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Hope & Glory: New Textures For Quake 3
Hi, first post here :)

I've finished my first texture set "Hope and Glory" for Quake 3 Arena. It's a gothic set comprising of 106 unique textures.

Download: (2.2 Mb)

Screenshots and more information:

they look kind of nice! i'll have to check them out more fully when i get home.

assuming they convert well, would it be ok to use them in a q1 map? 
Next time submit news using the Submit News link. 
Myth: this should've been posted as news, not a new thread like Shambler said.

Func's forum is meant for discussion on topics, not new releases. Releases of stuffs are made into news and comments happens there. 
sorry about that guys. I can't seem to delete my post.

Necros: Yeah you can convert them to Quake 1 textures if you want. 
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