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A Few New Textures In Q2-flavor...
Ok, I have made a large set of textures specifically for Quake2. Some of them actually convert fairly well to Quake mips. I don't know if there would be any interest for one to do so, but if so...

Feel free to do what you want with them. There are 930 in all, many are simple variations with minor changes and simple dimension/size differences. This is my first attempt at a real texture set, so I am sure there is room for improvement.

Set 1 preview:
Set 1 download:

Set 2 preview:
Set 2 download:

Set 3 preview:
Set 3 download:

Screens from a couple Q2-dm maps made with the textures:

Download Locations for maps with these textures :
Those Map Shots Look Cool 
Set looks high quality, even if it IS more base tex. Not too interested in Quake 2, but will try to give them a whirl in Quake sometime, looks very compatible with other base sets. Thx for the tex! 
thats q2? Wow, the maps look really cool. Very Unreal like I think, maybe its the skies that do it.

I dont map q2, but the textures look very nice, good job! 
Yeah those textures look spot on. Keep it up. 
Thanks Mario 
This is very much welcomed. 
Yeah Thanks Super Mario 
Send My Regards To Luigi 
I edited the thread so the links are not so confusing. 
Thanks for the comments, to the mod that posted the news and to metslime for fixing the mess I must have submitted.

I am MariC... Mario's bastard son and about Luigi... He ran off with the bearded women from the local circus several years ago and has not been see or heard from since. 
Map Shots 
do look very cool, especially the terrain work. I like shot1 the best.


could you give musashi a polite nudge to finish up his sp project that's been in production as long as DNF? 
lol #9 
Beg A Pardon 
my color recognition between green and brown izza not so good with my shaded glasses on 
Thx. I still love Q2. I hope ppl will use these sets n some new sp eps. 
Headthump, I was just jesting, I am not really concerned about the name thing... call me anything you like.

And if I was half as smart as a melon I'd have posted links to the two maps. DOH! 
OOPS, Take 2 
Both the links point to the same file '', just copy and paste the link and change the '5' to a '6' to get both, or some friendly mod might change it........... 
Or I Guess 
You Were Nice Enough 
not to point out that it was the second time I have made that mistake, and it occurred for the same reason! 
Maric Backshooters 
Just a note Hi

Good to see you are still there.

Just A Quick Q 
If you would write I have one Q about setup.

Don B. 
Thanks for posting here. 
Got permission to use Maric's forgotten links for this Quake 2 texture sets, as previous ones were long dead. Added some other works from Maric too. Enjoy them!


And a ''new'' texture pack of the same set.

Also some other sets that Maric made:

Maric's DM-CTF Maps 
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