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Winter/Norway Q1SP 1000 Brush Map Pack

I'm organizing a Q1SP map pack for anyone interested. Everyone is welcomed to submit a map, but I will only be including maps that I feel are polished and fun. So far Zwiffle and Jago are on board, and I'm going to make something as well.

The only rules are that it be done using the DKTe3 .wad, (DKT Norway) that it is finished no later than the first week of December, and that it is no more than 1000 brushes.

This is not a contest, but I'm sure Shambler et. al, will be glad to give at least a small review to each map that makes it in -- so you can at least get a small amount of praise for your work. (or ridicule as the case may warrant)

The wad can be found here: courtesy of nonentity/Grind.

Good luck, have fun, and long live Quake.
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go finish your qsp first, bastid 
I've long been looking at DKT Norway textures and wondering why they were so underused. I can only recall 2 "major" maps using this set, Lilith from Vondur and a SP map from KONA. I also think that 1000 brushes is a much better limit than 100 brushes. You can actually make some beatiful things with this and yet you are still quite limited at the same time. I'm in.

And no, I haven't abandoned my other Q1SP project :) 
Good idea, great for forthcoming season and proper winter vibe. Personally I think you should be allowed some other winter textures in there too but hey I'm sure DKT E3 will work fine.

Good luck guys, I will definitely be interested in the results. 
I need a small clarification: does the "DKY Norway theme" imply we can ONLY use the textures from that WAD or does it mean that we should primarily be using textures from that WAD? Ihope it's the latter. 
You're Also Allowed To Use Wizmet1_2 
I Think Bl1tz Means 
It's DKTe3/idbase of course. 
/me Hugs Wizmet1_2 
A Few Questions 
should we,

hold off on showing Beta shots of our work?

1000 brushes, does that include structural brushes and function brushes, or just structural in the 1000 count? 
that includes bmodels as well...

Empty Title 
I plan on not showing the map until it's done and yes, 1000 brushes means bmodels are included in that number. 
Headthump -- I would hold off...

Jago -- I'm going to say only the DKT wad simply because I really don't wanna see any Quake textures, as that kinda defeats the point. That being said, obviously clip, skies, and other "necesary" textures are allowed, but refrain from using the structural texs. 
OK Great! 
But,my questions are:
1)SP or DM >ctf-ra...
2)Day, exactly when
3)Sending, (To which e-mail?)

bye! QUAKE is the Best! 
I Have Found 
some of the textures in the wad have some overbright issues -- specifically, wellside2 and support01. 
Title Cannot Be Empty 
1) See topic...

2)I'd like to have all maps in by December 1st, but it won't be considered if it's later than December 4th.

3) Send your maps (.bsp, .map and .txt) to -- please .zip or .rar it. 
If you need to make coloring changes to correct fullbrights, that's fine. 
just a simple darkening with Wally will do it. 
Texmex Has A Lovely 'remove Fullbrights' Feature 
i suggest you use it or face the horrendous effects that happens to Vondur(tm) maps 
i will kill you 
fullbrights and overbright are not the same thing. 
And Also 
gl_fullbrights 0 in FitzQuake if you need to turn it off for a particular map. Or something similar. Correct me if I'm wrong, Metl! 
New Wad, Then? 
If there are fullbrights in the wad and someone has corrected them, do they fancy posting the new wad for those us who can't bothered? Saves effort.

Oh yeah, I might make one. I think I can just about stretch to 1000 brushes before I run out of ideas.

I have been retexturing some old temple based maps to get a feel for this texture set.

With a reshading in Wally, the results aren't so bad. The brick portion of the testures blend in well with the other bricks (support01 is actually a bit loud in contrast to the others unmodified). There is a slight loss of high end noise in the snow portion as it now looks slightly peed upon.

I'll try your recommendation, blackpope and see which is the more tolerable version. 
Yeah there are a few textures in this set in addition to the ones Headthump mentioned that have fullbright issues.

What do people reccomend as the best course of action? I messed around a bit in Wally but got frustrated because it was coming out a bit off...

Hehe... course of action = = beg and grovel to Kell, send him .wad, upload fixed .wad upon its return to you. 
yeah, im aware that obrights and fbrights are different. But the DKT wads DO have heinous fbrights lurking in them. (run lilith.bsp in software - von will now kill me 2x)

as for obrights, well...could you enlighten us? Because until now I've never seen the term used... 
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