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Omicron Bots Source!
Hi all i had the Omicron source a few time ago but my hard drive... :( so lost all that stuff that wasn�t back up...does anybody have it and can email me??? or give me link to it??? shoot something!

I don't know if the sources are avalaible there, but at least you can find something interesting.... 
no there is no source in there...thks anyway 
What kind of "sources" are you refering ?? C code ? .mdl files ? or whatelse ? 
C code 
So I'm sorry not to be able to help you more... 
Don't wait until this thread gets discovered to cover your arse ;)

Wasn't Omicron the bot whose source has never been released? 
Spirit of 85 i had this source! but my computer fucked up...and i think i had backup of all old files of qw :( and Oldman ask me for it and wend i get home and try to look for old cd�s didn�t find the source... but i had it many time ago...dont know how i get it but i had... 
This Should Be In Mapping Help 
Or General Abuse 
or to fully spell it out for you Trinca, THREADS ARE FOR DISCUSSION, NOT SIMPLE QUESTIONS. 
sorry man... :( delete please! i thought that was forum... 
sorry man... :( delete please! i thought that was forum... 
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