold key from here. when i first designed this level, it wasn`t supposed to be sealed at all -- the void served as a natural obstacle...
here`s a shot of what is supposed to be a church. the interior was csg carved... d`oh!
And here`s the ending. you should see this part in the editor -- lines crisscrossing all over the place, nothing aligned -- ACK! like the mounds of grass? how`s that for terrain? :)

well, that`s that... not that i`ve gotten much better, mind you... ;) 
Would you stop teasing us with screenies of nesp09 and release it already. 
Sweet Necros... 
Ahh... the good old days of fullbright box maps, it starts to annoy me that I have deleted my old maps :(. 
Necros Wins 
he went through the process of explaining how his map worked.

nice to see that first attempts are always boxy but show imagination.

youre a fab mapper necros. sp maps have never been a piece of cake. 
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