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Schloss Adler By Zaka
This map is not new, but I don't think it has ever been mentioned here, so I decided to submit this as news anyway. This is a very interesting map primarily ment for 4on4 teamplay, but it is also a very decent FFA map. The map uses RtCW textures which work quite well.

Screenshot #1:
Screenshot #2:

Map Download:
Loc Download:
24 bit textures:

Author site:
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What The Hell Is LoC? 
Is That..? 
rtgnosis? looks very nice! 
Haven't been playing much TDM, have you? A LOC file is a file containing description of areas along with the coordinates they are using. This way (using a modern QW client like FuhQuake) you can use teamspeak messages like:

JAGO: 100/200 rl:5 @ LOWER YA

and such without having to actually type it all, but instead by using a simple keybind. 
More On LOCs 
Here is a part of my QW config:

alias ".report" "say_team $\$nick %a:%h %b @ {%l}"
alias ".awaiting" "say_team $\$nick awaiting ITEM @ {%l}"
alias ".status" "say_team $\$x88$x88 Power-Up Status ? $x88$x88"
alias ".took" "say_team $\$nick $x86$x86 Took %i"
alias ".need" "say_team $\$nick $x88$x88 I need {%u}"
alias ".youtake" "say_team $\$nick $x87$x87 YOU TAKE {%x}"
alias ".safe" "say_team $\$nick $x86$x86 {%l} SAFE"
alias ".lost" "say_team $\$nick $x87$x87 {%L} LOST : E:{%e}"
alias ".freeitem" "say_team $\$nick: $x89 FREE ITEM @ {%l} $x89;say_team $\$nick: $x89 FREE ITEM @ {%l} $x89"
alias ".freepack" "say_team $\$nick: $x89 PACK @ {%l} $x89;say_team $\$nick: $x89 PACK @ {%l} $x89;"

%l - makes the client report the location as per the LOC file
$xNUMBER - color codes and such

have seen it in other games, just not in quake. 
Isn't His Name Zaka? 
it's zaka

hree's his page

and i've fixed the news title 
It should be great to have zipped version of the download links !! My 56k Modem don't like huge file... grrr.... 
Well.. has em all zipped 
This Map... 
Welcome to last year's news BTW, Jago. very cool and beautiful. This is the sort of enviroment that inspires me to play games in. 
Dumb Question... 
I just downloaded this map and would like to see it in all its glory: 24-bit tex and colored lighting. How can I accomplish this in FitzQuake? :) 
You don't. Seriously. FitzQuake doesn't support colored lighting and the way it supports custom 24 bit textures differs from the way the QW community makes them (for FuhQuake).

Download FuhQuake
unpack textures into /Quake/ID1/textures/MAPNAME
unpack lit into /Quake/ID1/lits
Run FuhQuake and play the map (you might want to set deathmatch "0" before loading the map) 
Thanks for the 411. 
Sorry, FitzQuake supports colored lightning, but you must have an associated .lit file with your .bsp file... !!! 
I stand corrected on that one.

The problem with many custom engines and the way they support custom 24bit textures is the following: The whole custom textureset craze started when the support was added to FuhQuake (a QW client). It supports them in such a way that people would put their textures into /gamedir/textures/MAPNAME and the only textures affected by this would be the ones found in MAPNAME. Putting a texture into the root of /gamedir/textures/ would use this texture in ALL .bsp files found by Quake.

Several custom engines including FitzQuake and Darkplaces however, require custom map textures to be placed in the root of /gamedir/textures/ and DO NOT support the MAPNAME path (although I believe that LordHavoc has finally decided to add such support to DP). The truth is that many different maps often use the same textures and while a specific custom texture would look great in one map, it might not necessarilly look good in another map. What makes things worse is that sometimes different maps contain different textures which use the same texture name, which makes things look even worse.

There are dozens and dozens of custom 24 texture sets out there and they all use different styles: minimalistic, faithful high-res, etc, etc. If you use FitzQuake or Darkplaces and dump all your sets into /gamedir/textures/ as these engines require you to, you end up with a HUGE mess that will not look good no matter what you do. You will also end up with some maps loading SOME custom textures because they can see the related texture file and not the others, because you didn't download/find a complete texture set for that specific map.

This is why I believe using FuhQuake is the only valid solution (until more engines start using the /gamedir/textures/MAPNAME method) for using custom 24bit textures with Quake maps.

:) Zaka Rules! 
Zaka in my opinion is one of the best mappers ever!!! this map schlosb and skull are ready great stuff... 
By The Way... 
this one is realy new!!!

i think deserv a post in here!!! 
Its a remake of a remake of a map which really wasn't particularly good in the first place; lets port it to QW, where you can't even make some of the jumps properly due to the different physics (eg the MH jump).

cpm1a's gameplay is great 
while schloss is definitely a fun map, it has some great trick opportunities and surprisingly balanced items even tho they are so close in proximity it sure doesnt feel that way in TeamDM. Zaka's maps haven't received the praise they deserve in the past , perhaps due to lack of his own advertisement and sticking more with the player side of the community than us circle jerking mappers.

However I don't think this warranted a 'NEWS' post as this is like getting AIDS, and getting a letter from your doctor informing you that you're HIV+.

there are some really good demos on this map out there, seek them out. 
Way2ez4chtv is a good place to start 
I guess nobody want that but...i post anyway!!!

support for bots play fbca

supported maps are:q3dm6qw, skull, dranzdm8, shadows, cpm3qw, jrdm2, br20m, kjdm13, e2m2tdm, p3a, evdm1, cmt1b, cpm1qw, pbrdm2 and schloss 
Not related to this map, but yesterday me and Zwiffle played on one of Zaka's other maps, skull, and it was very good. Has some bad bits to it, like a teleporter that sends you not all that far from where you started and makes you an easy target, and player starts that seem to only be put where you'll be fighting thus allowing multi kills on the same person. But overall is a good playing map, with decent architecture. 
I totally pwnx0rx0r3d the Scampie. By like 1 or 2 kills. 
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