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DM-Echo For UT2004
I just released DM-Echo for UT2004.



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Gosh, it's amazing! I'm really-really sad that I don't own a copy of UT... I truly want to step on those grounds!!! Very smooth atmosphere, congratulations!
(bland, bland... ehh MANN! 'Noble simplicity', it sounds much better! And it's much closer to the truth. Isn't real world just bland? It captures a moment of reality, it's not a fantasy map - and it does this job well) 
Looks Very Tasty! 
Somewhat minimalist - but juicy and succulent nonetheless. 
Again, no ut2k4 here, but damn if those screenshots don't look absolutely cool as hell. Nice work there. 
I wish I had the HD space to re-install 2k4 just to have a look at this, amazing stuff! Very Inspiring for sure!

SO yeah whens the quake version out? ;) 
Needs A Mirror 
That isn't on yet another site you have to register to download from. I really don't want to register at yet another site that I'm probably never going to visit again just to download one map :P

I've got UT2K4 installed and everything!

PS I tried bugmenot and none of the logins there worked... 
Well, even after going through the registration and downloading the map, I still couldn't play it. I unzipped the DM-Echo.ut2 file into my UT2004/Maps folder, but it doesn't show up in the in-game menus. I brought down the console and typed "open dm-echo" and I got the error message:

Failed launching URL
Can't find file for package BenTropicalSMO1

What's that about? 
You need Epic's ECE Bonus Pack:

DM-Echo Mirror:

Thanks for the comments everyone. You guys are always more understanding than people at other sites. 
The Most Joy I Have Had 
from just looking at screenshots in some time. Nice chromatic gold-brown textures in use there, on some sleek geometry too. 
that is some very awesome lighting!

Just a question, from the screens the layout looks very reminiscent of your UT1 map Ironhide, is that the case? 
Interesting enough map. A too small and open for my tastes. I think you had a good chance to expand the basement area more and create a larger map.

I like how you can easily move around the map, which is such a rare thing in UT custom maps. 
Nice Map 
It worked fine once I installed the bonus pack. Very nice visuals, easy to navigate. I'll have to add this to the rotation next time we have some LAN games. 
Looks Very Good 
Everything is solid and pleasing to the eye, the vegetation, the texturing, the lighting, it all works well.

I like that you didn't go overboard with the detail. The map doesn't need it visually. 
Don't have the game installed, but the first two screenshots look really nice -- textures, lighting, plant life! 
It's Mighty Fine 
A good small layout with some nice over-under stuff going on. Lighting was perhaps a bit dark in a couple of the inside places but I understand the desire to not add additional light sources when the sunlight was so nice. The relative simplicity of the structures was a good thing, allowing for smooth uncluttered navigation, and as BlackDog has said, the map really doesn't need extra detail as it already looks good. A bit disappointed about the invisible walls in front of the terrain/beachy bits, but I guess letting the player go out there would be a real problem so fair enough.

Those of you just looking at the screens should be made aware that it looks better in game - the colours are richer, with a greenish mossy look to the stone and a definite warm, sunny tinge to the light.

Thank you for the open access mirror. The increasing trend towards every site needing registration for downloads is a fat pulsing boil on the arse of the internet, and I'm having none of it :) 
Quite Fun! 
Nice little map. Have not played UT2004 in a while but this post piqued my interest. Tight little layout, nice visuals w/out going crazy on details and tanking frames..lots of fun with 3 or 4 players. 
Impressive screenshots ! Architecture is terrific, and lightning effects are really good... It really looks like a "real" South-American Maya temple located in the jungle... Amazing... And like many guys here, I'm really disappointed not to own UT on my PC in order to "visit" the map... *sights* ... ;)
Good work ! 
Very impressive screenshots, are those standard textures or specifically made for this map? 
Just a question, from the screens the layout looks very reminiscent of your UT1 map Ironhide, is that the case?

It has a similar build style to ironhide (accidentally) but the floorplan is entirely new.

...are those standard textures or specifically made for this map?

They're mostly modified textures from the Arborea set that came with the game. 
It remembers me the old Q3 map style ... yeah 
There is something really nice about this map...a simplicity of detailing and execution of layout and lighting that really gives it a good sense of "place"

I especially like shots 2 and almost reminds of some of the older buildings one finds in Puerto Rico or the West Indies -- those sort of early Spanish lookout tower/fortress spots.

Nice work. 
Old Spanish Lookout Forts, 
Good for knife fighting, or swearing blood loyalty under the full moon, or making love to a beautiful woman whom you return to after the war only to find her face has been worn down to the skull by leperosy she contracted while her Nation was under siege . . . wait, where was I . . . 
As a mapper, I am impressed by the "sharpness" of the architecture and the cohesiveness of the atmoshpere.

As a player, I am pleased by the apparently "tight" layout, and minimalist-but-pleasing visuals.

I will send it to some of my ut2k4 friends; if this map plays well, it could surely be used in some tournaments. 
As A Mapper 
inertia, dont lie to yourself 
Since I met you at work today, I guess I should offically post comments here. Quality looking shots, tho no 2k4 to enjoy it with. I read the stuff you were talking about at Nali City, those kids are caught up on Static Meshes and needless detailing. From what UT2k3 maps I downloaded when I had that installed, everyone seemed to use use static mesh after static mesh... OVER AND OVER AND OVER. From your shots, it's nice to see a simple, easy, and clean design without all that crap. See ya at work. 
I actually got off my arse to play this, including downloading that damn pack, and gave it a fair run in botmatch as you had the decency to come and post about it here.

Good map, got an old-skool Quakey vibe about - it plays hard with the sparse items and strong 3D layout, no room for pussying around. I like the layout and size, really good 1on1 size. Works with 4 bots too. Everything is laid out well. I found explosive weapons to be most useful as there's a lot of 3D action and moving all over the place. Maybe a bit explosive heavy...less Flak and more CG ammo would have helped. Jumpads work nice.

Style is nice BUT I personally prefer to have some more impressive designs and drama in my UT2kx maps - it could have easily be done in this without compromising the gameplay. Don't get me wrong the design is good but I find it a bit bland visually and this probably wouldn't have caught my eye if it hadn't been p1mped here. 
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