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Refueling Station For Doom3
A new Doom3 Single Player map from Kaiser. His comments on the map:

My second released map for Doom3. Its a little better than that I had in my previous map (no multible themes, bad ammo placement etc). This is the second chapter of the lone marine and his battle to escape UAC. While the other marine is making his way to the Delta Labs, you are making your way to the hangar where its your ticket to get out of the complex. I am constantly seeking improvment, if there are any tips or anything that you think would need improvment, please email me.

This map isn't for everyone. The theme of this map is non-stop killing and those who never played the oringinal Doom games may not feel right at home here. I've done everything I can to balance everything to make the gameplay enjoyable.


Some screenshots:

Thanks Lunaran for the heads up about the map!
I already posted my thoughts about the map on the Doomworld forums. Overall it was pretty good, much better than T-Labs, but the gameplay lacked significantly but for a few areas. Most of the map was OK, detail was great, layout was good. Combat was mostly stale, but for a few areas. Like I said, good map overall.
for review 
You're Welcome Scampie 
the human eyebrow does what he can 
I was enjoying myself until I hit the flame of instant death, and quit. Maybe I'll try it again at some point. 
I did the same thing. It should be said it's worth finishing - there's a whole lotta gameplay in this map. 
I Forced My Way Through It 
even though it was mostly hallways and little cramped rooms, but it began skipping so terribly (around the first hellknight) that I couldn't play. checking r_lightcount before I quit yielded lots of cyan, pink and blobs of white.

Sorry I can't remember much about this except I thought it was pretty good too. Decent map and good gameplay. Yah, I remember now, I enjoyed the gameplay more than the map. The map was good but relied a bit too much on Doom3's spangly effects rather than awesome designs. But better than previous stuff I think, some nice pipeage and stuff. Gameplay was pretty fun I seem to remember, variety and stuff, not as cheesey as Doom3's.

At any rate, a good progression, keep mapping as these are getting better and this was worth playing. 
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