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SM40 Mapping Contest
Start time: Now.

Deadline: Jan 9, 23:59 GMT.

What: Glue together the SM40 speed chainmap pieces into a finished map. You can make as much additional architecture as you want. Gametype must be singleplayer. The map must be compatible with the standard id1 progs.dat.

Use of pieces: Entries must use at least two different pieces of SM40. Pieces may be reused as many times as you wish. They may also be changed in anyway you like, but it is suggested that people should be able to recognize them from their original form.

Textures: Use whatever textures you want. Replace them all with fruity.wad if you so desire.

Submission: All maps should be sent to me, and I will forward them on to Vondur. This is to keep his load light. If possible, please upload the file somewhere and then send me the download link. If that is not an option, then just e-mail me the map. A .txt must be submitted with each map, and credit must be given to the authors of the SM40 pieces that you used.

Judging: Vondur is donating the prize, so he will be in charge of judging. If additional judges are needed, they will be selected by him. Judges are not eligible to participate in the contest. To clarify, if Vondur wants to submit a map, then he must select an additional judge or judges.

Judging criteria: Quoth Vondur: "well as usual, quality layout, light and fun gameplay. i'm going to judge light with especial cruelty. hmm yet, atmosphere." To elaborate on that last one: "well rpg, hmm u see, i think that atmosphere = light + layout + overall quality. so if atmosphere fails, then all these ingredients suck."

Judge's decisions: The judge's decisions are final. Whiners will face the wrath of VONDUR!

Release of maps: Maps will be compiled into a pack after the judging has taken place. After the judge's decision(s) have been made, the maps may be released individually at the author's discretion.

The prize: A Russian copy of Silent Storm: Sentinels, autographed by one or more of its developers!

The map authors are clearly labeled in the filenames, except for sm40ex, which was made by Lun. Please give credit to the authors of the SM40 pieces in your .txt.

Download the map files and original .wad here:
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Way to get out of doing it yourself. None the less, cool idea. 
Hehe Cool 
url for fruity.wad plz kthx 
sm40 was Lunaran's project. 
What scampie said. More like, way to try to finish someone else's work. 
Updated Zip File 
The zip file has been updated. I had included the wrong version of sm40ex, which was incompatible with normal Q1 editors. If you were having trouble with that map, please redownload it. 
Good Idea Rpg 
what was the original theme? 
So Which SM Is RPG Supposed To Be Finishing?? 
And when is he going to hold a contest for doing that??

And for that matter, isn't Scampie supposed to be finishing one too?? 
Starbuck: lundead.wad, which seems to be a mixture of textures from headshot's Hidden Agenda plus some that Lun modified himself.

Shambler: that would be SM69, which metlslime is currently working. There won't be a contest for it, but I might have to come up with something to bribe metlslime so he finishes his last section.

And Scampie started SM72, but then gave up on it after working on it for two weeks. NotoriousRay didn't want to see it go to waste, so he took it over. 
Sorry To Some Authors 
:) sorry for some but i did a small file to everybody in this comunity :) take a look

that explains what is in all sm pack�s if it is Sp or Dm and in my opinion how good they are! :)

bye the way i love NotoriousRay sm30_ray so i did some waypoints and qwprogs

sorry to post in here but is about sm! 
And Some Propaganda For You Guys Keep Good Work! 
What Did You Do To My Map 
P.S. I'll Find My Map 
NotoriousRay Lolex Did What? 
so, any progress anyone? ;) 
Some progress on my end. I got done with 1000brush map, so now I have the opportunity to work on sm40. :D

Trying to get some tex together to flesh out a unique style to separate myself from the losers... you know. Originality. Looking forward to my signed copy of whatever game it is I'll win. 
right ;) 
Btw Vondur: 
if you want some help judging, I'd be up for it. 
So just to be official about it, and to try and find out who's competing, I'm formally announcing that I'm mapping for this contest. So far that's just me who's competing. 
Announcements Suck 
Just surprise everyone! 
Judging Addendum 
I asked Vondur about r_speeds, and this is what he said.

<Vondur> this is fucking quake 1, so fucking stick to 1996 rspeeds standards
<Vondur> up tp 700 = yay; 800 - hmmm; 900 - ugh, ok; 1000 - omg it hurts, but ok architecture is uberrocking
/me Hugs Vondur 
yes! Keep living the low r_speed dream! 
I got in touch with xen about his section (sm40_xenon). It appears that the missing texture "nametakenubitch" is just a copy of cop1_2. I didn't ask about xendirt1, though. All of the other textures are readily available; they're either from quake101.wad or zer.wad. 
More FYI 
xen has smiled upon us. Here's xendirt1 if anyone still needs it: 
More FYI X2 
Here're the official credits for the .wad. If you use the original textures, be sure to include the proper credit info in the readme.

<Lun|away> rpg> the original agenda texes are by headshot, the variations and modifications therein thereof I did, and all the rest are id with the exception of the two rock textures which are from q2 reckoning by xatrix/brain matter or whatever 
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