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DooM 3 SP Map - "T-Lab Complex"
By Samuel 'Kaiser' Villarreal

Description : The T-Lab Complex is the only independant UAC processing center that produces its own supply of BFG cells and plasma. The plasma is taken from beneth the Mars surface and then transfered to the Plasma Core where it is fed to the reactor for power supply.

Screenshots and Download;33269#Download

Doom3World Thread
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No Sarcasm, 
it just appealed to my evil side. 
Similar Experience, Zwif 
So far, every Doom3 map I've downloaded has lasted only as long as it takes me to get killed. I can will myself to continue as long as I can stay alive, but the moment I die, I drop below the threshhold on my givashitometer necessary for me to continue playing.

This guy emulated the id maps to a T (lab), so much so that any time I approached an item or a door I would realize that, unfortunately, I was going to have to fight more monsters. Overwhelmed with this strong desire to just not be playing it any more, I soon wasn't.

"He sure as hell better have some ammo waiting for me on the other side of this door ... oh. No, it's an Archvile." 
great review Zwiffle :)
still will try it, if just to see how bad it can get and what NOT to do in my levels

Lun: why even bother playing if u dont want any challenge and dont like the gameplay of Doom3?
You could just run with god to check the map 
A good one Zwiffle :) I stopped playing after the first Hell Knight. An Arch Vile spawned in front of me and I have about two rockets left and 5hp - woohoo.

The first part was good and the dungeon thing looks cool but the gameplay just got frustrating and there's a lot of backtracking.

I'll try to finish the rest tomorrow - assuming I get some health somehwhere. 
New Version 
A new version of the map has been released with more ammo & health:;37305 
Give Me A Break 
Lun: why even bother playing if u dont want any challenge

Please. Suggesting that Doom3 is too hard for me and that I'm not "up to the challenge" tells me you either haven't listened to a thing I've said about the game, or you ignored it for the sake of taking a dig at me, which is childish and obtuse either way.

It's funny you should ask, though, I stopped downloading Doom3 maps after this one. 
Okay. If this was the revised version with ammo added, I can only wonder what the previous version was like. YOU try to kill a hellknight with a flashlight. Ugh. Anyways.

There were some rather cool things done with scripting, and some of the machinery was quite neat, but the basic build quality wasn't that good. And what's with the chase after all kinds of keycards. Leave that stuff to the 90's already.

The temple hallway spawnfest reminded me of Serious Sam... but I actually laughed at that mancubi spawn, it was so cheap i couldn't believe it was happening. 

first d3 custom map i play till the end.

wow, what a long map! i guess half the time is spent back tracking, but monsters are spawned back in so that was ok.
didn't experience a shortage of ammo, but damn, this map is hard. lots of crazy ambushes. i woulnd't call it horde combat, but it was pretty tense.

good job, and some nice d3 mappage. :) 
My earlier comments may seem harsh, but this still is one of the better custom D3 maps released so far. 
Yeah Lun, Dig At You 
and whoever starts to bitch whenever they get killed a single time in FPS (not talking about the unfair gamplay), cause that is the core of shooters - kill or get killed
play in god mode if you dont want any challenge

I read some of your d3 impressions - they sum up to one thing: you dont like the gameplay (you dont expect me to read all you type on the various places of internet do you)

and read whetever I say too, insted of thinking up some hidden meaning plz, ok? 
Thanks Speedy 
I'll try not to remember that. 
That Was Funny! 
You have a talent for being the funny man, Lunaran!

I laugh at your hilarious words, but am filled with pitiful rage. I won't go and talk about why it's a waste of time to download maps you plan to delete after you die once. If you can't play the maps without losing to your frustration from death, don't download them in the first place.

I see you stopped downloading them, but of course, that's only after you think yourself righteously capable to slander the ones most people find only trivial problems with. 
You're approx. 69 days late. 
He's been busy trashing Tokyo. Again. 
Don't Be Mean Guys 
He has that slow reptile brain thing going on.

Watch, he'll show up in another two months and "not go and talk about" a whole bunch of other shit. 
Again 6 Years Too Late 
but definitely too tedious, too long and too incoherent (design wise). 
After 7 years the screenshots in the sticky are still visable!!! 
I sound like a dick in this thread. =/ Sorry mapper guy, I guess I was being angsty or something.

That, or your map was really that bad. 
Excellent Map! 
This level was long, and damn enjoyable, something which actually resembles the old Doom levelz! I enjoyed every minute of it, it's sad to say that some peoplez are complete idiots and expect all maps to be "press any key to win", and just because Doom 3 was literally FLOODED with ammo you won't even use, every other map must be loaded with gigantic amounts of unnecessary ammo. Damn it, LEARN TO TARGET instead of pissin' ammunition away! Doom 3 supports headshots so stop whining, and actually fuckin' learn how to TARGET!
I especially enjoyed the Clock of Hell game for the BFG, though that clock seem to malfunction sometimes. 
Ahh, everyone was playing wrong. Thanks for your input. 
This Thread Is Great. 
God, Speedy aka Slapmap is such an unlikeable shit stain. 
Top Thread. 
Zwiffle for teh reviews win. 
holy shit, the screenshots are still visible! 
They're Broken For Me 
looked at the screenshots to try and remember this map. it didn't help. 
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