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Q2 Mapping Contest Results Are In!
Hello everyone,
The results are in and we have a winner for
Le Ray's 1st Q2 Mapping Contest.

You can find the results and download links to the contest on the Cafe'....
Nice One. 
Well done for having a successful contest. Some of the maps look really cool, some in a traditional Q2 way and others in a more unusual flavour. I do think the screenshot of map 5 shows very little.

Congrats to the mappers and yourself. 
From The Shots 
Given the screenshots I think the 6th place map was actually the best. I liked the minimilist look, granted this isn't a GEOCOMP it still looks quailty. The others show lots of promise tho, the second place one brought back fond memories of ZTN2DM5. (I think that was the one) 
And Most People Are Now Asking Themselves 
There was a Q2 mapping contest? 
i agree with ProdigyXL. the 6th place map is much more visually interesting than the first place one is.

also, the third place map has some obvious texture tiling issues. needs more variety on the big walls because it looks ass.
also, the water texture clearly tiles as well. if you can use bigger water textures in q2, it should have been done, otherwise, upscale the texture to 2x or 3x. 
4th and 6th place maps are the best ones i think. the 1st place looked like crap to me. :) 
There was a Q2 mapping contest? 
for the comments guys. 
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