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Screenshots & Betas
This is the place to post screenshots of your upcoming masterpiece and get criticism, or just have people implore you to finish it. You should also use this thread to post beta versions of your maps.

Need a place to host your screenshots? Upload them here:
Username: quaketastic
Password: ZigguratVertigoBlewTronynsSocksOff
File size limit is 128MB.
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Makkon Test Shots 
Here are some shots Makkon posted in discord of texture test maps:

Few Pics For Fun 
Really nice. 
A Couple Of Screenshots. 
I want to play it. 
Here's The Map. 
I wanted to make something kind of neat. There was no overall plan. I simply went from one room to the next, making things work as I went. I've found that it's hard to gauge distance. A room can seem huge until you put something in it. 
Here you have a demo of your map. Copy the file to /id1 and type playdemo mkt1_coce in the console to watch it.

Found the first secret later while testing if there was something new on other skill levels.

The map has some interesting ideas variety and 3d alike layout, more than many from mappers with more experience, and i suppose that you wrote that the map is so far only for easy and nightmare because you did not implement skill settings.
On the other side there is not much to kill with the two Quads as they are before some button pressing, and the amount of armour items is excessive even for skill 0. I would also add a high tier enemy later in the map even for skill 0. 
Thank you for trying it and the nice compliment. You missed the first secret. 
Nearly Complete 
The only things left to do is having difficulty settings and maybe changing item/enemy placement. 
Clothing (quake Themed And Nice) 
I recorded a demo for you:

Fun little map, nice progression.

Some feedback:

Some of the textures are a bit plain - it's OK to break a wall up and decorate with more interesting textures

I found all three secrets, they weren't very well hidden. The pent made me run back for quite a long time before I found anything that could hurt me.

The map has leaks, if you fix all the leaks it will subtract the outside of the map. You can use the pointfile to find the leaks. After you have run qbsp, it will create a pointfile (.pts) - you can load that into the engine or the editor and a line will show you were the leak is. You might have to fix the leak, then it will still leak, so you will possibly have to do this a few times. To load a pointfile in your editor, put the pointfile in the id1\maps folder and type pointfile filename to load it.

Some of the jumping parts aren't very well measured. There's a bit where a platform extends, but you can easily jump across anyway. The button for the silver key - you can jump to that and skip the area with the ogres.

Put the demo I uploaded into your id1 folder, and use 'playdemo rickymkt1' in the console.

Overall the map has some nice combat and fun progression! :) 
Here Is A Video That Explains Leaks In Quake Maps Better 
Iron Forge: First Deathmatch Map, All Original Textures 
A medieval-ish-themed DM map with a big lava river and a bunch of teleporters.

At the link are more screenshots, a readme, and a zip with the compiled map and sources.

Any mipmap hiccups are because I wrote my own WAD compiler, both as an exercise and because I couldn't find an existing Linux-native one.

(Oops, there's supposed to be a box of shells up on that long catwalk! I accidentally picked it up while taking the screenshots.) 
The lighting is a bit flat for my taste but it does show off your textures nicely. Great work. 
Shambler On The Charlestone 
Texture, Lighting, And Minor Layout Changes 
In the previous version, I somehow glossed over the rocket launcher platform being inaccessible unless you happened to have spawned up there. There was originally a trigger_push-and-ramp jump pad to get up there, but I had to scrap it because it only worked reliably with QW physics.
I've lightened up the brick textures as it was hard to get good lighting on them without the lights being blown out.
The truck is now slightly smaller and has brake lights to light up the rocket launcher area. It no longer has iron bars behind it because they got in the way and they could trap players.

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 4
Screenshot 8

Zip, readme, and more screenshots

(The screenshots from the last post are still available, I've moved them to their own directory.) 
No Dumptruck, No Download 
Nice adjustments. Have you considered add bot support to the map?

For rerelease:

traditional bots: 
Rerelease Nav File 
I put together a quick and (mostly) functional .nav file for the rerelease. Bots can navigate most of the map fine but tend to get stuck in a teleporter loop trying to get the nailgun without a run-up, and aren't quite dextrous enough to make it through the lava slag path alive.

I'm hoping to find some documentation somewhere that describes older bot waypoints in more detail. After digging through the FrikBot QC, I've found that I might be able to put up a .ent map patch for FrikBot-specific waypoints, if I can find what map fields they use.

For other bots, I have no clue. A few hours of searching the internet brought up nothing else other than a few mentions of .loc files, which from what I've read, seem to be more of a "where I am" thing for chat messages rather than bot waypoints. I'll continue searching and asking around. 
For FrikBot you could alternately create a separate ".way" file for the map, if you don't want to bake those entities into the map.

I've never tried FrikBot waypointing myself, but the docs at have a "Waypointing" section that describes using an in-game editor to create and then dump out the waypoints. You can choose to dump them in a format for ".way" files, or as entities to include in your map, or even as QuakeC if you wanted to handle the waypoints in mod code (but IMO don't do that).

I wouldn't bother with other bot support I think. Nobody makes Omicron bot routes these days, and I think Frogbot pretty much requires baking the routes into QuakeC code. 
Does This Deserve A New Thread? 
So, for the better part of the past year I've been sort of writing my own version of the Quake world engine, specifically excluding anything gameplay related, in GameMaker Studio. Most of the vanilla Q1 funcs and triggers are implemented, in addition to some of the community-curated additions like brush alphas, RGB lightmaps, and the experimental new lightmap and light grid formats. That actually makes GM the first engine to support the new Q1 decoupled lightmaps and light grids. 
Yes It Does 
Bravo. Looking forward to seeing how it comes together. 
Thank Ya! 
It's been like 8 months of me toying away in my spare time. I'm hoping to support most of progs_dump, Copper, Arcane Dimensions, etc if I can help it lol I've already got rotatable brushes, breakable funcs, including the breakable spawner. Just the other day I added a nifty caustic light simulation using light style 64 multiplied by a funky caustic shader I wrote. :P 
My First Map 
A few screenshots from my first ever map. It's loosely based on a reocurring nightmare I used to have as a kid, probably due to playing Q1 too much lol.

Still very early in development, can't wait to share it once complete. 
Screens looks sweet, keep it on! 
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