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Half-Life 2
Just got my issue to PCZone today and was amazed to see a very large preview of Half-Life 2 in it! Ive scanned 3 screenshots from the article but there are loads more which are awesome too. So what are peoples thoughts on Half-Life 2? I personally thought it was going to suck but after reading this article and seeing the screenshots my opinion has been changed. Pick up a copy of the magazine if your interrested, its a good read.
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its Half-Life.

Therefore, it will suck.

Q1SP owns j00!

Ok, i will shut up now. :/

[The screenshots look like nice eye-candy though]. 
i haven't really been following the developements of hl2, so i can't really form an opinion on it.

i can say that i really like the sp aspect of hl, because it had a pretty good storyline.
if hl2's story is just as good, i'll probably like it just as much.

mostly though, i'm waiting for Doom3. :) 
Necros [and Anyone Else For That Matter] 
if you want a good storyline, read a book or watch a film. 
you might find it surprising, but for a quake fan, i really like storylines in games.

Unreal, Morrowind, SystemShock1/2, RTCW, etc...
fuck, i even come up with storys for my maps!

unless the gameplay is so amazingly good, (ie: doom, quake) that it doesn't matter... but that's pretty rare in this day and age. 
that's cool - as long as you don't write a short novel in your readme and expect me to plough through it before launching the map. One of the reasons HL succeeded was it told its story entirely within the maps - Quake should be the same. Custom map stories have the potential to be some of the worst fan-fiction ever - especially given the fact that they have to be suffered in cornea-scouring .txt format.
Use of brief scene-setting pieces of flavour text to establish a maps narrative premise is cool - War And Peace via notepad is not.
Essentially, if the story's worth telling, tell it with the *map*. 
doom had storyline and quake too !
havent u read the intermission texts.
ok it was minimal storyline . but the text like `u are the last human left on earth` really got me

And thumbs up for hl2, I was just wondering were the heck was it, and here u go - valve announced it. Notice the mean aliens. 
Stop with the HL2 pics and finish TNJ/DaZSP4/DaZSP5! 

dude that is like a week old news, I already posted pics for it like AGES ago :) 
Lucky that Daz posted some DIFFERENT pictures then, isn`t it mister gulati?? (Apart from the fire one but that`s much clearer...). 
Anyway, HL2. 
Thoughts, thoughts.

1. It`s cool that they`ve kept it under wraps until now.

2. It`s also cool for mild entertaiment that they`ll be going head2head with D3.

3. The engine looks cool from those shots.

4. The settings look....ummmm kinda cool. They look interesting, like, WTF is going on, storywise. But not so much my style.

5. That tripod looks damn cool, the rest remind me a lot of, ummm, HL tho.

6. As for how the game appeals to me, well HL was cool if overrated but there`s plenty more games I prefer. I suspect they will do a good job and it will be a very good HLy game. Whether it will drown in the torrent of hype or another matter. But for myself I am so behind on games that it`s not so high on my list of interests. 
I Liked The Original HL 
The monsters were neat and inventive, and even scary. The story was cool, though I never figured it out totally.

We at inside3d have a few people that post their mod ideas in the form of a 3-5 page opening story. Not bad guys, but I rarely read any further than the title, and then skip down to the meat of what the mod will actually be like.

Quake is an old-skool game. It`s the brainchild of one of the oldest game styles out there - progress from level to level while running around shooting monsters that are hell-bent on killing all of mankind for some obscure reason. Quake survived because it does this well. However, such a system might not cut it in newer games, against the newest competitive edge that centers around story.

I notice that the new Jak and Daxter (Jak2) is changing focus. It`s abandoning the old, now overused system of sparce storyline just do things because we say so, and is instead ingraining a very intense and engaging storyline that will be with you through the entire game to keep you going. Every obstacle and quest has a specific reason to be there. I`m looking forward to it very much.

I loved the original Jak and Daxter. Despite the fact that the new one is taking a different path, it looks like it`s on the right track. 
Im purty sure its gonna be a good game. Valve is one of the few companies I have complete confidence in, theyre one of those guys that always seem to step up to the plate and deliver.
see also; the Nintendo effect.

And if I have to choose between doom3 and hl2... I would go for HL2. 
Yeah, every game that Valve have made has delivered...

All 1 of them. 
Are you drunk?

HL, OpFor, Blue Shift, CS...

Valve delivers the goods. 
they have made semi-nice business decisions along the way.

it is not always about the games. 
...was developed by amateurs, valve just bought it.

Also it seems to suffer from the same problem that ID, they cant make a game that has a different approach. Well, at least they make a game instead of a engine with some content added to it. 
CS wasn`t done by Valve
Blue Shift wasn`t done by Valve
OpFor wasn`t done by Valve 
Re #18 (id) 
Ah, the old anti-id saw.

id makes some of the best games around because they`re fun and suitably bizarre. Possibly listened to the naysayers too much with Q2 though. Nice engines too, unfortunately I have yet to enjoy any other games made with the engines except Half-Life. My old PC was a bit sluggish on Q3A but impossible for any of the other games made with the engine. 
Stop with the HL2 pics and finish TNJ/DaZSP4/DaZSP5!

RPG speaks great wisdom here.

I think i am falling in love with RPG. !!?!! 
Maybe this will help with your misplaced love for me (not work safe): 
Ok Boyz! 
RPG u faggot!

Go bug Bal to release bal3dm5 or something :)

Shambler da fuk? U craka! 
does that matter somehow?

without valve they would never have been released.
and they are good releases. 
No, You Are Drunk... 
Well yes it does matter, wrath, because you included them as games that Valve had made, sorry delivered on, when they hadn't.

However, HL was excellent and I, for one, am really looking forward to HL2. 
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