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New Quake 1 Deathmatch By Who??
Originally made as the theme map for the QC Speedmod event I organised over the 15th-16th of this Month (Janurary), I liked the map enough to release it as a standalone DeathMatch too.



Hope ya enjoy it, I found it fun with 3-6 bots.
I ran around the map. Some architecture is nice, but the scale seems a bit off. The catwalks are pretty thin, so it's real easy to fall off. I can't say how well it plays, I just ran around it in DP. It could be fun, but I doubt any of the serious QW players would bother with it. Good job anyway. 
I did put in some guiding clip brushes next to some clamps and pillars to help keep the players on the more precarious catwalks, but you're right, some of them are just too thin, ahh well, ya live and learn.

If anyone's interested in what the QC community did when I gave them the map, here's the page with some thumbnails of the various mods they produced for it: 
when i first saw the yellow caution trim, i didn't think i would like it, but the brush work is actually pretty good. :)
i do find ther eis a bit too much yellow trim in the first two shots though. ;)
don't know about gameplay or anything. 
I can download at my company websence...can anybody upload to another place??? pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 
Post screenshots of what it looks like in QUAKE plzkthxbbl. 
As per Shambler's request, here's some shots of what it looks like for the engine-impared.


Not bad IMHO.


Note the Software Quake grey/green rendering issue in the second shot.

For the GPU-blessed, here it is with some of the textures replaced with 512x512 external files that I like to use but didn't release:

And for those with a Cray, realtime lighting/blooming/shadowing:

I'd add in bump mapping too, but I think you get the idea...

Note: All 'advanced' shots were taken in a recent unreleased beta of DarkPlaces by LordHavoc. 
Cheers Harb/ 
GL Quake stuff looks better than the first stuff to me, a bit deeper. Anyway, interesting looking, might give it a look, although trim looks OTT. 
Lovely Evil Brushwork 
and the mods are really wicked fun. What can't you do with a prog.dat, eh? 
precache more than 256 sounds at a time. :P 
Mmmm, the only problem I have with DarkPlaces is that screenshots come out a good 30% lighter than the ingame graphics. 
yeah, i noticed that too. i wasn't sure if i was just imagining it. it's like the colour settings don't get preserved when the screenshot is taken (or the image is grabbed before it gets passed through whatever image filters make the gamescreen the way it is) 
Interesting style, good to have a proper theme to it, and good build quality.

However, I don't like the textures, they are too crude and bright for that style. Too much yellow trim too. The design is a bit underscaled in places. And the layout seems quite....slow. Long corridors and doors and stuff.

If the whole map was kinda stretched a bit and shaken a bit and retexturised a bit, it could be pretty cool. 
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