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Single Player 200 Brush Jailbreak Contest!

Its been awhile since I posted - busy with a job. ANYWAY, Ive started a contest:

- single player quake 1 map
- 200 brushes maximum
- complete texture freedom (custom or id)
- the plot/point of the map must be escaping from a jail/prison and the player starting in their cell...

Keep in mind you can have the cell already open to escape or it may be upon the player to find a way out, for example:

Perhaps the cell has bars that are broken and mangled and the player can fit through them - OR - the player must find a way to open the bars?

Ill try to submit a map of my own for this, but I dont have as much free time to dedicate myself to it. However, the 200 brush limit should add some ease to this contest in a sense (that I dont want to detail right now as Im going to sleep).

Deadline is: May 31

Best entries will be in a pak @ Pherrous - for now Im thinking a pack of 5 winning maps - this could/may change though. Well see!
Good luck getting entries. 
also posting on some other forums.

ps. havent you got any exams? man, i wish i had a job right now. fuck the washing and ironing and cleaning when you get home. just play and watch videos after work every day.
mmm, i`ll be a good house-husband! 
Well, I made mine with these really cool twisted bars, but I only had 4 brushes left for the rest of the map... 
You people...

Nope Im not in college yet, just working. 
/me Has College Finals Too 
I would love to participate, if I could map for crap.

This sounds like an interesting theme though. I`m looking forward to the results. 
Im Afraid... nonny said... it would be tough to make a convincing jail with bars... unless its all forcefields(clip brushes)... heh..
the brush limit makes sticking to a theme very unappealing.

howabout ... 20 monster limit for best combat sequence. ? 
A Contest... 
your not still sour from the Natural Terrain contest, are ya, Shambler? :) 
If you dont want to participate because you loathe contests/the idea, then how about a nice warm cup of STFU! ;)

Anyway,.. I meant that lightly - I respect you all. Hmm.. Im not saying you have to use bars for the cells, it was merely an example.

And frankly I dont give a shite if no one participates - cause I understand. But I thought I would try. *shrug* 
I Actually Like 
blackpoe`s idea, limited monster count for most enjoyable experience. 20`s not enough though, how about 30-40 so we also get some decent sized maps? 

- jail setting
- goal: escape from jail
- the jail itself does NOT have to be typical bar cell jail (as stated before but this seems to have been confused from the *example*, sorry)
- 200 brush limit
- 40 maximum monsters
- player must start within their cell - the way out may already be there, OR the player may have to find a way out 
Basic Clip Brush Forcefield 
And a stone in back that can be pushed out. Several triggers surround a func_train. The train has 20 or so waypoints in a line, and waits at each one to be retriggered. The effect is, as you keep on pushing (and touching more triggers), the block keeps moving, so it`s like you`re pushing the block out of the way.

Find an axe or shotgun, and you`re home free. Or on your way anyway.

If only I were good enough to do the rest of the map. ;) 
the problem with that is it needs custom progs. stock quake qc doesn't supported 'stop+wait for retrigger' trains. 
I thought trains would stop at a waypoint that had a wait value. *shrugs* 
they will wait, but they won't wait for a retrigger.

the hipents do have that ability though... 
My post was merely making the point that you souldn`t impose lots of different restrictions, (eg, monster limit AND brush limit AND theme).

Which applies even more now that you`ve added ANOTHER restriction to the contest (although I do think limited monsters would make a good contest). 
Give It A Try ... 
Count me in if this is still on. Getting back to mapping so this is a good exercise. Any others in for submissions? 
nevermind its off 
You are unstable. 
Like a tau lepton. 
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