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SM40 Contest Results
The SM40 map pack is here! First, I would like to thank VONDUR for providing a prize for the contest! Yay Von! Next I would like to thank both Zwiffle and Mike Woodham for submitting maps! (Contests really aren't very good without entries.)

And now for the results! Drum roll, please...

<drum roll>

<drum roll>

<drum roll>

<drum ro--oh, fine. Enough of that. The winner is MIKE WOODHAM! Congratulations, Mike!



Download both maps

*Vondur hugs Zwiffle :D
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Both were nice levels. And it was hard for me to judge. But that's my job (I hate it btw).

Anyway, congrats to both warriors and organizer!

Here are my first runs: 
Nice Tits. 
Firm ass.


Nice maps.
Firm winner. 
My first run through each map, I got quite lost on fmb_sm40, heh. Cool maps btw, I like 'em. 
Ahhh Crap! 
The link for sm40zwei is wrong, it should be:

2! fucking 2 new maps!
Texture mis-alignment: no excuse, I just missed it

Lava brush: haven't a clue, it does not appear in my .map file?

Intermission camera: neither demo shows the correct alignment - why? 
Intermission Camera 
I've noticed the same thing when watching demos of my recent Q1SP map. This seems to be a bug in demorecording and no matter what engine I used for demo playback, intermission camera angles always came out wrong. 
Demo Intermissions 
I know that Jozsef Szalontai (the Joe of JoeQuake) wrote a little program called ifix.exe to fix the dem files but I can't find it, dammit... I think he included it along with some speed run of his, but there's quite a lot of them... 
Tough Choice 
Great maps both of them. I can hardly believe that they're speedmaps. Such quality. I'd be hard pressed to declare a winner.

I also got lost on FMB40. I ran around for 10 minutes or so before I found the way (found the LG secret in the mean time). And then I went and fell into the lava and died just minutes after that =) 
intermission camera borkage after demoplayback is a bug in quake 
Great Work Guys 
I enjoyed them both. 
Contact Von about receiving your prize. 
to see two interpretations of the same building material. Similar yet very different and both are solid maps with good visuals and gameplay. Lighting was too dark for my taste but otherwise well done.

Fog was used well in Mike's map, subtle and similar to some of the good fog maps of Nehahra. Secrets were mostly good and rewarded exploration. Terrain was also put to good use.

Fun maps! 
i've contacted mike already, thanks for the care ;) 
Excellent job to both mappers. My room was probably the lamest part of both maps. :)

While Mike's was more of a coherent theme and more cleanly done, Zwif's had a much stronger sense of 'tech base', mainly due to the added textures. Had a definite Byzantine ship vibe to it. 
you used the wrong icon for that post. 
R.P.G / Mike / Zwiffle 
I played both map yesterday night, and like Vondur I had many difficultis to choose which one is the best... IMHO, I think they have the same polishing quality, they both have very good designs, architecture, gameplay, lightning effects, etc... Zwiffle map is perhaps more designed, with much more amount of details, which give the ;map a real feeling of reality, while Mike ones have a real plus with this "foggy" ambiance, which increase insecurity feeling during the game.. Well, It's really a good piece of art... I'm now so jalous about you guys... grrr... Thanks for these 2 great fighting moments... 
Good Fun 
It seems to be getting repetitive to say that -- how many more cool q1sp maps can be released in the next month? :)

I enjoyed playing both maps and the contrasting way similar bits of architecture were used differently. I think I slightly preferred Mike's map, but that might have just been because I played it first... 
Download Link 
doesn't work, I'd like to get the maps 
seems to be down atm 
Finally Got To Play All The New Maps Today! 
I enjoyed this release. Both maps were quite atmospheric and fun.

Mike's map - the fog concealed some traps/pitfalls nicely - like in one spot where I charged right out to kick some ass and fell into lava. Did this map require a few rocket jumps to complete, or am I doing something wrong?

Zwiffle's map - Nice details on some of the factory structures in places. Lots of dark parts and a few cramped spots, which heightened the tension.

Good, enjoyable maps both! 
No, if you mean the button to open the last door, you need to look down to find a ledge to drop on to.

Glad you liked the maps. 
Good Maps 
FMB_SM40 was better than SM40ZWEI. SM just felt a bit too silent or something - and the distances felt huge. But it's still a GOOD map. FM offered a nice amount of variety and the gameplay rocked. 
Played it again and figured out both of my problems. I could have used the item on that platform at the end the first time through! ;) 
Good Stuff 
Just played these. I'd be hard pressed to choose between them.

Both looked good and the areas were blended together nicely.

In Mike's I did get stuck after the first room with crates - I didn't realise there was a way to get on top of the crates to find a switch. I thought the fog was cool - it really added to the atmosphere.

I liked Zwiff's funky textures - maybe a bit cartoony at times, but on the whole I think they gave it a unique look. The map was a bit cramped at times, but it had some splendid brushwork. 
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