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DooM 3 SP Map - "T-Lab Complex"
By Samuel 'Kaiser' Villarreal

Description : The T-Lab Complex is the only independant UAC processing center that produces its own supply of BFG cells and plasma. The plasma is taken from beneth the Mars surface and then transfered to the Plasma Core where it is fed to the reactor for power supply.

Screenshots and Download;33269#Download

Doom3World Thread
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Oh, Dark And Shiny... 
Bravo! Pity I deleted Doom3 after the first level. 
You really should try uninstalling rather than just deleting, you'll find it's much better. 
it's all about the instant satisfaction though, deleting is so much faster!

"you want to be dark and repetitive, eh? you like that?

ooh, ooh, DELETED!" 
There's some nice curvy stuff in the screenshots and decent lighting. But since when could you mine plasma? o_O 
Yeah, Doom3 
With you fancy smancy per-pixel shinyness, and er.. your other oh-so-clever ssstuff, take delete sucker! Die DIE !!!! 
I can't seem to get the map to run. Placed pk4 in the doom3/base dir, then typed map kaiser_1d3 at console... nothing? 
You must type
map game\samuel\kaiser_1d3

It's not a bad map, I had a good time playing it, I have certainly played worse 
Some good bits, some fun fights in the middle section, some neat design ideas.


Too long, too tedious, too many fights that are too hard first good, too much backing and froing, unrealistic objectives, notable lack of coherencey (I struggle to think of any areas that shared a similar design style). Just got bored of it in the end. Kaiser should have attempted a much smaller map and worked on the coherencey. 
RE: #8 
Perhaps, then, it should be called the "T-Bag Complex".

Am I really the first person to think of this? 
Hm, I Haven't Finished This Yet 
But so far, it seems that there is an extreme shortage of ammo. Did I miss something in the beginning or are you supposed to kill three maggots with your fists? Are you supposed to just run past the zombies? Needs more ammo! 
You are equiped with the pistol from the start, with ammo located very close to the start.
Did I miss something in the beginning or are you supposed to kill three maggots with your fists? Maggots?, I mustn't be thinking of the same thing, but you come up against 3 lost souls at the begining, I never encounted maggots until later. I didn't have any prob's with lack of ammo really, it's not over abundant, but .............. 
Maybe it's just me, or maybe I just played on Nightmare or something, but this map is really, really frustrating.

I forgave the area where you shoot a Cherub and then the room floods immediately with ~7 of 'em RIGHT ON TOP OF YOU with no way to escape. I was just careful the 2nd time.

I figured I had to ration ammo after I went through the hallway where they spawned 6 Cacodemons, a Mancubus, 3 Revenants, and a zombie, so I tried to be more careful.

I even dismissed spawning 2 Hellbarons in a tiny cramped room with no real cover to speak of with only Machine Gun ammo to survive.

But then, you get to later in the level. You have to go through some hallways into a deadend room to get a PDA, so you can get the access code for a door.

OK, I expect some zombies, that's normal. But I also expect SOME FUCKING AMMO TO SHOOT THOSE FUCKING ZOMBIES WITH. After fisting the zombies to death (punching them you pervs) I went to the door and happily entered the code, (512 for those of you who want spoilers) thinking I would be treated, finally, to something that would allow me to defend myself. So there's nothing there, not immediately, and I walk around the corner, when all of a sudden 2 Mancubus spawn cutting me off completely from any escape. FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING MAPPER OF SHIT FUCKING MAPS.

I went through this area a couple times, until I figured out there's some ammo past the Mancubus. I got it, took some missiles, and reloaded my Chaingun. I blew both of them up with 3 shotgun shells left. Ok, NOW I would certainly be rewarded with some ammo to proceed.

Well, entering the next room I get to fight a Revenant. Woot! I kill it with 1 shell left. NOW I would get some ammo, certainly. I mean, this guy doesn't test his maps with God mode on or something, right? Well, I enter the small room where the Revenant was, to look for my well-deserved goodies. Surprise! A Chaingun marine zombie! And a Revenant! Followed by 2 more Chaingun marine zombies! Oh woohoo, instead of precious ammo, I get more Chaingun monsters, the most annoying enemies in any game ever made. EVER.

FUCK YOU MAP GUY. AMMO IS NOT A DIRTY WORD. And get some god damned coherence in your map design. Build quality is fine, but the level doesn't make any sense whatsoever. You open a door from a base map and POOF you're in a dungeon of some sort. Then you go through the dungeon and POOF you're back in another section of base. Make some sense please. Thank you, I hope you enjoyed the feedback.

That Was Great 
and just to show how much you cared you put:


I dunno if that's sarcasm or not, but thank you. :D 
No Sarcasm, 
it just appealed to my evil side. 
Similar Experience, Zwif 
So far, every Doom3 map I've downloaded has lasted only as long as it takes me to get killed. I can will myself to continue as long as I can stay alive, but the moment I die, I drop below the threshhold on my givashitometer necessary for me to continue playing.

This guy emulated the id maps to a T (lab), so much so that any time I approached an item or a door I would realize that, unfortunately, I was going to have to fight more monsters. Overwhelmed with this strong desire to just not be playing it any more, I soon wasn't.

"He sure as hell better have some ammo waiting for me on the other side of this door ... oh. No, it's an Archvile." 
great review Zwiffle :)
still will try it, if just to see how bad it can get and what NOT to do in my levels

Lun: why even bother playing if u dont want any challenge and dont like the gameplay of Doom3?
You could just run with god to check the map 
A good one Zwiffle :) I stopped playing after the first Hell Knight. An Arch Vile spawned in front of me and I have about two rockets left and 5hp - woohoo.

The first part was good and the dungeon thing looks cool but the gameplay just got frustrating and there's a lot of backtracking.

I'll try to finish the rest tomorrow - assuming I get some health somehwhere. 
New Version 
A new version of the map has been released with more ammo & health:;37305 
Give Me A Break 
Lun: why even bother playing if u dont want any challenge

Please. Suggesting that Doom3 is too hard for me and that I'm not "up to the challenge" tells me you either haven't listened to a thing I've said about the game, or you ignored it for the sake of taking a dig at me, which is childish and obtuse either way.

It's funny you should ask, though, I stopped downloading Doom3 maps after this one. 
Okay. If this was the revised version with ammo added, I can only wonder what the previous version was like. YOU try to kill a hellknight with a flashlight. Ugh. Anyways.

There were some rather cool things done with scripting, and some of the machinery was quite neat, but the basic build quality wasn't that good. And what's with the chase after all kinds of keycards. Leave that stuff to the 90's already.

The temple hallway spawnfest reminded me of Serious Sam... but I actually laughed at that mancubi spawn, it was so cheap i couldn't believe it was happening. 

first d3 custom map i play till the end.

wow, what a long map! i guess half the time is spent back tracking, but monsters are spawned back in so that was ok.
didn't experience a shortage of ammo, but damn, this map is hard. lots of crazy ambushes. i woulnd't call it horde combat, but it was pretty tense.

good job, and some nice d3 mappage. :) 
My earlier comments may seem harsh, but this still is one of the better custom D3 maps released so far. 
Yeah Lun, Dig At You 
and whoever starts to bitch whenever they get killed a single time in FPS (not talking about the unfair gamplay), cause that is the core of shooters - kill or get killed
play in god mode if you dont want any challenge

I read some of your d3 impressions - they sum up to one thing: you dont like the gameplay (you dont expect me to read all you type on the various places of internet do you)

and read whetever I say too, insted of thinking up some hidden meaning plz, ok? 
Thanks Speedy 
I'll try not to remember that. 
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