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Hope And Glory
Myth reports that he's finished his first texture set "Hope and Glory" for Quake 3 Arena. It's a gothic set comprising of 106 unique textures.

Download: (2.2 Mb)

Screenshots and more information:
These Look Good 
Especially for a first set. I just wish I had time to make another Q3 map...hmmmn.

/me ponders 
Make A Map! 
Yeah go onnnnn, you know you want to make another Q3 map pjw :D 
i had a closer look at them yesterday. they are nice, but i find they have a bit of a cartoony feel to them... it's hard to explain... maybe they don't look old enough?
still, if that was the look you were going for, then you succeded. :) 
h� h� �etta er�g��ur leikur sko og hann er bara sgemtilegur 
..Yeah I suppose they do look a bit cartoony. It wasn't the look I was going for, but never mind, it was a bit of a learning experiment making them. 
Myth / Scampie 
Wow nice textures really !!! Does anybody have a Q1 converted version somewhere ?? 
.. No there is no Q1 conversion.

I haven't mapped for Q1 for years.. what process would need to be done to convert them?

- What format are they?
- How are they packed?
- What tools would I need to convert them? 
I converted a couple just for a look-see

Not really Quake1: these are half size and still look too big.

The arch is made up of 16 brushes. The problem is that I think curves maybe handled differently in Quake3 and can therefore be more pronounced but they may be a bit too 'curvy' for Quake1.

I won't do any more as the set is far from complete for a Q1SP level. 
.. I like the textures and I like the massive arches. 
Myth / Mike 
Myth: I've heard somewhere (here I think) that some guys here have already done Q3 textures conversion into Q1 format... I think it's possible by extracting all textures in bmp format (qART is able to do that if I remenber well...), work on them with a graphic tool (PaintShopPro or others..., the work consists in decreasing resolution, size, and some other things... correct me if I'm wrong...), and then rebuild a correct wad file with the resulting bmp file (qART again...)... Wel, perhaps is there a fastest way to obtain the same results... I'm not really used with these textures conversion ...

Mike: It looks cool !!! BTW, how did you convert the textures into Q1 format ?? 
Tex Mex can import both .jpg and .tga files so it is quite easy. I simply imported and converted some to half size using the Resize option.

Originally, I thought scale might be a problem but looking again, now I'm not so sure. Thinking of Marcher's scale, these would easily cope.

Maybe I'll do a few more later. The curves still worry me. 
Curves In Q3 
Are usually bevier patches. Those aren't circular unless you tweak them pretty carefully, so there is a bit of a difference between the average curve in Q3 and Quake.

There's no reason you can't simulate the standard (not-quite-circular) Q3 bevel curve with brushes, though. 
Would be amazing if you converted the set. Obviously the shaders would have to be scraped; jump pads, textures with alpha channels and transparent areas etc.

I'll definately host them on my site if you make a pack. 
OMG Phantom Post 
The virus has escaped the Arcane thread! 
I agree with Myth: go convert his Q3 texture set into Q1 format please !!!!! 
I've converted all bar the tga's, which because of the transparent backgrounds, will not work in Q1.

There were also 4 'illegaly-sized' textures, which when converted were only 8 units and Q1 requires a minimum of 16. What I have done for the sake of a speedy trial is (in Photoshop) rotate 180, increase canvas to 16, and copy original into this new texture to give a mirror image. This is not perfect as shadow/highlight detail is wrong in the new texture. But it will allow you to use the texture in Q1.

I have not checked for fullbrights.

I have .zip file of 698k if you want it. The four 'new' textures have an MW suffix and I have omitted the originals.

I am not a graphics guru and have not touched the textures in any other way. 
Nice One 
Great stuff Mike, thanks for doing that. If they've been tested or you're sure they're all working perfectly I'll upload them to my site.

If you can't upload them anywhere, you can email them to me.. zaphox at hotmail

Thanks again. 
This Is What Works For Me 
For 16 bit indexed textures, Wally is my goto program.

Here are some examples from textures I have been making the last few days.

On the left are the photoshop textures where I created the images using a technique called 'dodge and burn' in grayscale then applying a material overlay.

The skull is inspired by a combination of DKT Norway and listening to Helmet here of late. The medusa is a knockoff of a well known Giger picture I spent a few hours drawing.

On the right hand side of the first picture are the the retextured versions in Wally. It is pretty simple, you load the picture, load the pallette from the toolbar options, and you use the spray paint tool option to overlay the Quake pallette retexture.

hope that helps. 
Great !! Send me the stuff, or put it in line, in order everybody use it !! Thanks 
e-mails on the way. 
Many thanks Mike, I really appreciate you doing that. I've just added a text file to the zip.

OK then Quake 1 mappers here it is :-D

Download here (0.7 Mb) 
Myth / Mike 
Great !!! Thank you very much for the texture set... I for sure will use it in one of my next map... 
Oh Noo 
myth: cool
a bit overdone bevels and could use some adjusting of mode and opasity of the hilights 
Thanks for the feedback. I guess maybe I did overdo it with the bevels, Im pretty new to photoshop, so beveling things is a simple solution to making objects look 3d. I will look into other methods before I start my next set.

Any good links to general texture creation, or tips on how to make realistic hilights etc would be greatly appreciated. Cheers. 
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