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Odyssey One - Q1SP
A big oldskool map originally made by Whitewind in 1998, now fixed up for GL-engines, with enhanced lighting and more challenging gameplay on Normal/Hard skill. More details in the readme.

Fileplanet download:

Have fun! Any comments are welcome.
rather big level. no wonder it had troubles with compile/running. and it's really oldskool. no details, no architecture, no everything :> but still, there's kinda fun gameplay. i had rocket shortage for zombies though.

and there is still bad brushwork in places that generates ubersmall triangles.... 
"no details, no architecture, no everything :>"

fileplanet download link as requested by aguire:

Full review will appear at my site shortly. 
should I remove the temp download now that there's a fileplanet download link? 
Any Screenshots? 
...rather big, not much of a challenge, linear route and gameplay, a few good ideas (not developed) architecturally wise, some interesting fights...
One odd thing: the map did not load until I renamed it, "odissey1" just didn't work... dunno why... anybody has a clue? 

I love you even if it does take you 2 weeks to reply to my e-mails. 
Yes, please. And UWF, thanks for hosting it!

metl: No screenshots, the visuals is definitely not its strong point. The main idea is to have a simple but hopefully fun piece of oldstyle Q1.

The Silent: No idea ... 
silent: maybe you didn't spell "odyssey" right.

rpg: gracias. 
The Silent - You may be using a version of Quake that has 8 character limits on bsp names - it's oldskool DOS naming!

I tested this and it took me back to when I played hundreds of user maps. It's a good fix and I hope there's more SPQ1 coming. There's one room that is definately inspired by a real world setting - it's a lecture hall or council chamber or something. Talon's Strike would have given this map a 96% rating. 
P.S. if you send me something before the weekend it might still be useful. 
A fun little/big level. Yeah, no great overabundance of eye candy...but hey..not bad and fun to play. Its good to see some old stuff like this reworked. Nothing groundbreaking like Marcher, but I still relish each and every new release for Q1. 
...this reminded me of Leviathan's big blue level for the first 100b contest - massive scale, low detail. Except of course, there was enough ammo in Odyssey1 to finish the level.

What makes people map on such a scale? 
I played it yesterday evening, and yes, it's a very very old school map. So like many here, I was very "disappointed" by the global look of the map... Nevertheless, I had fun, perhaps because it reminded me my 25 years old.... with the first developed levels.. ;P
In anyway, gameplay is definitevely the only rather good thing in this map... the rest is simply old-fashioned.. 
but fun :) love to bunnyhoping in those corriers :) with Fteqw :) ehehe 
You win this thread for mentioning Talon's Strike in a post. 
Not only do I have all the maps from Talon's Strike, I also grabbed and kept as a wallpaper the absolutely beautiful blue background from the original site that Talon took over after its host retired. It was called 'Only the Best Quake Levels'

The first map that blew me away was 'A Place of Belonging.' 
Talon... pissed off that my crawling chaos readme implied his site wasn't as good as matt sefton's or crash's. Or maybe it was the rubicon readme. Anyway I edited the readme. 
review now posted at my site:

i remember Talon's Site too. =) 
...excellent point regarding the placement/use of vores, and your comment about the in-fighting made me smile as I suddenly remembered a three-way that I set up completely unintentionally (by being a chicken and running away very quickly).

Two nit-picks... this is neither a pak nor a pack. The alter screenshot is below, left. 
doh, im stupid.

thanks will correct. 
for the comments and UWF, thanks for the review! 
Good Going, AquirRe 
I played through this version of Oddyssey One (remember Saturday's comedy of errors;)) and I'm very pleased with it. It could serve as a lesson in improving a good but average level with better lighting and monster/entity placement.

Was anyone else reminded of Thief 1's Lost City level with the tan stone and blue pyramid light design? I think this level came out before the Thief game. 
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