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Tyrann Moves - New Engine, BSP Compiler
I've gotten my site set up at my new address and uploaded new releases of TyrQuake and Tyr-QBSP.

The new version of the engine offers a nice features for mappers struggling with clipping bugs. Set "developer 1" at the console, then type "_gl_drawhull 1" or "_gl_drawhull 2" to have the engine render either of the collision hulls.

The new version of qbsp offers improved clipping hull generation (especially for odd-shaped brushes and terrain) and some increased precision. aguirRe actually noticed that some more "untidy" maps (e.g. decompiled or just plain messy/off-grid) didn't compile well with this increased precision, so it may not suite all. But it's definately an improvement for my maps and a number of others that I tried.
Does the new qbsp actually decrease #clipnodes? Because that would be *really* cool ^_^ 
Usually no, but it really depends heavily on the structure of the map. You'd just have to try it and see. I'm sure it would produce much smoother hulls for terrain like you have in Marcher, but it may come at a cost of a few more clipnodes. I'd be interested to know what the results are. Even better, email me the map file if you're willing. 8) 
New Map(s)? 
Thanks for this, was looking forward to the clip detection. Also thanks for your recent inspiration for PH8DM2 with your Aggressor map :) 
Shambler: It might be a tight finish, but I think I'll have something else out before the Earth is swallowed by our sun's expansion into a red giant.

Phait: 8) 
Well, the map in question has a *long* way to go before I get into clipnode problems, so it's not an urgent issue yet, but I'll keep it in mind :) 
yay screenshot of Unforgiven!

Is that a screenshot of the same area you had pictured on your site before? ;) 
Partly...'s from inside the castle... which is getting much more detailed now. Actually I've mostly been working on a certain idbase textured map. 
you have a website named "disenchant" and a map named "dark ritual?" 
EDC is still one of my favorite dm maps. 
Ashes To Ashes + Shadowbane 
Metl: Yeah, I used to play a lot of Magic when I was at Uni. My favourite decks were always black and white.

Sleepy: 8) 
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