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Best Doom3 SP Level Yet...
ThomasC's "Once Upon A Time..."



Good designs and a strong atmosphere, well balanced and exciting old skool gameplay, awesomely connected layout, and custom music by Panacea. What more does one want?? Go play!
Well I'd Actually Like Some Higher Framerates 
But still, true, this map is class.
Go get it. 
Like I said on d3w, this map owns everything else released single player wise. The gameplay is actually fair and fun (read : no teleporting enemies, no closets, no unavoidable damage) but still tense.

I love the setting and the level design in general, but as many people have said it does run fucking slow in places which is a real shame, as it scores top marks everywhere else....

yes, the music is awesome =) 
Too choppy to enjoy. Until then, I say it's garbage. And the first elevator takes way too long. 
I dunno what it is, but I had no detrimental problems with the framerate. Sure there was the odd slowdown, and the final area was a bit choppy in combat, but honestly I had nothing that affected the gameplay (D3 kinda feels weird anyway with the vaguely tinny feel, massive amounts of weapon fug, and vertical mutant owl neck...).

P4 2.8ghz
1 Gb ram
ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 256 meg w/ driver

Doom3@ 800 res, High quality, 2X AA

I said it when he first posted shots and I was right. Everything Shambler said I'll actually be so bold as to agree with, except that this map ran so horribly (on a machine that ran doom3 fine at graphics settings that are already pretty low, before anyone starts whining) that I was unable to finish it because it eventually locked up my PC.

So, uh, nice work? Unless the game's been out for years and hardware is no longer an issue, if you can't make a map that runs on the game's original required specs then you lose at mapping. 
do the shots look boring? 
this map is brilliant
i liked vertical layout of some areas and oldkool doomish gameplay and colored keys and lack of pda! and overall brushwerk was top too. 
I should probably go back and say, now that I've turned all my graphical settings down all the way, played through it again, still experienced terrible chop but only had it crash my machine one other time, this map was very good. I'm glad someone else thought Doom3 could use some actual ambient music and not just layers of that dismal humming.

I still think it's a terrible shame about the choppiness, and I can't believe the author could be happy with it in the state it's in unless he simply doesn't care how many people can't play his map properly.

However, I'm sure before long my criticism will emanate like sonar waves across the internet and a ravenous horde of doom3world posters will swarm down and tell me I suck and buy a better computer and trim my eyebrows. 
Very Good Indeed 
Got it and played immediately after release, great stuff. Ran as smooth as for me.

Everything Maxed
P4 3.4GHz LGA775
1024MB Ram
6800Ultra 256MB

Tried it out on my second machine,

Everything Maxed
P4 2.4GHz
1024Mb Ram
6800Ultra 256MB
Not as good as my main rig, but still very playable, no problems really. 
Uh Yeah Vorelord 
Yeah it ran fine on both of my 6800's.


Seems like anyone NOT running an $800 video card is having problems, though. I have to agree with Lun on principle, though I haven't actually seen the map yet. Might check it out later. 
Ran Fine 
On my AMD Athlon64 FX-55, 2GB of RAM, and 6800Ultra 256MB. So stop whining, you lamers.


Uhhh Vorelord... 
Yeah it ran fine on both of my 6800's.


He's got a point you know.

BTW, I'm noticing more posts from the Fribbles recently. Definitely a good thing IMO. 
There is obviously some funny issue going on with the running speeds, given that I'm not getting it any worse than D3 itself, and that the author in D3W says he's got comparable specs to DAZ? and isn't getting problems... That's why I posted my specs....unfortunately, I have no idea beyond that.

Oh, I am using the NO-CD exe, too, and Doom3 v1.1 AFAIK. 
My Hardware 
gf4ti4200 and i played 800x600, fps was quite acceptable (cpu athlon 1800xp) 
<3 Frib 
Yeah it ran fine on both of my 6800's.

Yeah, I ran it on my Borg Cube I have out back (it's not a full size one, only a couple miles on a side) and it ran fine. I dunno what these other guys are complaining about. You mean not every college student can afford six Borg cubes in a beowulf cluster?

Daz says he has an Athlon xp3000+, 1gb ram, and a 256mb 9800xt. If that's a bad machine then I'd be more than happy to unburden the author of it so he can buy a better one. I have an Athlon xp2000, 512mb ram, and a Radeon9500 that I'm having to fucking borrow from somebody.
I played doom3 and it was a little rough, but on slightly higher settings than I had to use to make this map playable, so it evens out.

Doom3's level design wasn't nearly as interesting as this map, but that was never an excuse in past games for high r_speeds so it shouldn't be one now for lightcounts/portaling/etc. 
Liked It 
Definitely best gameplay seen in a D3SP so far. Also looks great.

Some lights seem to be pure white which just looks fake. No physics objects that I noticed - I like my pointless D3 chair worrying!

Although I could actually play it, I absolutely absolutely agree with Lun about the lack of regard for what level of hardware people are running. It's a stupid idea to release maps that require monster PCs at this time, since at the moment you basically need one to run the game to start with. It mostly 50-60FPS for me, but many areas looked like they'd dropped to half that, or less. 
I Played With God Mode 
And it was fun. 
stop bragging about your PCs plz
have some compassion for poor lun!

oh, and I object the inclusion of the music (dont care if its legal, just dont want to d/l bundled music I will turn off anyway) 
I object to this level because the plot is clearly copied from a scenario of Doom: The Boardgame. 
/me Cries 
There's always something...

Now that I finally have a computer able to run stuff like this, I have to deal with cruddy dialup taking forever to download things! 
indeed 'Best Doom3 SP Level Yet...
reminded me alot of good ol` large q1SPs with complex layout and lots of backtracking

nice light, som cool movers
good gamplay too

was a bit slow in places, but playble
(yeah, my PC is not hiend) 
Ok, just got around to playing this. First custom D3 map I have played, to be honest.

Yeah, it's class. Ran absolutely fine on my rig, so I'll just mention the gameplay.

Played on normal, didn't die once, but was *perilously* close to dying pretty much constantly i.e. it was Tense as Fuck(tm). Dunno if I could handle playing at this level of stress over several maps let alone a full game, but yeah, that's some razor-sharp difficulty balancing going on there >:}

Lifts needed a bit of work, they descended too quickly after rising (I'd probably have made them gui activated) and as someone mentioned earlier, the main lift at the start was too slow.

Layout was crazy - made maximum use of playable area, and gameplay still seemed to flow despite constantly backtracking/revisiting.

Architecture, lighting, textures - all top notch. Great stuff! 
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