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Doom3 SP Map - Pathway Redux
Brand new single-player Doom 3 mod, PATHWAYS REDUX. It's based on the 1993 Bungie Studios game "Pathways into Darkness" and involves a special-ops squad, a sleeping elder god, and a forgotten nazi expedition team.

download: (9.6 mb)

The map author is Brendon Chung.
I've Gotten To Ascension 
And I have mixed feelings on this so far. Talking to the dead is cool, but the PDA and everything seems poorly done. I loved the opening scene where you're parachuting, that's genius imo. The rest of the level was kind of boring - I faced one imp, then nothing for 10 minutes. Then I was bombarded by 2 imps and 3 cacodemons, and all i had was a pistol and 2 clips of ammo. Either I missed something, or hard mode is REALLY hard. So I was running away and I slipped off the pyramid and died. Parts of it are cool, but the combat isn't that great so far. 
This was really weird.

I loved the adventurous quality and the exploration - having those adventure game elements really lent a unique touch to the point where I was playing a wholly different game. I was also pretty surprised to see hub style level changes, but there's no reason that this whole thing couldn't have just been one map. I'll have to look into how he did that, and the altered interactivity. Was the sound all messed up for anyone else? I found it was constantly cutting in and out and the stereo was all broken.

I think you were supposed to just run away from those cacodemons. There's some inventory item you've gotta grab off the top of the pyramid, so just keep running up the ladders and stuff until you grab it.

And what is with people releasing unfinished work? You get through the first bit and there's a little slideshow of silly cartoons explaining what the other 80% of the thing would be. 
In that case, and given it says "Beta" on the screenshot page, shouldn't this have been moved to "Screenshots and Betas"?? 
shutup...didn't u ask for mapping news?
here it is! ;) 
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