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2 New Q1SP Maps At Castle Necrosis...
Before you get your hopes up, I should warn you that the two new maps are older maps I made a little while ago. Size-wise, they are about on par with E1M1, and probably the same thing quality-wise.

I found them lying around, and thought it could be cool to release them...
(download at FilePlanet...)
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1st post ;)

Will review them in next couple of days.

If they are good enough. ;)

nice idea necros... 
I Like E1M1. 
Especially the amount of secrets. 
The outdoor bit was nice.

And it`s got quite a bit of exploration.

I think it sets things up really well for Quake. 
anything that comes in a download called '' belongs on *my* hard drive.

there's some neat pieces of design here actually - the use of the floor-grill texture angeld at 45* for the first iris door I really liked. and the underwater sections were intersesting - the first rotfish made me jump...I'm such a wimp really.

well, that was my first hit of Quake for the day :) 
Thanks Necros 
for giving us some news other than LvL updating again! 
Wow, that was fast. 
Wow, that was fast.

keeps me busy. ;) 
For Giving Us Some News Other Than LvL Updating Again! 

Isn`t anyone searching around and finding interesting mapping news?? 
Shambler is back. 
what do you think u doing eh ?
spoilers galore reviews

dont go into details about innovations and all the custom (mod) stuff

dont describe surprizes plotted by mappers

never describe ending battles/situations
don`t mention the name of the map either, and for gods sake dont include any screenshots! 
and FFS don't provide a download link :P 
I dont really understand what made you upset?

Maybe you could give a specific example from the review? 
F E 
from different reviews

"Once the doors are unlocked, there is a small neat little final ambush at the end, before the final exit is reached."
Isnt that a surprise plotted by the mapper ? And u just spoil it

"Two fiends block your way to the exit, but one unfortunately gets trapped on a rockface, which makes the already easy challenge, even simpler."

"The final battle is against a custom dragon, but this is made considerably easier by a pentagram of protection..."

Consider this like you`v told how the movie ends in your review. It partly ruins the interst if you already know what happens in the finale. And as a mapper I would`nt like all my original ideas and surprises to be told to a player before he start a game.

Review doesnt need to describe the entire map to the end, nor its point to give feedback to a mapper.
You read game and movie reviews ?


Maybe some folks here dont care cause they get to play the maps before the reviews are written.

sorry for clumsy engrish - I`m half asleep, hope its clear what mean 
Speeds is right - the point of a review is to analyse a piece of work to help people decide if they want the whole thing, not laying out the entire experience - saying things like 'this unexpected thing happens at that point' is not really on. Movie reviewers would get their knuckles rapped for doing that. 
Movies cost money to see, you read a review to see if it's worth that money. Even though downloading the map takes a whole meg of bandwidth, I think anyone who reads the review before playing the map is just silly. 
Maybe you dont have many quake1 maps now, but when alot of levels get released you need to know which of them are worth checking. Look at LvL 
Look at LvL

point taken.

I will try not to give any spoliers in future. 
I read the review because I couldnt play it at the time. By the time I play it I will have forgotten anything specific, including the spoilers repeated in this thread ;) .

And time for a round of downloadings it is. 
Speedy: I agree.

underworldfan: Thanks. 
I do look at lvl. Religiously. I just skim to get a sense of whether the level is worth the download, and if it is I play it and then look back at the review to see how my own impressions compare. I do the same thing with uwf's review. 
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