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Beta Testing Session On Zzjzs Server
A few of us currently have Q1 DM maps which are just about ready for beta testing. Obviously its hard to evaluate maps without proper playtesting with people, so I suggest we organise a beta testing session where those of us with new maps in the works (and anyone else who wants to help beta test) can get together and play these new maps, and hopefully come away with some ideas on how to improve them.

Since zzjzz is already generous enough to host mapper games on his server, I asked him if he would be willing to have a beta testing session as detailed above. John has agreed to this, so now its just up to us to organise ourselves and schedule a date and time.

Currently at least myself, Drannerz, and Daz will probably be interested in participating (although I havent discussed this properly with Daz, so I shouldnt speak for him just yet).

It is open to discussion of course, but I would tentatively propose a date in about 2 weeks time - not this upcoming weekend, but the weekend after (ie first weekend of next month, 3rd/4th May). That would allow more than enough time for myself and the current likely participants to get our maps ready for proper beta testing, and should allow anyone with alpha/beta maps enough time to polish them up a bit and get them ready too.

So, with all the above in mind, we want the following people:

- mappers with Q1 DM levels which are ready for beta testing, or will be at beta level within a week or 2

- anyone who is willing to come and help with the playtesting.

Playtesters need only come and play if they want to... we need warm bodies! Providing some comments/feedback after the games is optional, but would be useful.

Righto, who is interested, and when should we do it?
I would be up for playtesting you guys maps on any weekend. Doubt any of my unfinished q1dms will get worked on enough to be ready for testing in the next few weeks tho :D 
I Have A Warm Body 
So count me in for testing and easy frags. 
Good idea there Frib, I hope I have my Q1 DM ready for betatesting within two weeks altho I don't see a reason I won't be able to... Except me being a lazy arse that maybe.

Count me in. 
I`d Love Too 
Except I`m really too busy ATM. Don`t postpone it for me, but if you want to do another session in a month`s time then I`ll be there. 
Me Too! 
depends on my ping for that time :| 
cool frib, im in Ill get my map fix0r3d up and ready. 
would this just be usual crazy ffa on johns server? Unless your making a ffa for whatever number of people actually shows up I have hard to see that it will be very usefull for the mapper.

I guess (hope) youll have proper testing with some people the way its intended anyway and its not like it will hurt and you can always get some comments on visuals. 
I Shall Play... 
...But I will get punished hard. prepare to witness my total lack of mad skillz. 
phear not, duder, I shall join teh fun and make you look good. 
grumpy bear :D

I guess the theory is that any playtesting is better than none. I certainly see your point though, and perhaps we can get some 1on1 or 2on2 or whatever is applicable happening, if any of the mappers need feedback about how well their map fares in those settings.

The point is that with Johns help, the maps will be up on a server and we will have a few people available to do a bit of testing.

This exercise is also partly to persuade people to stop procrastinating, and get their maps to beta level. Its also important to ensure the maps get at least some kind of proper playtesting, because all too often people get excited and release their maps in a hurry, where a bit of testing might have caught some obvious bugs/problems. 
lol. i`m just as bad! 
Hmm, sorry but I prolly won't make it.

My map definatly won't be finished by the weekend and since I might be away over the weekend I can't even promise to take part in the testing... 
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