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Project: Monsterfree - New Q1SP By Pulsar
This a strange experimental map. It's small and contains no monsters, but is's full of traps and puzzles.

If you expect to play usual q1sp, this map is not for you. Gameplay is strange, not everyone will enjoy it. But anyway, welcome to the Monsterfree Training Center.


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fucking brilliant little map! I was a little dubious when you first mentioned the idea, but it's all so perfectly executed:
the traps get clearly and steadily harder as you progress
observation, deduction and execution are required in balanced measure
lethal punishment is not meted out arbitrarily
frustration is kept at bay
health was perfectly placed

I actually had a lot more fun playing this than I've had dealing with horde combat in other maps ( /me tries to avoid eyecontact with Kinn )

It was also a good idea to see it done in Rubicon texes - looks like the training maps from HL1 were an influence maybe ;)

This map is basically a neatly rendered textbook diagram of how to do the bmodel gameplay of Quake.
also, here's the file mirrored on my site: 
Heh Yeah 
That was pretty cool. 
Nice Map 
Interesting arcitecture in some places and cool traps. Could've been a bit longer though. 
cute. ;)
thanks for the mirror, kell. 
Nice looking and fun even if a little short, some monsters in it could of been fun too.

Tnx for mirror. 
This Rocks 
Actually, it made me realise just how cool platform-type gameplay can be when done right. I'd love to see more monster-free (or monster-full ~_^) maps of this calibre.

I agree with some of the others in that I got a very nostalgic feeling whilst playing this, and it did feel rather half-life-ish, which is a good thing :) 
I agree the no monster thing sounded sort of lame but the map was well made and rather fun.

Granted it was a tad too short but there's not much else you could probably do with the Quake engine.

It's definitely a keeper though. 
it was easy but had great fun :) good job! just was sad when it finish :) eheheheh 
Possibly a little unlucky to release so close to marcher... I think I'll be playing that one a bit more, sorry! 
Not Marcher - But Sweet 
I played this before Marcher. It was kind of like eating the mint before the big platter but anyhow, it is a nice use of the Rubicon theme. I thought of it as the Hazard course for Quake. It was fun not really knowing what was next and that was a real change from normal Quake gameplay.

It was short and sweet. I wanted more when it ended but that's okay, right?

I wonder if there counld be a spring or summer mapping exercise to produce a set of maps like this. It would be fun as long as no-one got too mean. 
It would be fun as long as no-one got too mean.
i think that goes for most competitions. ;) 
pulsar rockes 
Pulsar! \o/ 
Loved it!
Who needs monsters, they just get in the way =)

This stuff is great. Some original stuff in there, and it looks good as well. Made a demo for it. 58 seconds. Could go somewhat faster, but I havent yet seen any more shortcuts. Maybe if it's added to SDA we will see some more crazy shit.
btw Iv seen one map allmost w/o monsters but traps b4
cool idea
Im tired of the normal quake gameplay honestly
no fun anymore, since I know it all too well 
Lots 'o Fun! 
An imaginative and cool little map. Pleasant diversion from the usual Quake gameplay. It indeed kept you guessing what was beyond the next corner. Thumbs up PuLsAr. 
Yeah . . . 
btw Iv seen one map allmost w/o monsters but traps b4
cool idea

Dave Weiden (also worker bee mapper on Zerst´┐Żrer) released one some years back that was mostly functioning bmodels. The build quality was good but the game play was infuriating with alot of insta-u-die set ups.

Sorry I have not played this as of yet, Pulsar. I meant to get caught up with playing all the new levels this week that I have not played and then wham! bam!, four new maps in forty eight hours, and at least one of which is an instant classic. So I'm seven behind, now.

I'm in my third hour of playing, Kinn, and loving every second so far ;) I've only stopped due to an engine crash. Cleaning up my broken registries and then I'm going back in. 
Well, it's really a nice training level wich remember me a lot those I can found into Tomb Raider series (and in other games as well...)... in order to learn "how to move with these fucking controls.." Errr.... 8P
Anyway, IMHO, the level design is particularly good, and the "industrial base" based architecture with a really good texture choice is impressive.
I can only complain about some too much "dark" area (while lightning effects are really cool as well), and a too short level which is not so difficult in fact for usual user as we are supposed to be... ;)
Anyway, you got a very good idea here, and thank you for this really good piece of "Quake"... 
This Was Nice 
Played your map, and liked it. It is a pity it ended so fast. 
Fun Map 
I was looking forward to playing this - could be useful for improving the trap aspect of the game for many players. And it had most of the non-monster tricks/traps available in standard Quake. Very fun.

I'd love to play more maps in this same theme. 
Nice Job 
I liked it, esp. the design visually and trapwise. I just wish it was longer and more varied. 
Map P1mpage 
Rubicon textures are the best to look at and the worst to work with. I liked the map's looks.

And as everyone else noted, it's quite fun, too. I would have liked something a bit longer, but this was pretty fun. Thankfully you didn't require any esoteric stunts such as U-jumping or rocket jumping.

8.5 of 10. 
Fun and surprising, I liked it long time. 
Pretty Cool. 
A good, well made execution of a "gimmicky" idea, and that is a rare thing indeed. So congrats for making a good map out of that idea.

I kept losing lots of health somehow =). 
Not Bad 
does its job, but its not something I would play again. 
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