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Screenshots & Betas
This is the place to post screenshots of your upcoming masterpiece and get criticism, or just have people implore you to finish it. You should also use this thread to post beta versions of your maps.

Need a place to host your screenshots? Upload them here:
Username: quaketastic
Password: ZigguratVertigoBlewTronynsSocksOff
File size limit is 128MB.
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AzureMoon - Can I Get Some Playtests? 
Hey guys - This is my first quake map. Been working on it for a few months. I'd love to get some people play testing it and giving me some feedback <3

1 -
2 -
3 -
4 - 
AzureMoon - Can I Get Some Playtests? 
Okay I took the plunge. I've recorded some demos on skill 1. You should watch them through as I leave some comments here and there. The play thru is quite long. There are some errors on the map you need to fix but I'll get to that.

Things I liked:

Good puzzles and visual communication with the player.
The scale is huge but it really works in this case. I appreciate the shortcuts. The goal you are telling the players was very easy to understand. I liked the different textures although the yellow caution stuff is way overused throughout. Overall, I really did like this level and you only have a bit of tweaking to do IMO. The lighting is very Half-Life and Quake 2. I think it works for the most part. Some people like that aesthetic.

Things I didn't like:

I didn't like having to jump and (occasionally miss) the ammo and armor. That slowed things down for me and got annoying. Although I really like your puzzles, it was tough to see if the door was open or closed a few times. I played this on a laptop with a 16" screen for example. You could fix this with a higher contrast texture in the open state.

Okay we gotta talk about your cheap deaths. (Silver key in particular.) Not fair, no fun. No more insta-kills, it's bad design and frustrates players. No one likes this. Find someone who does and I'll buy you a candy bar. Seriously.

I assume you are using Quakespasm-Spiked or vkQuake to make and test your level. In Ironwail 0.6.0, I am getting "Sound NotPreCached" errors when stepping on your buttons. Not sure what is supoosed to be playing for the button sounds, but I am not hearing whatever it is. Quakespasm-Spiked "corrects" some of these errors but most other Quake engines do not, so the player is not going to expereince your map they way you intended. Simple fix: don't use QSS for developing maps. Playing? Go for it. Mapping? Skip it and use Quakespasm 0.94.5

One last thing and it's a fine line here. For as big as the map is, there are few monsters. Your set piece moments like the Quad and the area where you drop down after the LG jumping puzzle are great. But I think you can spawn in more monsters in hallways between your puzzles and it would be fine. You certainly give the player plenty of ammo.

Great first Quake map. Oh yeah one last thing. Your map is packaged all wrong and uses capital letters - you should use lower case. I never saw the sky map, since it was in the wrong place. Take a look at these two videos for info: - release your map - skyboxes and fog 
Thank you for the input! Quite a few people have flagged up the prechaching errors and I believe I've fixed them - you were right that they were looking for sounds that weren't there. The fix was to either play silence where possible (option 0) or just play a more subtle sound effect - basically, those errors are all squashed now

As for the death in the silver key part, that was actually a bug. If you check out the bottomless pit surrounding that hole in trenchbroom there's a trigger_hurt set for 999 points of damage, but I'd grouped them together first before making them a trigger_hurt, so it was killing people in certain source ports first before they were able to reach the teleport at the bottom (which is what's supposed to happen) - fixed it last night because someone else mentioned it

Thanks for the feedback! Your videos were invaluable in helping me make this thing - I appreciate that you played my silly little level 
You are very welcome. It's a fun map. Looking forward to the final. 
Q1SP - My First Map - Fort Rumburak 
Howdy, so here's my first proper Quake map to publish. It's a fortress of evil wizard Rumburak. I spent a bunch of weeks putting it together with help of the great people on discord, and now I think it's ready for more testing and eventual release. Any and all feedback much appreciated. I'm coming from Doom mapping, and the freedom of full 3D design is amazing.

You'll need copper mod.
There's 125 guys to shoot, 3 secrets to find, and 15-20 minutes to kill. Skills not implemented yet.


Download hb_fort beta:

glhf, hrnek 
A Rather Big Quake Map 
from the SIN's level "The Gorge".

The Gorge 
Post Scriptum 
@metslime : could you be so kind to add my map to the news toppic? I would apreciate it. :P

@mechtech : I don't know if you're out there somewhere, but I added your "TitanBeta5" map to quaketastic. I could'nt help it as it is such a unbelievable map, I hardly could believe I beta tested it. So hopefully with your agreement to publish the level.., there it goes.

Another strange inconviened, it looks as if Win11 doesn't give the Upload icons anymore on Quaketastic. So bad. I had to upload from WinXp.
God bless you, mighty satelite. 
First Post, First Release 
Hello everyone, I'm looking to get some mods I've made over the years out the door but would like to confirm they're bug-free and functional before I do so. Hopefully I correctly followed the upload procedure.

The mod:


Short summary of the mod:
It contains three maps, new weapon models, and various gameplay changes that aren't particularly groundbreaking.
If you like revolvers and think the Quake monsters have too much health, play it.

There is more information in the readme file. 
Hello Imi74 
Congrats with first release! Solid work, man. Gameplay some unusual with new weapon - it is more powerful (playing on hard), but map layout is outstanding. I need more! 
I'll take a look at this later this week. This looks unique for sure. 
I'll take a look at this later this week. This looks unique for sure. 
Gauging Interest In CPQ Beta Jam (Map Logic Mod) 
So I'm (finally) finishing up development on v0.2 of CPQ, a logic mod that I've been working on off and on for about a year or so (website: and I'd love to run a jam in the near future to encourage mappers to get to know it, and to really put some flexible, dynamic power in the hands of the mappers in this community. It'd also be an opportunity to give me feedback before a final release as there are a lot of different systems in there and there are sure to be sharp edges that need softening. Oh, and the jam would be included in the final release of v0.2.

If anyone would be potentially interested in participating (or would like to do a map if there's not enough participants for a jam) please feel free to reply, or hit me up on Discord (Qalten#1019 and in the Quake Mapping Discord).

If you like to see a playthrough of a "showcase" map I made last year, check it out here: 
I played this blind for a video on my YouTube channel as I like to highlight new mappers. Really, really impressive work and I enjoyed it a lot. Played on Skill 1 and like CV I want more!


Some impressions.

Pros: maps were great and atmospheric. A bit tight in places but really nice use of your different themes and their different layouts accordingly.

I liked the weapons and gameplay tweaks more than I thought I would. I felt powerful as each of the weapons had a great feel. Overall it's a bit easy BUT after a long work week it was a treat to blow through these levels and just enjoy myself.

Good secrets. When I was capturing b-roll for my intro I saw some secrets I would have liked to have found. Need to go back and play those.


Cons: not sold on the weapon textures. I believe they are a little too noisy and too low-fi. I wouldn't recommend revamping them too much but maybe a little bit of clean-up is in order.

Some of the maps were a bit cramped in places. Not a huge issue but always assume someone might want to play these in COOP and maybe leave a little more elbow room in your new maps.

Your exits were not really obvious in a couple maps. You might want to adorn them a bit more.


All in all this is great work and I want to play more! Please stay in touch and keep us posted. 
Great News Qalten 
I can't participate but this is great to hear! 
I appreciate the feedback, and will be looking forward to that video. Your tutorials were extremely useful and made learning Trenchbroom a very smooth experience for me.

I pretty much agree on the weapon textures, I made them pretty fast so as to get the stuff uploaded, not so much to look good.
I'll have to give them more proper texturing before I send it out for a quaddicted release.
(Gonna have to look into the process again once it's ready)
I have a simple but effective idea on how to make the map exits more obvious.

Based on what I'm hearing, I'm guessing I don't have to worry about any strange engine-related bugs or technical issues? I did find 2 strange "monster in wall" errors in the citadel when running "developer 1" but those monsters work properly, so I'm not sure if I should be concerned.

I'll be sure to ramp up the difficulty whenever I end up working on a map again. The coop suggestion is pretty useful too, a good guideline for making maps sufficiently spacious.
That said, I wouldn't hold my breath for future maps anytime soon, my mapping is pretty sporadic. 
Hope To See More 
The only real bug I experienced were with Ghouls getting stuck in mid-air quite often. As with friends they might be better out in the open away from low ceilings and stairs. I know this comes up quite often with fiends as well.

Also nails came out of the middle of the screen for me when using that weapon.

Those are the big ones I recall. 
New Mod "Castle Of Doom" Final Screen Shots 
Here I have some final screen shots from my upcoming mod "Castle of Doom".
I'm now polishing up last things and working on the release trailer.

New Mod "Castle Of Doom" Final Screen Shots. 1.0 
I'm Halloweened by those screenies. 
Those shots look amazing. Some stunning brushwork there. Looking forward to playing this! Congratulations. 
Interdimesional Castle 
Link to the map:

This a single player map I made as a student project for school set in a medieval era gothic castle, inspired by Quake. It's a small sized map that lasts ~4-6 minutes where Ranger is up against a dimension-shambler who is transporting enemies into our world, gathering an army. With the bridge broken, the only way into the castle is through the caves, into the dungeon with horrors awaiting you...

Castle Of Doom - Trailer 
So here's the trailer for my upcoming mod.
Hope you enjoy.

best wishes


Waypoints Are Wrong...

Had to re-upload because the frikbot waypoints were wrong. Also now included the .map file. 
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