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New Q2 DM Level By Jester
I have a new Q2 dm level up for grabs called Tuat, which means Land of the Dead. This is a floater decked out in HH3-Broken texture set by Rorshach and an env by Maric.

Screenshots and Download here:

Wow, screenshots looks rather good. I like this blue light at the obelix side... It looks like futuro-egyptian DM map.. cool... 
are very impressive as usual jester. The brushwork looks fantastic. 
q2 says there's no one ambient sound, so it beeps instead... 
No Bad Like The Look 
But i dont have quake2 install(only play Q1) :) maby i open this map one of these days :) good work the map looks great 
Lol, close Lunaran, but no! 
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