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Func / #tf Multiplayer Organisation Thread
See title. The place to post details, requests, dates and times, games, servers, smaktalk, etc etc, of any multiplayer games we're currently playing. Cos it's more fun to play with people you know, and more fun if you can actually get the games organised. W3rd.
I'll try:

nick - Steamcansuckmyarse / shambler
email - teamshambler AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk

40k Dawn Of War:
nick - Shambler

Doom3....if there's any interesting maps?

Best time is in the evening but could do daytime sometimes if ppl are around.

Level of suckage: Fairly high =). 
up to qw and hl2dm, find me in teh friends as vondur koohoo evile 
I've been tearing up HL2DM, wouldn't mind spankin some smartasses from here.

Steam business
nick ProdigyXL

I'm also up for random bits of D3, Call of Duty, BF1942 (Desert Combat too), Rainbow Six 3 and thats about it. 
nick: pushplay

I better be the only pushplay or else I'll hunt down and murder the other one. 
HL2DM: Snagglegrass. 
Ill be the jumpy guy with no ammo. 
Hl2dm: Oldbayray 
i'll be the guy grav-gunning as much crap as i can onto the building in that map thats not lockdown 
Game: QW 
Nick: Jago 
Games: Far Cry, QW, Q3:A, HL, CS:S, TFC 1.5

Quakeworld and Far Cry are my best games, but I'd prefer to play Quakeworld and Q3:A...especially Q3:A because I've never been able to run it before until this September, so I haven't played it much.

I'm always on mIRC, so message me there if you wanna get a game going.

I propose a weekly QW game...we all have it and it's probably still the most fun of any MP game. Any time of day after 1500 EST, and any day is fine by me. The server would most likely be the Googles server. 
Teh Me! 
Steam login : DaZ (
[hl2dm] [dmc] [ns 2.0]

CoD:UO Name : DaZ

Dawn of war Name : Dazz (I think!)

UT2004 Name : DaZ 
You Failed To Connect To The Friends Servers 
Steam/HL2DM: Shallow (

So is it just me, or has anyone else not been able to get onto the friends network at all for more than a week now? 
It's Never Worked For Me.... 
My Steam friends list has so many people now. I feel popular. 
Yaey, Friends List Actually Works - 
but says everyone is offline.

I think it's lying. 
nick: inertia
added all you guys to my steam list.. got a few auths so far so I geuss I added the right ones :) Shambler I found "steamcansuckmyarse" or whatever it was, I geuss thats you? :) 
- blackpope 
HL2DM Server Thing. 
Direct connect works as normal. Someone hosts, then other ppl type connect to join, simple as that.

Daz, that lag thing, I just played a bit with nano and von - first game with nano, I had 125 ping but the lag was terrible, felt more like 500+, unplayable really. Then Von joined and the map changed, and suddenly it was okay again. Then nano left and we changed back to the other map, and it was still okay. Don't know what's going on there but the first lag sounds like what you had, and it cleared up on changing map. 
unfortunately mine does not :/ Lag isn't the issue really, as ping is very acceptable and there is no noticeable lag for 10-20 seconds a t a time, then the game just totally lags out for 2-5 seconds and then goes back to normal... Friction said it sounds like packet loss and I agree, it does look like it.

But all my other games are fine???! Dunno wtf is going on really. 
Nick: Bl1tz
Still Going Strong. 
Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries with Mektek 2.1a additions (version everyone uses anyways). Pop by NBT-Sunder to get your ass handed to you someday. 
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