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Thought 2 - The Increasing Purposelessness Of Mapping.
Perhaps not of that much relevance to this particular forum but still perhaps of interest. Probably applies more to SP than DM (think on that?)

Is custom mapping becoming increasingly pointless as games progress? Why - because game mapping is generally getting more spectacular, more impressive, more specifically themed and better executing those themes. In short game mapping and the associated technology could be leaving custom mapping behind. After all what`s the point in creating - or, more importantly, playing - a custom map for a game that`s already full of great maps.

For example, take Quake. Good in-game maps at the time, but it was and still is a piece of piss to make vastly better maps even quite soon after the game`s release (and that`s bearing in mind how new true 3D mapping was in those days). No doubt the game`s open-ended themes helped.

On the other hand, take, say, RTCW. Some bloody great maps with fairly specific styles. It seems to me it would be pretty hard to beat those maps at their own game. Unless one is to create entirely new themes (again, harder than before due to increased quality demands), it would seem quite purposeless to create something that`s unlikely to be better than what`s already there.

This is, I think, an increasing trend with games too. Personally, a lot of older (or cruder, e.g. DKT) games have given me much mapping inspiration (yes, JUST inspiration), while newer games have often have such good maps, I can`t think of anything worth adding that they aren`t already doing.

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Was That A 10 Year Necro? 
I'm getting old ... 
Good Thread To Bump Though 
I have been wondering about the lack of unique (or to put it less flatteringly, "novelty") releases over the last few years. Of course I'm not exactly an innovator myself. 
I think it's more about the mapper having fun these days than innovation. I mean, really, what's left to do in Quake?

"Into The Shadows" was a great mod, for example, but it was a LOT of work for 10 or so people to play it and enjoy.

You have to be into it for yourself these days or it's not going to feel worth it... 
Back in the 90's most people would have viewed mapping as a way to break into the industry (as well as a fun hobby) but mapping for quake is now primarily a hobby with a small audience. But who cares? I've had a heap of fun these last few months catching up on all the user-created stuff, and the quality of mapping is exceptional!
Graphics aren't the be-all-end-all of videogames, if it were then we'd never heard of games like Fez and Minecraft.
To say there isn't innovation is ridiculous, I have a great idea for a puzzle-platformer which retains all of the style and setting as quake... but the idea is on the back-burner until I make a few more maps and maybe learn how to make quake models. 
You have to be into it for yourself these days or it's not going to feel worth it...

Yes, that's definitely my take on it. I also find mapping is a wonderful way to pass the time while keeping my head in a creative and active mode.
If people play and enjoy my creations, that's a bonus. I think if I made a map that everyone hated, I would still have had fun with the creation of it. 
Back in the 90's most people would have viewed mapping as a way to break into the industry

Today, I'd probably hire someone who turned up with Quake in their portfolio.

And that's not just my biased Q1 view - any mod project, from any game would do.

It's amazing the amount of idiots who feel they deserve a job just through deigning to exist.

Someone who turns up with scraps of paper or a notebook full of hastily scribbled ideas is already on another level than someone without.

Many (even ones with university educations in the field) seem surprised that they need a portfolio of work.

It impossible to teach motivation.

And agree with the above views on the hobby completely. If I want to veg out then I play a game, if I want to be entertained I bang some brushes together or figure out how to make some monster or feature better. 
If I could break into the game industry with a portfolio of quake maps that would be the dream... as of now I'm just mapping to fill my day with something other than searching for jobs (unemployed for 12 months so far!). 
That Sucks 
Hang in there.

Try picking up a free engine and making a full game in the meantime - there's lots of ways to publish, and you could actually get some food money out of it :) 
This Thread Is A Spam Magnet 
I didn't touch an editor for 6 months now...
because I didn't do nothing, and do mean nothing else the 12 years before it.

That means: waking up - get my dopefish - start up Quark - work for 12 houres - go to bed.

I never wondered about the results.
(for what its worth). 
The MadFox Abides 
never seen that level before...
but I have no tubeyou or driver license.

I guess you intend well although there are no email or site data on your account.

so I made this for you
My vote goes for new episode boss. 
That's just.. beautiful 
I didn't realize you were a developper.

Feel a bit stupid now, as the dopefish swims upside down.

I dont know what it is, I always seem to do things backside forth, an Orb that shoots backwards, maps that were good I spend that much time to make them better I become ugly.
Even the name of this toppic reminds me of the purposeless that makes me ness of purple.
I'm howling at the moon seeing others making beautifull maps, while I'm just clunching with a cheek of tooth-ached farmers on a collapsing time debree.

I won't cry, just moaning a little. I must have been mad from the very start I tried to add only one good map to the quake1 universe.
Now I maybe have, but what�s the point having an architecture etched in my mind while it seems just a drop on a heatened plate?

The more I learn, the more the magic of it disappears. Like waiting on a realvis map to come that takes 24 houres and end up with a HOM. Then start again and end up a day later with another one. Then again, and again, for 16 days on I got so screwed up I started my last attempt and went to the Carnival. Ending up in the Ghosthouse seeing ogres grinning at me everywhere and when I thought I could leave I was wrong because outside was the Hall Of Mirrors watching me with tenthousand stopwatches and I knew I could never play the level again.

Oh foolish me. 
Madfox for World President! 
MadFox In Wonderland / Through The Looking Glass 
Now, where did I put that dictionary again... 
You Know 
you have to put Pink Floyd on when reading a Madfox post. 
lolz. I just read that post with Great Gig in the Sky in the background and it improved it immensely. 
Does Anybody Want Any More? 
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